Trump Boehner and Icahn: Oh my What a Mess we have Here.

Trump Boehner and Icahn: Oh my What a Mess we have Here.


By Dr. Phil Taverna


It is tough to understand all the shenanigans that seem to be appearing by the minute in the liberal’s media. Trump is winning big in states that will never go to a Republican president. Loser Boehner is calling Cruz a Lucifer. And Icahn who may be a nobody that Trump is considering as secretary of the treasury and one of those financial friends of Trump, says the Republican plan for the economy is not working.


So how does anyone with a small brain understand this stuff and should they be allowed to vote. But maybe that is the plan all along. It is like a defense attorney. If you can create enough doubt, they won’t convict OJ for murder and the right people won’t come out to vote..


I for one don’t understand why one would give NY and California credit for putting Trump in the Whitehouse. Or at least the nominee’s chair. In all fairness, places like NY and California do have a fair number of Republican members, but they can’t close the deal. California has two of the most liberal female senators. And 14 out of 53 US reps are Republican. So nothing good is ever going to come out of California. So why so many Republican delegates in a liberal state?


NY has two liberal senators. And 9 out of 27 US reps are Republican. Not much good is going to come out of that. And NY will never vote for a Republican president. So again why so many delegates from NY at the Republican convention.  Why should they play such an important role in selecting a Republican nominee. It is almost like they are helping us pick the candidate that is most likely to lose.


40 years ago, NYC was the liberal Mecca for unions. And Upstate NY and Staten Island gave the Republicans all the support they needed. But with immigration and people moving away from the high taxes, NY has become a liberal Mecca.  Who couldn’t wait to put Hillary in the Senate. And Giuliani a Trump supporter ran from Hillary with his tail between his legs. Now he wants Trump. Really?  The Republican party was never the conservative party. And also note can we prevent the Party from becoming as liberal as the commie Democrat Party? That is the ultimate question!


So if there was a contested convention, I don’t think it is going to be a big deal who comes out as the winner. Most people will support either candidate and will never vote for Hillary. After 8 years of Obama, most of the people will show up and vote for a Republican. Hillary had to campaign to the left to beat Sanders and I don’t think the people are stupid enough to vote for her because she is a woman or she is really a moderate in sheep skin clothing or pantsuit.


But it is important that we get the Republican candidate that can be supported by the majority of the Republicans.


That said Orange Boehner came out and called Cruz a Lucifer. It is kind of odd because orange boy was the speaker of the house and Cruz is a Senator. Not sure there would be any one on ones in that camp. But my concern is why was John speaking at Stanford to a bunch of liberal history and political students. And where was Black Lives Matter… On vacation.


Boehner was an embarrassment as speaker. And he was fired because he was making deals with the liberals and doing liberal deals instead of conservative or non-liberal deals. He really became an embarrassment. He was a great example of the RINO concept. Boehner was a Republican in name only. Rush gave a great rendition of this. It is funny how we think a like on many subjects. But if  Boehner despises Cruz, that should be taken as a good thing for most conservative and moderate Republicans. One of the most frustrating occurrences was watching the Republicans under Boehner do nothing to stop the illegal actions of Obama.


Icahn makes up this stuff and wants to be Trump’s treasury secretary. It always worries me when these so called Billionaires surface at election time, and they really have no claim to fame. He is a hedge fund manager. Is that another name for legal thievery. When people ask the government to spend more money to stimulate the economy, I can only imagine people like this just waiting to pounce on it and add millions to their portfolios.


In and around 2008 the liberals and the banks caused the implosion of the housing market. There was no bubble. They were what Trump would call in the act of collusion and caused all appraisals to drop. That means every house dropped in value. There was no evidence to support that happening. But once these well wishers started the collapse there was no way to stop it, without showing their hands. So the banks and politicians and hedge fund managers got richer. And the homeowners took a beating. The best way to build the economy is put the appraisals back to 2008 levels. But no one ever talks about that. That would not help the rich get richer. It would just give the middle class a nest egg, and a financial future. Who wants that. So when we see guys like Icahn telling us how to fix the economy, beware: is he fixing his economy or your economy. And a guy like Trump wants him in his cabinet. Wasn’t Immelt a good friend of Obama. And how many American Jobs has he moved out of the country?


Remember in 2008 the banks controlled the appraisals, So they controlled the price you could sell your house for or refinance it as well. Today the Post is claiming racism for the housing market. Really? They must have run out of climatology articles.


Until the voters start paying attention, they will never vote for the guy that will help them. Obama was hope and change and a lot of rich people like Hillary became richer. The middle class has been saddled with expensive healthcare, high taxes and a house that may be more of an albatross than an valuable asset.


So wake up and start paying attention. Use common sense and come to your own conclusion, not from some loser that claims to be an expert!




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