Unintended Consequences: Can We Survive the Liberal Agenda?

smkptEach week it seems tougher to decide what to write about. There are so many things going wrong that it would be easy to write 5-6 articles a week. Think about it, elections in Afghanistan, Putin, missing airliner, civil rights, ObamaCare, global warming, climate change, mud slides, women’s compensation, mob rule, marijuana, no guns allowed on military bases… Goodness gracious Officer Krupke that’s why we are (in) a mess. 

The liberals seem to live in this fantasy world. They can do just about anything and they can “will” only great consequences. But for every reaction so they say there is an equal and opposite reaction and then sometimes exponentially unexpected. 

Simple one is ObamaCare. When Obama hawked this wonderful bill that we had to pass, people heard different things. One was that people who don’t have healthcare will be able to afford it.  Healthcare costs would be brought under control. You could have healthcare just like the U.S. Senators and the President. 

Some idiot wrote about the Republicans making up stories about ObamaCare. These stories are not made up. If you have a job you will pay more for your healthcare, You may be able to pay for FREE birth control pills but your deductibles will be through the roof. And your premiums will be higher and it  is expected to go even higher. These are not made up stories! And the liberal’s insurance companies are making more money then ever! 

The unintended consequence is now that the bureaucrats have a license to go after the physicians.  There was one representative who claimed that the crooks in Washington don’t make enough money.  Most doctors work grueling hours and must endure many years of low pay and schooling to get a degree and license. When it comes to life and death, do you really want a guy like Obama who has 2 healthcare policies, deciding what the doctors should be compensated for their services. 

And the consequence is that once the bureaucrats who don’t work get a full hold on your healthcare, they will have the physicians doing more paper work and less healing for less pay. 

For every Obama executive order unsupported by the majority of the country, there are unintended consequences. The rules filter down all the way to the lowest municipality. And they all must spend more taxpayer dollars to make sure they are in compliance with all of  the Obama fantasmic executive orders. 

The courts are burdened with a myriad of cases fighting the implementation of all the baseless executive orders of Obama. 

The 7.1 million alleged sign-ups is not a panacea. And the numbers at best is all speculation. It is like the black hole that swallowed up an airplane,  Tattoo! 

But at the end of the day, there are about 300+ million Americans and non-Americans living in the US of A. For Obama to be the only one jumping up and down over 7.1 million is a travesty. Obama can’t answer how many actually paid for the insurance. How many signed up for Medicaid  which is going to be paid for by the masses who actually pay for ObamaCare and or the taxpayer. And guess who is going to pay for all those liberal subsidies? 

So some argue this was only to take care of those who were not covered by company healthcare. Others say this was supposed to handle the 30 million who didn’t have healthcare insurance. Again it is like trying to hold fine sand or water in a bucket that has many holes in the bottom. At the end of the day, if you have any gray matter left, there is nothing good to celebrate about ObamaCare. Thus the unintended consequences is that 60 % are not in favor of ObamaCare and somebody (Democrats) will have to pay for that in November. 

Yesterday one of the liberal offsprings of the LBJ policies wanted to get into a fist fight over burning cardboard and other garbage on a beautiful day in York PA. LBJ wanted to set up all these liberal propagandized programs to help those in poverty. They spent trillions but there are more in poverty today then there was when LBJ started spending money that JFK created by lowering taxes. 

What have they created? People with no responsibility. No respect for themselves and none for anyone else. And the experts sit there and wonder why we have killings. We blame it on mental illness… But aren’t these unintended consequences created by these liberal policies. Instead of responsibilities we have millions that only demand more…More handouts. Now they demand it! It is a right and no longer an option! 

Folks don’t have to pay for utilities. Go around and see what their thermostats are set at. But the liberals think it is great that they don’t need to pay for their utilities. Who do they think are paying for the utilities? What if the liberals only  paid for the first ten dollars. Would that create some incentive to conserve energy. But we have the liberals running around telling you not to burn gas, or any other evil fossil fuels. Even guys like O’Reilly think an electric car runs on magic. If you are burning tons of fossil fuels to create energy so that the car can run on a battery… Where’s the  magic. And what are you going to do with all those batteries and the folks that get electrocuted when the batteries are mishandled.  

If you knew how much the government was spending on utilities… why don’t they campaign for lower costs. Because the government isn’t paying for the utilities, it is you the taxpayer. 

One more unintended consequence: Legalization of marijuana. There is nothing wrong with marijuana. It is safer than alcohol. Unintended consequences:  There are addictions and deaths. Who would have seen it coming. We have heroin addiction at an all time high. Excuse the pun,  and we want to legalize another drug. At least the liberals can tax it and put the dope pushers on welfare! 

Savage said it best. He was complaining about the amount of energy that is wasted by liberals to grow marijuana indoors. It ends up quite a lot is expended to produce a weed. But one point that he made was the reason it is called dope. So its main purpose or an unintended consequence is it makes one dopey. Tell me again why we want the loons in the world to feel more dopey. Just maybe if they are dopey enough they will continue to vote for the liberal dopes in congress! 

So to complete the circle: The unintended consequences will not help create responsibility and self-respect in those that lack those qualities. If they are naturally bums and self centered,  none of these programs are going to create the incentive for them to get up off the couch and be productive. The only productivity is to get in line to receive some kind of government hand-out. When will the liberals understand that unless there is some string of responsibility attached to the FREE handouts, the unintended consequences are to create more bums, free loaders who we can label mentally ill some where down the road. But whose fault is it really? They meant well, but the liberals never looked at all the collateral damages caused by unintended consequences. If you had a choice would you rather have a FREE handout or a Job? Maybe someone should ask Obama that question!

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