What a Big Tax on Soft Drinks Can Do: NY Times Rebuttal

bgglpIt is always fun when the commie liberals want to raise taxes. Remember it was only the rich who will pay, well is it only the rich buying the sugar drinks?

So the Liberal NY Times editorial makes this premise that if you raise the taxes on sugar drinks by about 20%, the people they are allegedly worried about can be cured with just a simple tax.

They use Mexico as an example. “In 2013, the Mexican government imposed a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks that amounted to a 10 percent increase in the price of the beverages, a substantial jump but only half the increase many experts think is desirable. … So that any price increase to cover the tax would be visible to consumers when they were deciding on the purchase, before they got to the cash register.”

This goes to show you how dumb these folks really are. They sense that there is a drop in sugar drinks by the poor and middle class.

But they answer it in this statement. “What isn’t known yet is whether the drop in soda consumption will improve the health of consumers or whether they substituted other caloric foods and beverages. That research could take years”.

So if you don’t know what you are talking about, why write an editorial that supports a 20% tax on sugar drinks. That will magically convert all sugar drinkers into sugar free zombies. Who says sugar free drinks are any good for you!

First off if the sales of sugar drinks went down in Mexico, it is because the Mexicans have moved to the United States and they can buy sugar drinks with their welfare vouchers. It is hard to imagine that 20 cents would change the world. These folks more likely than not, over eat, don’t exercise and indulge in adult beverages and drugs.

And there is no proof that sugar-free additives are no better for you than plain old sugar.

But the more important question that commies seem to forget to answer is what are you going to do with the tax money. The first idiot’s response will be to pay for the health care costs of those who over indulge in sugar. That doesn’t make any sense, because once they stop drinking the sugar drinks they will be healthy as a horse. Free ObamaCare should take care of all ills and female healthcare.

But that is probably not true on both counts. The government will waste the money on some over-reaching liberal program that accomplishes nothing for the taxpayer and the sugar drinkers will get their sugar fix some where else.

This is true of all liberal programs of tax and spend. They created global warming or climate change depends on which day of the week or season of the year. That gives rise to a cap and trade which will tax everyone who uses utilities of any sort.

And again the lemmings should ask, what will you do with the money! The idiots will say, including the pope, that the money will be used to rid the world of the poor.

A good example of this is the Clinton initiative. They raise tons of money for the Clintons’ travel and fund raising, but not too big of expending cash for good causes.

There are plenty of consultants out there . Who needs more consultants for the poor. They need jobs, not expensive advice!

The NY Times has crowned themselves consultants. And their opinions are useless and based on magic and foolery rather than the facts.

But the first thing the liberals should ask when their party says raise taxes is where will the money go? It won’t be the rich that pay the taxes. In the end the middle class bears most of the burden of the tax either directly or indirectly.

A rich person can only buy one ObamaCare healthcare policy and pay only one premium. That will do nothing to pay for all the Medicaid and disability healthcare accounts that Obama has created. It is and will be the middle class that will pay for these high premiums for useless healthcare that is burdened with high premiums and outrageous deductibles.

The commies want a single payer program like Medicare. Really? We have been paying for that since LBJ. What a waste. 30 years later they still want you to pay for the premiums and hit you with all sorts of   deductibles and procedures that are not covered.

You always want a healthcare system run by bureaucrats and cheered for by liberals. We now pay physicians lots of money to ask stupid questions, such as are you happy, have you had your wisdom teeth removed!

They always promise hope and change and deliver heartache and shame.

But the fault lies in the people. If you don’t like who is making these lousy decisions stop voting them in and stop reading liberals’ editorials that make no common sense.

If you want freedom, you need to be free. Liberalism demands to take away your guns, food, time and money. In return they promise to take away your freedom!

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