Today’s Black Democrats are the House Negroes

I am probably going to hear it and maybe even get “my card” pulled afterwards, but this has been really bugging me and I need to get it off my chest.

I was listening to the radio recently, and the host had a liberal pastor on there that happened to be black and he was going off about how black conservative republicans are bootlickers and brainwashed, doing the white man’s work. Blah blah blah.

So that got me thinking, why is it that when blacks are conservatives, we are called ‘bootlickers’, ‘step n fetches’ , ‘Uncle Tom’s’ , ‘House Ni**ers”, etc etc. ?? I remember way back I heard Malcolm X talking and he said (paraphrase) there are 2 types of Negroes. The House Negro, and the field Negro, he went on the say the house negro did the bidding of the master without any question and loved their master. The field negro did all the work and hated the master.

Well I contend that today’s black democrats are the house negroes. They do their masters (Democrat party, BIG govt) bidding, admonish the black conservatives for having thoughts of their own. They go after the black conservative with a frenzied assault of derogatory and malicious insults, and any black conservative that rises in prominence is called “the token”. 
Why is this? Why do black democrats/liberals think their party is looking out for them? What has the democrat party done for black people to gain unwavering loyalty? Make empty promises, social welfare programs, Obama phones. Things that don’t help eliminate poverty; rather it helps to enable it. Its like a 3rd grade teacher allowing little Timmy to advance, even though he can’t read or write, but he’s a problem so get him out of the class to be someone else’s problem.

Still though, they line up to vote and check that D, without even bothering to see where they stand on the issues. They KNOW they have the black vote! So much so, that a completely unqualified and un-vetted Barack Obama wins the presidency with the most empty and questionable background EVER.

Not just the questions unanswered, i.e. The birth Cert, fake SSN, questionable associations, etc., But just his lack of qualifications should’ve been enough to keep him far away from any ballot. He was supposedly a lawyer, but never any verifiable cases worked, no opinions written. We don’t even know what he was like as a student. He spent millions to hide his past, which that alone should’ve been a red flag. Maybe because he was an affirmative action exception into Harvard, and had well below average grades? I don’t know, but if he is supposed to be ‘the smartest guy in the room’ I guess it would behoove him to not let out that is really a moron.

His only real job before becoming a part time senator was that of a community organizer. That qualifies him to be president about as much as being a Pop Warner football coach qualifies me to be the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears.

I had a friend say to me, if Obama was so bad conservatives should’ve beaten him, at least once, and he is right. Problem is, we didn’t get a conservative on the ballot. The first time around, we got a dried up and crusty war vet who was well beyond his years and is barely to the right of a liberal. And the second time around, we got an out of touch, big govt crony who posed as a conservative. While both were far and away more qualified to be president over Obama, they were hardly conservatives. They were Picked by the establishment, because like Obama they could be puppeteered and swayed by those who really call the shots.

Back to the point, why is it that smart men and great black leaders, who happen to be conservative, get such hateful treatment? Conservative black Men and women, who did things the American way, worked hard and made something of themselves, many who came from nothing and are now something, and THEY are the uncle toms? 

Maybe someone needs to educate me on this, but I thought that was the type of person Dr Martin Luther King was talking about. You know, ‘judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin’! In fact I believe that Dr King would be ashamed of todays ‘black leaders’ like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and especially Obama. Going on their race bating frenzies and blaming everyone but themselves for their problems, while too frequently using their number one fall back, RACISM.

Do I believe there is racism out there? YES! Is there Racism in politics? YES! But I believe that the liberals are far more racist than anyone out there. They would have you believe that without them, blacks would be back in chains. That without them, blacks would be unable to do anything. Take the voter ID law for instance, people need ID to cash checks, use credit cards, and just about anything else, but liberals believe that black people are just too stupid to get an ID to vote??? C’mon man!!!! 

There were far more educated and qualified black men ran for president, Alan Keyes and Herman Cain, and other black men and women made political headway such Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, and now Dr Ben Carson; where’s their support from the black community? Oh that’s right; they don’t serve the right master. Liberals will declare that they’re just bootlicking conservative tokens to be paraded around by republicans to show they actually like black people. Does that sound like the tolerance and fairness democrats claim to show???

I think the thing to know here, is that both sides have their flaws, and really neither side could give a crap about the American people, period. They aren’t there to serve the people, they are there to serve themselves and the Dollar $$$. With the exception of a few statesmen, politicians of any color only see green. This is why, in my opinion, the cycle will never end until people wake up. The information is out there, right at our fingertips. There is no reason to have so many willfully ignorant and stupid voters out there.

More people know what kind of bag Kim Kardashian carries around then they know who the Secretary of State is. Yet they will cast their vote, while being totally oblivious to what their candidate is about, and cancel out the vote of those in the ‘know’! 

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