Wake Up! Hamas is as Threatening as ISIS

hmsViolence by the terrorist organization known as Hamas or the Islamic Resistance Movement rises to the level of ISIS in Iraq. The escalation of fighting began with Hamas launching rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israel, and deliberately executing three Israeli teenagers, including an American. In response to this provocation, Israel started launching air strikes into Gaza in July.

President Obama has reluctantly sent over 1,000 troops to Iraq to counter ISIS, the al-Qaeda offshoot that is marauding through Iraq, and has ordered over 100 air strikes. However, Obama is not treating Hamas similarly. Instead, Obama wants Israel to recognize Hamas as part of a Palestinian government and negotiate cease-fires. Israel does not like agreeing to ceasefires, because Hamas uses the period to prepare for more fighting. Hamas has violated at least 11 cease-fires so far.

Writing for the Jerusalem Post Michel Gurfinkiel states, “Western leaders fail to recognize the similarities between the Islamic State and Hamas.”

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