Understanding Obama’s ‘Irrationality’


For the last several years American political analysts have been politely arguing about exactly what was going on in the Oval Office.  Was Barack Obama ignorant, or misguided, or simply foolish in his conduct?  After all, his foreign policy actions looked as if he was completely out of touch with the reality of the world, as it is presently constituted.  We see him turning his back on allies, appeasing enemies, and ignoring treaty obligations.  His strongest diplomatic tool appears to be a “hash-tag” campaign.


Today a missive arrived in my mailbox announcing that a “Psychology Expert Worries ‘

Eratic’ Obama may not be ‘sane’.”  The psychologist in question, Dr. Gina Loudon apparently made the following quote:


Dr. LOUDON: You know, I will say to you, Lou, I am very, very concerned about the mental stability of this President at this point. Some of his behavior seems irrational to me. It seems beyond that of just a typical narcissistic, arrogant, sort of, ‘I’m a leader of a big country and I feel tyrannical at the moment’ kind of attitude. It really seems to me like this President is demonstrating behavior that is not only anti-American, but irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane.


So, now we can add the question of sanity to the foolishness, ignorance, or other misguided conduct questions that have been making the rounds.  This writer has not been out of the loop on this issue.  Any sane person has to wonder exactly why the man is behaving as he is.  After all, no one would make it to the highest office in the land without having his or her motivations and intentions fully vetted; or would they?


This is, in fact, what these discussions have all missed.  Everyone is assuming that Obama is, at bottom line, thinking of America’s best interests in everything he does, which accounts for the idea that he simply must be misguided or something equally innocuous.  But the truth may well be more sinister, as supported by Dinesh D’Souza in his work 2016.  But D’Souza, for all his research and analysis did not state the complete and obvious conclusion; that Obama is virulently anti-American.


This conclusion can be easily supported when on looks at his foreign and domestic policies.  At home he cuts back on our energy production, stifles the economy, and puts the nation’s medical system under government control, potentially ruining it, and setting the stage for a British style nationalization disaster.  He works to raise taxes in a recession, and stifles small business with regulations.  He oversees an unprecedented increase in the national debt, endangering the economy still further.  He acts as an autocrat, making decisions that are beyond his constitutional powers, and acts as if it is all normal.  When his policies don’t produce positive results, he blames others, and continues on course.


The same sorts of practices exist in the foreign policy arena as well. Weakening the military, and even disrespecting them.  Refusing to use them in ways that they would properly be used, such as rescuing the diplomatic mission in Benghazi while it was under attack.  Then, refusing to bring the perpetrators to justice, doing nothing, while a major news organization had no trouble locating and interviewing one of the ringleaders.  Then he tells a graduating class of West Point cadets that their big challenge in life will be dealing with climate change.


He frees 5 major terrorists in exchange for a deserter, but allows an honorably discharged marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, to rot in a Mexican jail for nothing more than making a wrong turn.  Tahmooressi is being ignored by the Administration, and apparently deliberately.  His diplomatic efforts to rein in the Iranian nuclear are a farce, and the Iranians regularly say so.  He does nothing to counter Chinese adventurism in southern Asia, essentially inviting Beijing to invade Taiwan, and perhaps even Japan.  All of this becomes an obvious emasculation of America’s influence around the world, after all, if we can’t be counted on to keep our word and protect our friends, then what use is a treaty with the US.


And so, the obvious conclusion:  Obama isn’t irrational at all.  He is rationally doing everything he can do weaken us at home and destroy our relationships abroad.  The net result is an impotent America unable to react to crises, even if it wants to.  And the only reason why anyone would do this much that is this wrong would be because they are doing it intentionally.


Thus, what America has done is elect, and re-elect the first openly Anti-American person the White House, and no one is truly willing to admit it in public.  Instead they make excuses or complain that he isn’t doing his job.  He is doing his job, as he sees it.  And that job is destroying what he believes is the only source of evil in the world.  After all, we all would have been better off if Japan, Germany and Italy had prevailed in World War II.  And so on.


When the media gets around to recognizing the truth, about 10 years from now, it will, of course, be too late.  But if they had done their job 7 years ago, the guy would have remained an obscure Senator from Illinois who made a big speech at a Democrat National Convention, and then disappeared from the stage to join other supposed presidential timber such as Harold Stassen.  And the world would have been a better place for it.

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