dvsty2Clearly, humanity has its challenges.

Wars are brutal evidence of the little daily wars we have with each other.  Fists and guns are the human “problem-solver”…when gossip, slander and insult brew like yeast into full-fledged conflict.

Kent StateWhen the 60’s arrived, college campuses were the local battle zone, a parallel universe to the   war raging in Vietnam.  “PEACE, man!  Make love not war!”  Peace ethics, though, are never that easy to realize.  Peace-loving students rampaged off campuses…into the streets…mobs breaking windows, stealing merchandise, vandalizing cars and throwing bricks at the police.

Every age faces the human struggle to “get along.”  But today, at least, we are supposed to be a kinder and gentler age.

We agree that war is caused because we hate each other.  And we must hate each otherPeace Peoplebecause we don’t understand each other.  Maybe…peace will be achieved when we truly understand…and appreciate each other…in all our differences…in all our diversity.

Years ago, even as mere children, we knew that the many different kinds of people…different languages, cultures, skin colors…we needed to work to get along.  Maybe, back then, we knew it.  But today we have codified it.  We are no longer simply different.  We areDIVERSE.

Diversity Training is where the end of World War III begins.  We will hold hands, look oh, so lovingly into the eyes of people who are different than we, play little diversity games, andappreciate everyone’s diversity.

War will end because hate will disappear.  And if it doesn’t, we will label it a hate crime.  Hate will be illegal.

Peace StarsSounds simple.  Why didn’t mankind think of this before?

Sounds simple?  George Orwell needs to update Animal Farm.

All diversity is equal.  But some diversity is more equal than other diversity.

Witness the banishment of Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich.  His $1000 donation during the 2008 California political battle to define marriage was deemed civilly criminal.  Eich’s crime?  He violated the rules of the diversity game.

Diversity goes like this.  There is a list of the good diversity.  If you are on the good list, you can hold the trump card of Hate.  Anyone who tees you off is guilty.  They have dishonored your right to be diverse.  And that’s because they hate you.  And if they hate you, they will have to pay.  After all…diversity has to stand for something…doesn’t it?

Well, that depends.  Because there is such a thing as bad diversity.  Too much diversity.  After all, there has to be a line in the ground somewhere.  Doesn’t there?  Good on this side…bad on that.  Good, gays.  Bad, Eich.

Branden EichWith all our diversity seminars, holding hands and singing Kumbaya, you would think it possible to love someone like Branden Eich because of his diversity.  But that’s just too much to ask.  There has to be a limit to all good things…and this is it.  The diversity of Eich and his Ilk just can’t be tolerated.  Off with their heads!

Gays, secure in the cocoon of their diversity, are free to pull out all stops in their attacks on fellow citizens who merely disagree with gays on the definition of marriage.  Thank goodness these battles don’t involve guns and knives.DNA molecules

Has anyone taken the time to notice that each human being is a diversity of one – like snowflakes?  DNA simply screams diversity.

Diversity of race, culture and gender will naturally provide diversity of opinions.  Does anyone remember the right to free speech?  Does anyone remember the reason this was placed in the Bill of Rights?  To protect diversity of thought and speech?  Ya think?

You can’t be too careful these days.  The diversity police are out.  They’ll track you down.  They have a list of the good guys, and if you’re not on it…you’re goin’ down!Peace Sky

After all, there is such a thing as too much Diversity!




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