Understanding Charlottesville Part 2

So why was the violence in Charlottesville allowed to happen? They had months to prepare, and perhaps they did. Perhaps the entire kabuki theater that is Charlottesville was a set up. There are many valid reasons for believing this is so. The Mayor of the town, a paid for Soros supporter, allowed much of this to happen to the detriment of the citizens of Charlottesville, and the death of a young lady whose only purpose was the protest peacefully. She was murdered by an alt-right madman that deserves to die.

The protesters that were also paid by Soros chose violence, again. In Berkeley, Portland, Seattle and elsewhere they have used violence and a fervent hatred for all those that disagree with them. The police continue to declare they were told to “stand down” much like the police in Berkeley. The police did not keep the two sides apart, and actually pushed the two sides together after the Soros paid Mayor declared the original protest which did obtain a permit for the rally was declared an unlawful assembly.

President Trump is now being called a racist, a Nazi, and some things that will not be mentioned here. The progressive/socialists demand that President Trump vehemently disavow every tie violence is caused by a supposed “alt-right” participant. We have a Democrat (read progressive/socialist) calling for the assassination of the President on Twitter, and then when caught, refused to apologize. This same black lawmaker spoke not a word after the lies of Ferguson and Baltimore, or the Black Panthers in front of a voting site in Philadelphia. That investigation was stopped as soon as our Attorney General, Erick “contempt –of –Congress” Holder took office. Where was she and other Democrats in condemning what the past administration had done to undermine this country? Where were they on Fast and Furious, or the IRS debacle, or even Hillary’s illicit computer?  And how about the riots of Inauguration Day, the damage done, the people injured. Nothing. Not a word, but a Statue being taken down is a reason for violence which the Mainstream Media and the Progressive/socialists blame solely on one side.

And to call antifa a group of Freedom fighters is laughable. Have they not been listening to what these animals have been saying. Antifa has stated that the purpose of all they do is to make the government “ungovernable”. It was antifa that threw a journalist from CBS on the ground and started beating him with a stick. He was beaten so severely that an ambulance was called.None of this was ever mentioned in the MSM. CNN,ABC,CBS, the New York Times made no mention of the violence and damage done by the political left. In fact, they describe these riots as a “peaceful protest” without any condemnation of those causing the damage.

BLM was there at well, the group who walked down a street in this country squealing “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon”. This was the group that caused the death of police officers in Dallas and New Orleans. Yet the main stream media refuses to mention the ideology of the alt-left groups there, and in fact do the best they can to keep that ideology from the American People. The media and Democrats have very selective mentality in the hypocrisy they use when they condemn one side and ignore the other.

Do the progressive socialists really think they will be able to move in if they find a way to get President Trump out? Do they not understand that if they did take power it would be over the smoldering ruin of this country?

They will continue to attempt to tie the Republican party to the KKK. They obviously do not know or understand history, because it was the Democrat party that created the KKK, and Robert Byrd, whose the Democrat Party still hold him in high regard. His funeral was attended by Barack Obama and the Clintons. It was Byrd who fought against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it was the Republican Everett Dirkson who pushed it through. Yet the Democrats continue to push the false narrative that Republicans are the racists.

Do you remember James Hodgkinson, the gentleman who shot up a ball field of Republicans and who almost killed Steve Scalise? The MSM was off that story in two days, because the shooter was a Democrat in the Bernie Sanders mold. The only story that was run prominently was Joy Reid and her Sunday show telling us it was okay because of Scalise’s voting record. Did she not think that would be used to foment even more violence. It is clear that the left, including the bought and paid for Soros puppet groups have every intention on using violence to achieve the socialist and global agenda that they have worked for so long.

Race has once again become a critical issue for the country. Brought to a fever pitch by a Muslim inspired President Obama, and continuing to be pushed farther by the media and the progressives in the Congress it will be used every time a flashpoint is needed. The progressive/socialist Democrats are attempting to silence the other side with political correctness. Microaggressions and safe spaces are the devices used to attempt to silence others. They haven’t realized yet that it is not working. If you are white, you are automatically a racist. The constant drumbeat of “white supremacy” and “white privilege” have been thrown around so much that they have lost all meaning if they ever had any. If you are white, you have both, even though no one can explain it or show the results.

But being pushed on the social media and enforced by the talking heads on mainstream media, the effort is to call A”” whites Racist and members of the KKK. You are not allowed to have a voice if you don’t fit one of the identities the Left feels are victims. This will certainly increase the likelihood that these same people will vote for Democrats the next election. This is how the MAINSTREAM Media and Democrats think. Unfortunately, with the MSM allowing the alt-right to represent the entirety of the Respublican party which is not true, and excusing any violence caused by the alt-let, this will happen again.

The people understand that what the MSM displays as factual is indeed fake news. Antifa and BLM, and the other organizations that Goerge Soros is paying to create havoc are nor freedom fighters, and to see low IQ media readers and celebrities compare them to the invasion of Normandy is despicable. The people can see what is going on, and it won’t take much more for people to explode. When the progressive/socialist Democrats lose once again in 2018, it will probably get even worse. These animals can not accept that they are not in power. Keep your powder dry, there is more to come.

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