We’re All Americans, Aren’t We?

What morons, what imbeciles are the only words that come to mind in describing all those who believed these idiocy and lies about what the Republicans were going to do to women.

I love this Great Country identified as The United States of America, and so does a majority of my fellow Americans? Remember there’s nothing wrong with Our Country, it’s the people in it that’s questionable.


The Liberal Democrats, Progressives, Marxist and Socialists simply brush the silent majority aside completely circumventing our God Given Inalienable Rights, our Scared Constitution and our true existence of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They have no conscience or remorse on stepping on or over us to achieve their final goal of complete and total dominance over our lives.


We are Americans no matter what or how they try to demeanor us, by inflicting head games to our moral decencies. They keep expressing that certain groups are still being shackled by social injustices while demanding unlimited justifications from us on their behalf. This absolute total nonsense is so absurd; it’s beyond any form logical belief. We allow ourselves to constantly fall into this bogus trap of unproven unconscionable guilt, while we become passive sitting ducks, afraid of being called a racist, or intolerant, as they handcuff us into a subservient role of existence.


They still have the gall, after all these years of affirmative action and by artificially praising and manufacturing so-called achievements, greatness of any particular individual or organizations that mirror their image of approval, no matter how sleazy, corrupt or incompetent. Their control in the liberal news media, movies, television programs, newspapers, magazines and books have enhanced this development of social garbage.


The reverse discrimination syndrome has now been totally accepted as a way of life and any objections made will label you a bias bigoted loon. Credence of such actions are warranted in their own sick mentalities because of past atrocities committed, a free pass given no matter how ridiculous but how long will the innocent be punished?


Most of our ancestors were immigrants and had nothing to do with these events of American history identified, yet we, our children, our grandchildren and all of our future generations are and will constantly being abused, by the Liberal Democrats, The Progressives, The Marxist, and The Socialists, unless we stand up for ourselves, telling them all to take a walk. This madness must stop!


They have denied the fact the there is a half black, half white “human being”  elected and re-elected to the highest position this nation can offer, “The Presidency”, yet the race card still exists, because they always get their way when its used? They know that most of the silent majority still believes this liberal gibberish, called “White Guilt”, so they cater to their every whim, while the left laughs?


These groups have divided this Country worse than the most destructive time in American history called the Civil War. This wasn’t a foreign enemy but it was brother against brother. Unfortunately our President Barack Hussein Obama is the number one culprit in this division, and his surrogates follow his despicable lead. He did have the unique opportunity to unit, but he decided on the course of separation to protect his status quo of power. Mr. President, Shame on you, for enhancing the anger and hatred in America ?


He didn’t stop there?  The battles between the sexes have begun since Adam and Eve. There are and will always be an invisible thin fine line of love/hate between them. Women in the past as well as men have been stereotyped in careers, education, monetary worth, family. Society placed barriers in certain chosen professions, in which it was taboo for anyone to cross but now in the present, everything has changed. The walls have been torn down. There are unlimited expansions and opportunities opened to all those who wishes to pursue them, especially without the help of government intervention and forced reverse discriminations identified as quotas and affirmative actions against any particular race, creed, color, religion or sex.


Yet we constantly heard that there was a “War on Women” especially described by Presidential Obama during this past presidential campaign, highlighted with free contraception and abortion. This painted a warped picture of the American women, stressing the only things on their minds was unlimited free sex paid for by tax dollars without any consequences or responsibilities for their actions.


Some did recognized this as humiliating and degrading to women, and expressed outrage, but were immediately stymied and silenced by the media, liberals, and organized women’s groups who were jokingly established to protect their rights, honor, pride and reputations, instead they used whatever power they had to defend Obama.. If there is a so-called phony ‘War on Women” in the United States, then what would they call the sick, ruthless, unmerciful incident that happened in Pakistan when this poor 15 year old young woman Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head by the Taliban because she wanted to educate herself and other women, unfortunate?


No one cares that women employed in the Obama Administration are being paid far less than their male counterparts, with less opportunities for advancement, this is proven with his new cabinet candidates announced. This is sad, but as usual he was and is still protected by Liberal Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, Socialists and the bought, sold and owned Liberal Press declaring him as their lord, master and king. The Teflon President rolled off of the frying pan once again spotless?


What morons, what imbeciles are the only words that come to mind in describing all those who believed these idiocy and lies.   Some Women were also so naive as to believe the Republicans were going to take their right to vote away, this obviously doesn’t support their argument acknowledging themselves as the superior sex comprised of intellectual geniuses?  


We must peacefully stand our ground; honor God, Country, Family and Our precious Constitution, We must stop “Dictatorial Executive Orders”? We must look beyond and defend ourselves from all those who forcefully etch into our minds certain bogus animosities between the races, sexes, creeds color, religions as weapons of division to maintain power and to advance their self serving agenda. We must never yield to these identified proven idiots of destruction that use self made guilt, to overthrow our true existence of freedom and liberty for their own self serving agenda. Enough is enough. Stand up America ! 

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