Troy Aikman and the Problem of Sports

dfltdftblReally Troy? You are actually comparing deflated footballs to an alleged scheme to injure or take out other players?

You are actually comparing the New England Patriots deflate-gate issue to the worst scandals in sports. Just for the record, this act is so egregious that the NFL has made it a miniscule $25,000 fine when the issue comes up. Really folks. This warrants more hysteria than most of the world issues facing us, including our debt, terrorism and a dysfunctional White House and Congress. I don’t think so.What we must realize folks is that the sports media folks have come unglued. They are the most politically correct hypocrites on the planet. They are around sports all the time and they know that college football and basketball players rarely go to classes, get money slid to them in a multitude of ways, get recruited illegally and cheat constantly.

They know that professional athletes shoot up drugs, take pills and do all sorts of stuff during games to get an advantage one way or another, including hurting other players. Once in a blue moon they get nailed for it.

They know that NBA teams, allegedly, had a no wife on the floor rule during travel to games so that players could more easily bring their groupies to hotels. Role models indeed.

Professional and big time college sports are corrupt. Period. But the selective rage over this issue, in a lopsided game in which it had no impact, is almost beyond belief. And Troy Aikman, a guy who I thought had a firm grasp of reality, is symptomatic of what has happened to sports media: they must feel so guilty about making so much money or looking the other way so often that when a scandal finally does get revealed, however silly, they can’t help but pile on and spout nonsense.

It’s not that Brady and company deserve a free pass if they did something, but really – this hysteria over something so trivial in the greater world in which we all live and function? The $25,000 fine covers the issue just fine.

Play ball.

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