Truth in Confirming a Supreme Court Justice.

If we are all being completely honest, the Democrats want a Leftist justice who will advance the socialist agenda in spite of the Constitution and has no problem making law. That is how Kagen, GInsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor govern from the bench. Republicans want a constitutional originalist/texturalist who reads the Constitution as it exists now, and doesn’t add or subtract from it, and decides according to law without making law. Under this criteria, no justice appointed by Trump would be acceptable to the Democrats, just as no appointee of Obama was acceptable to Republicans. So how did Kagen, Sotomayor, Breyer, and Ginsberg get to the Supreme Court, because they violate their oath to the Constitution with virtually every ruling?

That gets us to the point of who is qualified. There are two different versions of this. If you believe justices are qualified based on education and experience, then everyone on the Court is qualified, as is Gorsuch qualified to be confirmed. If you believe as I do that qualified means being an originalist/texturalist who holds true to the Constitution, as amended and in its current form, then only Alito, Thomas, and sometimes Roberts and Kennedy are qualified. Gorsuch will be qualified under both criteria. I believe only using both criteria makes a justice qualified, and I wish the Senate would only confirm on both qualifications. But they don’t. And that is how Obama’s radical leftists got on the Court. Because Republicans only used the first criteria of education and experience. But that is not enough to safeguard this country, which is why only both criteria make a justice truly qualified.

Much will be made of having a justice in the “mainstream,” which really means an activist legislative justice who will bend to popular and political will. Also that justices have to represent “all” Americans, which really means representing Democrat special interest groups. Both of these are misrepresentations and both are definitely not what you want in a Supreme Court Justice. You don’t want a justice subject to political pressure to be popular, nor do you want a justice granting special rights. Lastly there is the point of tipping the balance on the bench. Why would you ever want balance between leftist activists, and constitutionalists who honor their oath of office? You don’t. Balance is another bogus criteria. Having any activist legislating justice on the Court is unbalanced.

Bound by Article III of the Constitution, and honoring the oath of office, hopefully as we go forward with only justices who meet both qualifications of education and experience, and those who hold true to the Constitution as written, and not as something to be gotten around with legal inventions to justify an agenda, will we hold true as a nation to the Supreme Law of the Land, and our real values of who we are as a Constitutional Republic.

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