What Are The Chances?

I believe the Republican “establishment” and by that, I mean those men and women who get their wealth from the party, are taking a MUUUUUUCH longer view of this election than we are. I think they know at this late date, all is lost, so any act ostensibly aimed at helping a Trump challenger is window dressing and designed to deny Trump, NOT to elect their guy – I think they know THAT ship has sailed.

This means that anyone who was just flirting and got on board with Trump just for a fling is now faced with going through with the marriage or being left at the altar because your other suitors can’t make it to the church in time, barring some miracle. They are all too far out.

Despite the machinery of the Democrat party being brought to bear for Hillary, she’s fading. Yes, she outlived Whitewater, Filegate,
Travelgate, The Paula Jones payoff, Monica, looting the White House, Chinagate, the Bosnia sniper fire lie, pardons for cash, Saul Alinsky, Servergate and Bengahzi. We’re still waiting on the Huma Abedin Muslim Brotherhood scandal to go down and a national security breach indictment courtesy of the FBI.

But all together, even the faithful have to know it’s all too much to swallow lumped together. Add to all this that she is an overbearing, smug, entitled, old bitch in bad health and, well…. It’s gonna be tough for a lot of young idealists to pull that lever. And regardless of what the polls say, the media has made it SO de riguer to roll your eyes at Trump, no one will admit to voting for him, especially some young hipster.

My point is this. I love Carson, Cruz is awesome, and I would work my fingers to the bone to elect Rand Paul (he has been my choice from the beginning), but they can’t get back in time and make a name for themselves. The rest are not ready for the job or they are just as bad as Hillary.

Trump really has a great chance of being president of the United States. That means many things, but 2 stand out to me:

1. It will destroy the Republican Party – who wouldn’t love that? Even the Democrats would love THAT! Trump will own it and re-make it. Trump is the only guy in America today who could make the party conservative again. Think about it.

2. If you are over 55, do you remember how it felt when Reagan was elected and Iran immediately released the hostages? How about when Reagan sent a Hellfire missle into Gadaffi’s house for bombing our guys in Germany? Yeah – THAT. I’m tired of being bitch-slapped by the entire world and then apologizing for it.

Anyway, what I’m suggesting is that you get on board and let’s see what happens. I guarantee it won’t be worse than this 8 year pummeling we’re in right now.

I feel certain Trump can stop the financial and jobs bleed-out. The social decline will take longer to turn back and maybe even require a different president, but I believe at least he will hit the breaks HARD on all the PC, social engineering, money-wasting madness of this regime and start to turn the ship away from the falls.

Oh, and could someone get a message to the media to find a different word than “BOMBASTIC” for Donald Trump? You sound like 6th graders copying each others papers.

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