Voter Fraud is Real and Extensive

Obama has spoken, and therefore, there is no voter fraud. Spending his time golfing or ridiculing Donald Trump instead of doing his job is to use a golfing term, par for the course. The straw man in this attack is Obamas assertion that the Governors in many of these states most people are concerned about are Republican, and that voter fraud certainly wouldn’t happen there. What is not mentioned is that the Governors are not directly involved in the certification of the elections.
Trump claims that the people must be aware that voter fraud may occur is not damaging to our Republic. Nor does it undermine the trust of the people in our election process, it actually may make that trust stronger.
The progressive/socialist Democratic party has accused Donald Trump of many things, up to and including treason for his comment about voter fraud. His honesty with the American people is what is required to get our country back on track, but Democrats only talk about voter fraud when they lose. I am sure many in the public domain remember the Al Gore-George Bush debacle. Even Hillary at the time and many years after claimed Bush was “selected not elected”. They should also remember such luminaries as Jesse Jackson proclaiming “We will take to the streets. We will delegitimize Bush, discredit him, do whatever it takes but never accept him”. Kind of sounds like Black Lives Matter, doesn’t it?
And would the Democrats care to discuss John Kerry claiming there is no integrity in our elections to Muslim leaders.
Lou Dobbs has reported on Pew Research studies that there are 18 million invalid registrations and 2 million are dead and voting. Other notable parts of the study:
Approximately 24 million or one out of every eight voter registrations in the U.S. are no longer valid or significantly inaccurate,
More that 1.8 million deceased individuals are still on voter rolls
2.75 million people are registered in more than one state.
How can the Democrats claim this many invalid votes would not sway the election. Our government has allowed this situation to fester, has permitted legal cases not allowing the purging of the voter rolls, and Voter ID. Someone should ask Obama how this does not erode the confidence in our elections by the people of this country.
In both Indiana, an investigation that has expanded to 56 counties and Texas. In Tarrant County Texas the mail in ballot is also in question. Texas law allows one witness for a mail in ballot. Ballot harvesting has been shown in that 131 mail in ballots we signed by 4 or 5 people, something that is illegal in Texas. Democrats have proceeded to move forward of the process spoken of on the Project Veritas videos by James O’Keefe.
In Ohio, Marc Elias, an attorney that sued in Ohio for voter suppression and a member of Perkins-Cole and general clounsel filed his lawsuit in Ohio and two other states with funding from George Soros. There were registrations with names drivers license numbers and the correct social security numbers,,, for dead people. Other registrations had names with wrong addresses, wrong birth dates, and all signed by the same person.
Once the group was identified that was trying to flood the voter rolls with invalid voters, and an advisory sent out by the Ohio Secretary of State John Husted, the group that Elias represented was dropped and replaced with the Ohio State Democratic Party.
In Chicago, voting machines have continually changed votes to the Democrats, and once again blamed on a “calibration error”. Mail in votes are hardly checked for verification. The election judge has three seconds to verify each ballot and move it forward.
In Billings Montana law enforcement is investigating ballots being stolen from apartments to be used by ballot harvesters.
12,000 non citizens are registered in Colorado, with 5,000 of those voting in 2010.
North Carolina has found 35,750 voters that have been registered in another state. Also found was 13,416 deceased voters according to the Joint Elections Oversight Committee.
DOI agents in the State of New York successfully voted as dead people. In 61 of 63 precincts agents were able to vote. Of Course, leftists are upset that the agents voted as they did, and declared what they did was illegal, and never did discuss the voter fraud. This pattern of wide spread voter fraud never even made the local progressive media.
The State of Florida sued the DHS for a list of non citizens in order to purge the state voter roles before the election., and was in fact, sued back by the Eric Holder led Department of Justice for purging the rolls, which is required by federal law. Rather than aggressively assuring the integrity of American elections, the Obama Justice Department is allocating resources to stop Voter ID.
And the DOJ is doing their part as well. A memo released from the DOJ states that poll watchers who may see or hear of voter fraud are cautioned that they may be in violation of federal voting rights laws if they attempt to disrupt or even document any voter fraud or abuse. No pictures or videos are allowed to be taken, poll watchers can not “communicate” with someone who is suspected of voter fraud. This also supersedes state laws that allow poll watchers to challenge any undocumented eligibility.

But there are other ways to rig elections that have been shown to be operative. The IRS war of the Tea Party is ongoing, with a Federal judge finally demanding that the IRS complete the Tea Party applications from past years, the benefits given by Democrats to illegals and refugees, Big Labor privilege, federal regulations, and the use of government employees for the Clinton campaign.
After Obamas illegal immigration executive order allowing them to flood our countries there were Social Security cards issued to over 90,000 issued to illegal aliens. One of the aspects of having a social security card is the ability to register to vote. Here in California there is very little difference between a citizens license and an illegals.
Voter turnout is expected to be at an all time high. Contrary to what our Progressive in chief Obama has declared there continues to be widespread voter fraud in many different aspects. Illegal being given benefits and allowed to vote is one. The Democrat Party is one as has been shown in videos from New York and Virginia, and not allowing the purging of voter rolls on the federal level have all combined to give the public very little confidence in the electoral process. The citizens must band together, and demand that integrity be part of the elections in the future.

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