Tom Brady as a Republican: You are Guilty in Deflategate! Cancel the Pro Bowl!

shwksptrts2Tom Brady and Belichick are Republicans. And in the liberal media you are guilty until you admit what you did wrong. And it is funny to see Belichick come out and try to explain what might have happened. Look at Holder, if you make up any excuse that means you are guilty and you probably violated some federal civil rights for cows.

Finally Belichick wises up and shuts his mouth. Maybe he should have used a sock puppet! The only thing the liberals want to know is what you did wrong. And you have to be guilty because you are Republicans.   Being rich and the elitist 1% does not help either. Must be guilty as charged.

If you look at Wilson, the football maker, they don’t tell you where the hides or bladders came from. And it is not a pigskin it is a moo skin. It could be that the bladders are made in China or India. But the pigskin is only part of the issue. It is the bladder that would hold all that hot air.

Let’s look at the rules. The team supplies balls to the referees and these balls are only used by the team that supplies the ball. They even have special balls for the kickers. So the letter of the law is simple. The offensive balls can be adjusted by the team that supplies the ball. 

And there have been many idiots that have come forward, to give an opinion where they have no evidence or any credibility. But remember in the American liberal media, you are guilty until you admit your guilt.

So Aikman and Brunell have to come out and say Brady had to know that the balls were deflated. So let’s run with that one. The balls were checked by a referee. So one rumor was that they only showed the ref the inflated balls. I doubt that. The rumor was one or two balls were inflated. If it was one then the ref had to be in on deflategate.

There are refs on the sideline and on the field at all times touching the Patriot balls. They have basically nothing to do except squeeze the balls so for an entire half the refs did not notice that the balls were not inflated to the specs. I have never seen a QB stop the game to have the ball taken out of play for not having enough air in the ball.

So we have to side with the fact that all these experts are full of hot air, and maybe that is why the balls were deflated. If you look at the clips, Tom Brady wore a glove on his left hand. The refs appear to be holding the balls with no gloves on. Tom held the ball for maybe 5 seconds at most in one gloved hand, the refs held the balls for several minutes at a time, especially on the side line.

And allegedly they realized at halftime that the balls did not have enough air. The problem was corrected. Brady was not aware of the correction, and Tom Brady still had a great game over the Colts in the 2nd half of the game. If there was no air in the ball, the Patriots still would have won. And can anyone detect that the ball was deflated by one PSI.

Probably not!

You see this all the time with these commentators. Their egos are so large, that instead of showing an end to a great game, they really think the fans would rather listen to them talk about nonsense, rather then watch the end of a great game. But the NFL they claim won’t let you watch the game. If you really are a loser, you can watch the pre-game stuff which has half of the panel saying one thing and the opposite is said by the other half. And each and every week most of these guys are over 100% wrong.

And Cuomo is picking on the weather folks. My weather person’s forecast for NYC was 5-8 inches and 28 mph wind. Liberals always like to micromanage things like climate when they know nothing about it. Similar to liberal broadcasters that make up stories to defame one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. But after all he is a Republican.

So the refs should be investigated. Someone had to be paying them off to look the other way. It was their job to make sure the balls were inflated properly. It was perceived as a silly rule and it was never enforced. But since it was the Patriots and their Republican leaders, they must be guilty. What about the Cows, don’t they have a say in this!

So hopefully more folks will shut their TV’s off rather than listen to a bunch of cry babies. Remember Monday night football with no sound. Great way to get rid of lousy commentators.

The Pro Bowl was a farce this year. There were so many non-repeat shows opposite the game, the ratings must have been in the toilet with the ball boy. Like global warming which is a farce, why not go back to the old way that was the most successful. Have the Pro Bowl in Hawaii a week after the Super Bowl. I watched it all the time and enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was fun! I also watched Leno. Where did Leno go?

Put it on a major channel and have the NFC play the AFC. Who the hell is Carter? Jimmy? And allow the Super Bowl winners and losers to play in it as well. They may not show and fake an injury, or leave early like Aikman, but the game was so much more fun to watch. And bring back the flag football game the night before the Super Bowl. If the new ideas are not working… More like a big failure, go back to the old way that did work. Maybe they put the liberals in charge of this stupid idea. I stopped watching the Pro Bowl, because there is no fun in the new method. Why keep Tom Brady out of the Pro Bowl, just because he beat the Colts and he is a Republican!

Just to mention the so called cheating with the camera on the field. The opposing team knew that the camera was at field level. They were waving at the camera. Again no evidence was ever produced that this affected the outcome of the game. They are allowed to record the other team’s signals , they just couldn’t do it at field level!

So maybe instead of paying off the refs, the refs should take responsibility for checking and supplying all balls to the teams. And maybe we can avoid all this hot air that does nothing but hurt the game.

Well I hope the Republicans, I mean Patriots beat the crap out of Seattle. I do like the Seattle coach, but I am tired of weak commentators making up stories. If you don’t know how the balls were not inflated properly, then keep your big mouths shut. Quit ruining the game.

You are not liberal politicians that make up stories constantly. You were once professional athletes that played the game. Please respect the game and the players. You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty!

Go Republicans!

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