Truth Behind Labels ‘Radical’ and ‘Extreme’

obmdstryus2The Declaration of Independence was America’s Birth Certificate. The U.S. Constitution, is the second greatest governing document ever written. Both documents provided for the birth of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Interestingly, the greatest governing document is the Ten Commandment, which became the foundation for the other two. It seems the Left in American politics is rejecting the basis of the country, which was so eloquently described by two different but very important presidents:
“The world is very different now, for man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish poverty and to abolish all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs which our forbearers fought for, are still at issue around the globe – the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God,”  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

“We are indeed, and we are today, the last best hope of man on earth.” –  Ronald Reagan

There are those who dispute the truth about the greatness of America, starting with President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, and down through the ranks of the liberal progressives who call it their home. While claiming to love this great country, they tell us they “fundamentally want to change the country” to their vision of what is fair and equitable for all. That is like telling your wife you love her, BUT then saying she needs to lose 40 pounds, enhance the size of her breasts, dye her hair blond, and try harder in bed. The facts are clear . . . they don’t love America!

Aided by the media (one no longer has to refer to the media as the “liberal media”, as they have convicted themselves by their actions over the years), we have allowed them to changed the lexicon of the English language to fit their purposes. Words have meaning yet that too means nothing to those out to change America.

We have seen a sitting President, who had the audacity of testifying before a grand jury contending that his statement that “there’s (there is) nothing going on between us” had been truthful because he had no ongoing relationship with Monica Lewinsky. When he was questioned, Clinton said, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word is is. The media should have harpooned this attempt to deceive and mislead the public, but like everything that has happened since common sense went out the window, it was swept under the rug.

We have the politically correct nonsense that has redefined the word “marriage”, which has meant the joining of a man and women for legal and religious purposes dating back to the first usage of the word, to give us their “in-your-face” new definition, which they claim means the joining of any person or group of persons to any, all, and everything. A simple solution to meet the need for legal protection for people living together who are not a man and a woman, would be a simple “union” contract which has a long history of success in English Common Law for longer than the word marriage.

But NO, this would not serve the underlying purpose of liberal progressives which is to totally destroy the very fabric which has accounted for the successful development and growth of America. The very country these folks are trying to tear down is the same country that is allowing them the opportunity to exercise their right to free speech, and their freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness that this endeavor obviously gives them. That doesn’t sound too bright to me.

The same holds true for the misnomer of the media and the liberal progressives to define the words radical, far-right-extremists, and conservative. They have changed the definition of these words and are trying to lock them in the vault with the derogatory words of racist, bigots, white-privilege, and truth.

The country was founded by men of principle, and their experiment in government, our democratically elected representative republic, has seen no equal in the history of governance. As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “truth fears no questions“, in discussing the attempts by the Left and their cohorts in the media to discredit those of us who oppose their liberal progressive agenda. Certain truths, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, along with the meaning of words, are self-evident, and no matter how much effort goes into altering the meaning of words, the truth is still the truth. . . lies do not change the truth, only a fool’s interpretation of the truth.

Those who oppose and doubt the greatness of America, have adopted into their vocabulary words to challenge and demean what made our country great. They call those of us conservative, or neo-cons, radicals, or extremists, when we discuss the constitutional basis of our government, or talk about the unconstitutional behavior of those who we have elected to govern. We quote passage after passage from the Federalist Papers and the writings of those who instituted our system of government, and for that we are calledextremists or even radicals because we believe in the truths our Founders wrote about.

It was the Founder’s vision, written and confirmed in the U.S. Constitution, which unleashed American Exceptionalism, to build a country which set the pace for the advancement of mankind, through entrepreneurial enterprise, ingenuity, and commitment. It wasn’t the government or some bureaucrat sitting behind a desk in some government office that gave us electricity, the automobile, the airplane, the cell phone, computers, the dishwasher, and carried the burden of the payrolls that built the country. And it certainly wasn’t the politician, a bureaucrat, or the media, who shed the blood keeping American and the world free from tyranny.

Yet when we bring these issues to the table . . . the issues of freedom, liberty, self-reliance, overreach of government, and the separation of powers to the table, using the exact words discussed by the Founding Fathers, our arguments are deemed to be radical or extreme. I cannot understand and do not accept the ideas that those who oppose our positions supporting the Founders, and the rhetoric they use is seen as “reasonable and normal” by the press. As we say here in North Carolina, “that dog won’t hunt!” They run from responsible debate on the issues and cannot show anywhere in history, their positions have played a positive role in the development of America or other countries either.

The agenda of the Left has been the cause of America’s problems, and has led to a national debt of $18 trillion with the only noticeable impact being a dependence on government handout programs, that have destroyed the self-esteem and self-reliance of the minority communities; created a crumbling educational system which spends more on educating our children than any country in the world all to no avail; and given us a run-away, irresponsible government, more in-tuned to its own self-aggrandizement, than the wellbeing of the citizens. And yet, it is called the voice of reason rather than the extreme and radical rhetoric is really is!

The truth is not afraid of questions, yet the liberal progressives refuse to debate with facts, and cannot show any evidence where their ideas stand the test of time, when most anyone with an IQ above 10 can clearly see, those old worn-out ideas have usually only been held together at the point of a gun. Their ideas fail every time they are tried by a new bunch of foolish intellectuals who always claim to know more than those of us in fly-over country.

“Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”        Criss Jami                                                                                                    

Today the liberal progressives make up the Democrat Party and many of the Republicans have chosen to park their campers over in the same trailer park as the Democrats, making it hard at times to separate the two groups. Since the end of the Civil War, the Democrats have managed to cast the biggest shadow of a lie ever perpetrated on the American public, that “they care about the fate of the American People and the minority African-American and Hispanic communities in particular”.

What sick politician’s mind would allow our government to build a social entitlement program, taking money from the citizens and their employers to establish a retirement pension program, and then take the money to run the government. I’m not taking just about Social Security which would be bad enough, but then add other financial burdens such as Medicare, Medicaid, and soon will throw the whole lot of illegal immigrants into the hopper? Today, because of our faltering economy, it’s not just minorities who will be relying mainly on Social Security in their retirement, but most whites as well.

This is only the tip of the Big Lie Shadow. Today the Democrats profess they are the Party which cares for minorities, yet it was the same Democrat Party that ushered in the Jim Crow Laws beginning in the era of Reconstruction. It was the Democrats who founded the Ku Klux Klan; stood in the school doorways barring children of color from getting an education; sicced the dogs on legal protestors; lynched those who disagreed with the continued denial of rights to Blacks; forbad Blacks to vote; and then topped all that off with imprisoning minorities in low cost, inner city housing projects, plagued with drugs, crime, and poor schools.

The Democrat’s program of racial bigotry lasted until the mid 1960’s when the Republicans pressured President Lyndon Johnson to sign into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964, over staunch opposition and filibustering of Klansman, Senate Democrat leader Robert Byrd from West Virginia. Without Illinois Republican leader Everett Dirksen and the majority of Republicans, the Democrats would have continued their racial hated into the foreseeable future.

The media never mentions this as they continue to prop up the Democrat Party today, excuse the womanizing, enhance the abuse of governmental power, and promote the genocide of abortion-on-demand in minority communities. The whole house of cards the liberal progressives live in has even gone so far as to re-enslave the Blacks and other minorities in a New Government Plantation. They are doing so by destroying their self-esteem and self-reliance with food stamps, welfare, Obamcare, Obamaphones, and so many other entitlement programs, a large portion of the minority people have forgotten how to take care of themselves. Like Judas, the minority population and the enablers in the media are falling for the “free-ride” agenda like Judas did for a few pieces of silver.

This is cruel and unusual punishment when you instill in someone’s mind that they are useless to society and can do nothing without help from the government! Yes, these liberal progressives and their Democrat Party, their Black race hustlers and limousine liberal white followers, are the radical and extreme voices of America. Their ideas are to steal America and implement their own version of equality on the free people of this country with themselves on the top rungs of the ladder.

We have had a foretaste of what that means to the country during the Obama Presidency with 93 million Americans sitting ideal, completely divorced from the job market; the highest number of food stamp recipients in history; devaluation of family wealth for the middle class; a loss of incentive for free market enterprise which is responsible for 63% of the job growth in America; and a long parade of citizens headed to the New Government Plantation.

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