We Need To Make America Great Again

America, this country of many different parts, and different blended cultures is in trouble. A good part of our citizens and insular, shut off from a country of which they have no thoughts of exceptionalism, and unique in history.

Having an older, more mature outlook on my country, I have seen changes in our culture, our education, even in areas considered in my youth to be resistant to change. There are many in past generations that have no worth of a society that has stood the test of time since our founders. These are the areas where I have seen the most change.

The religions of the world have always been a stalwart against the culture denigrating to the point it has. The United States was founded as a Christian nation, the laws, history, and heritage of this country has been based on laws derived from the major religions found in the people who immigrated here. Aided by common law from the ruling class in England has fortified those beliefs. I appears to me that all facets of society today (media, academics, etc.) have aligned themselves with one another to argue the historical foundations and premises that our community has been based on. Personal decency is considered a relic from the past, and responsibility is something some people will undertake only when there is no one else to blame. Since our founding, Christian values and ideals have formed this nation. And although not perfect, has led to progress unknown in any nation before. It has given us unsurpassed Liberty and a society where anyone can succeed if willing to apply themselves.

We have devolved into a culture where some people want to be victims, blaming others for the shortfalls and lack of progress in individual lives. There are no longer ideals on which to to focus , the foundation of individualism being a factor in ones life is considered passé. It does not take a village to raise a child, it takes a loving mother and father, and a set of rules that are understandable to a child, and followed by the parents as well.

Based on a Judeo-Christian ethic for many generations, American culture was one of individual responsibility. Today, people, through coercion of government and media, have been separated into groups. More tribal than in the past, it leads to mistrust of all those around you, family, friends, and a deep animosity towards those you have never met, leading to working all day, sitting in front of the TV watching mind numbing shows, with the only thought being going to work the next day. This is not the way it was supposed to be. The country was to apply Christian principles to a community, to work together, and to have the basis of understanding one another.

Multiculturalism has failed. This is an exceptional country, those saying differently notwithstanding. In all areas we have always been a leader of the world, compassionate, and working within the confines of our beliefs. We have led the world in comfort, and freedom for our citizens. For some reason, this has changed. We spend all our time now apologizing for our past, and working towards humanizing those that would do us harm. Is the country perfect. No, and it never will be.

Our institutions, the cultural basis of our country have been battered by those who see no difference between our way of life and others. Assimilation is frowned upon, and it seems to be many elites are embarrassed by the wealth and power that our country has accumulated because of the beliefs that, until recently have been the basis for our progress. We have socialism on the media, in the universities, and it is gaining wide acceptance among some our people. Many now consider capitalism a long worn relic to be disposed of as soon as possible. Thinking that socialism will solve all our ills, not realizing that every time it has been tried, the citizens have suffered. You are locked into a way of life where the government decides everything, and you can do nothing, go nowhere, or have any thoughts of your own. In my twenty years in the military, I have had a close up look of socialism. I will definitely say socialism is not a system I would prefer to live under. For those that are pushing a soviet style socialism in our schools and media, I suggest you live there for two years, and experience what it is really like.

This country was founded on the principles of a Christian community. There are those that feel they know better, and will do the best they can to dismantle the underlying principles that we all shared at one time. They will divide us with entitlements, and regulations that force these groups into conflict. That is the soviet template, to collapse our ideals, morals, individualism, and sense of community. The time to stop it is now, and we, the citizens, need to take back our country from those that wish to defeat it.

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