Watch Out, Everything is Racist Now

Although racism has been gradually decreasing in the U.S., the left is attempting to portray it as rapidly expanding in order to keep minorities voting for Democrats. It’s Barack Obama’s legacy. But it’s looking sillier and sillier, and the American electorate saw through it and elected Donald Trump as president.

Unfortunately, the radicals have had some incremental success; luring young people to join Black Lives Matter, incorporating propaganda into our educational system, and destroying the lives of anyone caught in their crosshairs. The left is now labeling an alarming number of things related to blacks and other minorities racist, casting a wide net in a “gotcha” tactic in order to take down conservatives. Criticize a black person for a reason unrelated to race? Racist. Say anything negative about Obama? Racist. Criticize the left’s interpretation and mandate of diversity? Racist. Shoot a black suspect for a reason unrelated to race? Racist — even if the cop himself was black.

It is becoming the norm to be called a racist any time a conservative tweets something remotely related to minorities, especially blacks. Google any prominent conservative’s name along with the word racist and there is probably some smear story about them. I can’t count how many times I’ve been called racist by the left in recent years because I’m a conservative columnist. In contrast, growing up I was never called a racist. Funny coincidence how I only became a racist when the left started falsely labeling conservatives as racist.

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