Understanding Charlottesville

There are many lessons to be learned from what happened in Charlottesville. The tragic death of a young woman, Ms. Heather D. Heyer, at the hands of a man who has been identified and was a possible psychotic member of a neo-Nazi group is despicable. Captured shortly after, I am not sure if the charges he is charged with will produce the death penalty but they should. There is no reason for the death of this lady, and Mr. James Alex Fields, in my opinion deserves to die for what he did. The Justice Department has already opened a civil-rights investigation which is commendable.

The removal of the statues in question is a subject which deserves serious discussion. Both sides do have valid points, although if you say that in the open you will either called a racist, Nazi, or beaten by those who wish to control the discussion. It must be admitted that there are extremists on both sides and a way found to force both of them back in the holes they came from so that the adults can figure out what must be done.

Not mentioned and not to be used as an excuse for what happened is the fact the there were people warning of the left wing activists spinning out of control. Antifa, Black Lives Matter among other splinter and affiliated groups were fomenting violence as reported by Faith Goldy, a reporter for The Rebel, a conservative website located in Canada. While busying themselves with getting ready to attack, the right was told not to demonstrate any show of force. It was when this leftist group started chanting “Black Lives Matter” the police magically disappeared.


Who is antifa? A danger to all law abiding citizens, the antifa concept has been with us for a long time.In this country, the first time the public was made aware of them was on the day of President Trumps inauguration.The use of what they call “Black Bloc” tactics on the day of the inauguration led to a rampage across the city of Washington D.C. Being too cowardly to show their faces and dressed completely in black they destroyed storefronts, smashed windows and created a danger zone that would not allow for the passage of anyone. This same group caused $100,000 worth of Damage at University of California Berkeley and assaults on the people waiting to listen to a speech from Milo Yiannopoulos. It was an attack on the rights of free speech and on people if they supported the President.

In Charlottesville, they were responsible for the attack on a mainstream reporters Taylor Lorenz, a reporters for The Hill. She was attacked by Jacob L. Smith of Louisa Virginia for recording. Smith was arrested for misdemeanor assault and battery and is probably on bail by now.


One of the challenges facing the conservatives in this country is that those in charge, mayors, chiefs of police and city councils have turned their backs on the American people and a duly elected President.


And of course, the politicians and media on the left shout that it is all Trumps fault. Naming Trump himself as a white nationalist, along with many members of his administration without any proof is how Maxine furthers the violence. Even though President Trump has denounced David Duke and Neo Nazis in the past (as can be seen on many videos starting many years ago), it was David Duke and not Donald Trump that said he was representing the fulfillment of promise that President Trump made. And perhaps President Trump did say he would pay the legal fees for those who attacked protesters at his rallies, but those protesters had already been paid by George Soros, so they could have paid their own bills. Once again, the progressive/socialists in the Democratic party ignore the violence of the people they pay for and support.

The police did nothing to stop the violence. Although Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said that the police did an excellent job, there are too many reports of police presence being non existent to believe that the police were not told to stand down. In Berkeley, in Portland, in Oakland, and Seattle and many others it appears that the police have no interest to halt the leftist violence. So with a far-left democrat governor and a Mayor such as Michael Signer it is of course not hard to believe a stand down order was given. The police were ordered not to intervene until given command to do so. When asked about this by the ACLU, McAuliffe and Signer had no answer. Who gave to command? Who waited until the city of Charlottesville was turned into a battlefield, rather than suppressing the conflicts in the early stages? And when ordered into action, why were the alt-right protesters (who had a permit) led directly into the antifa/BLM protesters? And why did the police not get in the middle, separate the two groups, and allow the incidents to further inflame the violence.

McAuliffe and Signer have gone for days doing their best to inflame the people of the country to turn on President Trump. Not mnentioned is that it has been proven that both Mayor Signer and the antifa that were there were paid by George Soros as reported by the Telegraph. After all, it was his birthday and he wanted his puppets to show him some entertainment.

I wanted to end right here for now with two questions that I have not heard answered. If the alt right had a permit and the antifa/BLM side did not. Why were they allowed to assemble. And also if they know there would be trouble, why was antifa not asked to move to another location.?


Part 2 to come

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