Was It Really Independence Day on the 4th of July?

Was It Really Independence Day on the 4th of July?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


My cousin wished me a happy independence day. And I really started thinking about our independence. I guess I would rather call it the 4th of July. Independence probably means different thing to different folks. And as we look at the landscape, the more laws that are passed takes away our independence. Can we use the word freedom. I think that freedom has more to do with independence than making the argument that we are free from mother England. Or was it father at the time.


And this is really where the liberals and non-liberals differ. The liberals think they can cure all the ills created suffered by man by throwing money and laws at it. But every time they pass a law or regulation it chips away at our basket of freedom.


We never really had a democracy. And let me tell you the Democrats will never let you have one. But think about it, if Trump can run a national campaign and win, why can’t we have a democracy and let the people vote on issues rather than crooked politicians like Hillary. People seem to forget that Hillary was always a crooked politician and bureaucrat. And they talk about the benefits of their unilateral meddling, but they seem to forget to tell us about the shortcomings of the meddling. Simple tally, there are just as many people in poverty today then there was when LBJ pushed the commie “reset” button for freedom.


Freedom? When you look at Obama’s legacy, he has done nothing to advance the causes of freedom. And as a devout commie liberal, the last thing they are interested in is your freedom. They seem to get overly rich, but not so for the rest of the country.


And it is not much of a stretch to see capitalism as freedom and socialism as the advancement of slavery. The libs would argue the point. But look at the Clinton Foundation. Some would call that capitalism. But the one with the top job is Chelsea. She doesn’t appear to be real good at what she does, but at least she is working. But the Clinton Foundation is a front for a lobbyist organization. So is that being funded by capitalism or socialism. And this is where people have a hard time comprehending.

There are fewer and fewer companies that make just widgets and sell it to the public. In many businesses they make their money through government spending. The libs call that an economy!! And this is bad in most cases. So their unions and businesses donate money to the politicians so they will spend government money in their industry so they make more money. And the money comes directly from the taxpayer who had no say in where the government spends your money.


So the liberals have created a monopoly on billions of dollars. And if you don’t agree with them, you don’t get your piece of the pie.


Think about it, when Reagan and Nixon won, they won with almost all the states voting for them. Reagan left office in 1989. So in about 35 years, the country has turned pretty much to the liberals to run the country and the large cities. Just the other day Christie took a hissy fit because they wouldn’t let him raise the gas tax. Don’t the taxpayers pay enough in taxes. Not so says your politicians. And taxation is just another form of slavery. Once they increase your taxes, it is impossible for a liberal to give it back in the form of a tax reduction.


It is nothing but slavery. It is not a temporary solution. Taxation is a permanent solution and they will figure out ways to raise it without you knowing it. And you will keep voting for them. Because that is more important than your freedom.


And they will find ways like Clinton how to spend the surpluses to win influence and corruption with their rich supporters.


I looked at some numbers for NYC. If you make about $50,000 and you wanted to make more by doing bartending, Uber, whatever and made an extra $3-4,000 a year. In NYC you would pay about 32% in taxes on that extra money. Does that make financial cents.


Of course not. On $3,000 that is about $960 dollars in taxes. That is what is known as socialism. The more you make the more you pay. But its progressive. If you look at it in increments and tax brackets, when you get to the end you are paying a fortune in taxes to live in the great state of NY. And keep in mind most things are more expensive in NY. Like utilities, gasoline and so on. That is why more people are migrating to states like Texas. People should be encouraged to make more money, not penalized by overzealous taxation!


Lets sum up slavery. You can’t keep men out of ladies’ locker rooms, you can’t not pay taxes. You can’t keep illegal immigrants and refugees out of your neighborhood and schools. You can’t have education the way it should be and at a reasonable price. There are some idiots that don’t realize that most schools are subsidized by taxpayer dollars, in addition to  the tuition.


You can’t get your child in college if you are white. You have to wait until everyone else takes all the good spots. This is the best one. The liberal backed programs that pay for all the college costs for the people they are intended to help, can drop a course and the money refunded goes to the recipient/student, and not back to the taxpayer. Now that is liberal stupidity. They receive SSI, disability, Food stamps, all sorts of liberal programs and this is just another way to get more money out of the system… legally!


The libs will tell you this is freedom. But if we look at the results and the costs to the working class, it is slavery. And there is no net result. Under Obama the average family lost about $3,000 annually. Do you know where the money went? Ask Obama?


Now the idiots in congress want to pay for drug addicts. I thought drugs were a non-violent crime. Instead of locking up the dopes and losers we now want to pay other folks to treat these folks. If this takes a village. Then we need a village idiot like Hillary to run it.


Under Obama and the liberals we have lost our security. You have to wait hours to get on a plane. Another bureaucratic mess brought to you by the liberals. They still blame the guns and not the people using them. So now they need to blame the knives, and trucks.

I feel sorry for all the diehard liberals, like lemmings they vote for liberals like de Blasio and Obama. And in the last 8 years they have seen the country go downhill.


Trump’s greatness is different then Hillary’s greatness. Hilary’s greatness is simple. Look at the bottom line. We have a good economy and anyone without a job will get government assistance and slavery.


Trump’s greatness says you can still live on the dole if you want. But working for a living will give your family a better life and more importantly freedom. His economy will create real jobs that pay a decent salary. And you won’t get taxed to death when you try to make more money. That is the greatness that leads to freedom.


After all that is the independence we were looking for. It wasn’t liberal debt, liberal taxation and the lack of good paying jobs. It is time that you are allowed to spend your money on the family and not the government! And hopefully I can feel good about wishing someone Happy Independence Day in the United States of America!












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