Trump Has His For-Profit University Scandal — The Clintons Have Theirs

for-profitThe mainstream media has been obsessed with the Trump University story. It has mostly ignored another for-profit university scandal, this one involving Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Bloomberg broke the story ten months ago, and yet the mainstream media has been notably silent about Bill and Hillary’s ties to for-profit Laureate International Universities, which benefitted from State Department contracts while Hillary was secretary of state. Laureate, the biggest for-profit school system in the country, runs 75 schools in 30 countries with 800,000 students, and has an annual income of $4 billion.

While Hillary was secretary of state, the state department funneled a reported $55 million to Laureate. The company paid Bill Clinton to be “honorary chancellor” beginning in 2010. He received over $16 million from 2010 till 2014. He left in 2015, near the beginning of his wife’s presidential campaign, at the end of what he told Bloomberg had been a five-year term.

Also, Laureate’s chairman, Douglas Becker is the chairman of a non-profit sister organization called the International Youth Foundation. “IYF received USAID funds before Hillary’s tenure at the State Dept,”Breitbart adds. “But the grants the group received exploded after Bill Clinton was put on the Laureate payroll.”

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