Todd Akin and Establishment Republican Hypocrisy

The Akin controversy has further exposed the hypocrisy of establishment Republicans. They always preach to conservatives: “No matter how little he represents you, you must vote for our candidate because the alternative is worse.” The sum and substance of their call to arms is: “Vote for us; we are the lesser evil.”

For quite some time, conservatives suspicious of Mitt Romney – the weakest candidate possible to represent the Republicans’ strongest issue, ObamaCare – have been lectured that the primary goal is to defeat Obama. Therefore, they must hold their noses and support Romney although there is ample indication that he will disappoint them if elected. Better than Obama, yes; but not a conservative. Given the president’s record, if the best that can be said about Romney is that he is far less bad than Obama, then that truly defines the meaning of “damning with faint praise.”

Has the John Roberts betrayal already been forgotten? Does anyone remember how George H. W. Bush campaigned on the promise of a third Ronald Reagan term and then proceeded to purge his new administration of Reaganites as fast as he could?

Now we are told that, notwithstanding that the primary objective is to defeat ultraliberal ObamaCare supporter McCaskill, establishment Republicans should not hold their noses and vote for Akin on the very same ground that conservatives are being asked to do so for Romney.

Establishment Republicans (regrettably joined by feckless defeatist conservatives) prefer to withdraw all support for Akin, thereby almost guaranteeing his defeat, rather than enabling him to wage the best possible fully financed campaign. If he loses, gleeful RINOs will then blame him for the abortion remark he quickly withdrew and apologized for; but the truth is that we will never know if he could have won if supported in the same fashion that conservatives are asked to support Romney.

It is particularly galling to be told by RINO Republicans that conservatives can’t win when those RINOs do everything they can to make this into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In 2010, conservative senate nominees lost in Delaware and Nevada. They were blamed for being weak (i.e., too conservative) candidates by the very establishment Republicans who had savagely attacked them. We can never know what would have happened had they received the same kind of conservative support establishment Republicans demand and usually receive for their candidates. (In the face of RINO establishment opposition, conservatives won in Florida, Kentucky, Utah and Wisconsin.)

And of course Democrats can do no wrong. They don’t savage each other; nor are they taken to task by the very establishment Republicans who eat their own. The Democrats can invite a rapist and serial sexual harasser/disbarred perjurer to be their keynote speaker with nary a peep from Romney or even his aides.  But one act of stupidity condemns a conservative Republican to political capital punishment. (Who has gone through life without ever having said or done anything stupid?)

A large number of Americans have done nothing to deserve Obama, and they have done nothing to deserve the cowardly Republicans who purport to oppose him.

By the way, it is pure fiction that the Republicans need the Senate to end ObamaCare. The House of Representatives can defund it any time Republicans show the courage that, alas, they lack. How sad it was to see Representative Steven King lecturing craven Rules Committee Republicans on the basics of American Government! Could they really not have known that, if the House refuses to appropriate money, there is nothing the President or the Senate can do about it (at least legally)? Now, on a grander scale, the cravenness of Establishment RINOs has again reared its ugly head.

As Winston Churchill thundered after Munich: “Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

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