What does the Iran Deal mean for Israel?

Now that it is a question of “when” and not “if” Iran gets a bomb. What are the ramifications for Israel. The Obama administration appears to have been helping the mullahs get what they want, conceding on a whole host of “redlines” that the State Department had set. Our policies for the negotiations were based on the fallacy that this administration would bargain in good faith with a country that wishes our destruction, and the destruction of most of the Middle East.
No country is more at risk than Israel. The only democracy in the area and the Jewish homeland has been targeted ever since its inception. The Israeli people have been targeted by its neighbors for many years, and with a complicit media and United Nations against them, have fought almost single handedly for the ability to survive. The United States has been a close friend to Israel, and kept both the UN and Israels Arab neighbors from punishing Israel, at least until Obama took office.

The infrastructure of Iran’s nuclear capability was left largely intact, leading them closer to having a bomb, perhaps within a year or less. Obama, in his best Chamberlin imitation claimed as much in his response to Netanyahu, and with the lifting of sanctions before Iran meets any of the parameters set for it, assures that none of those parameters will be met. The pressure on Iran was lifted without any conditions allowing Iran to continue to be a major sponsor of terrorism, or calling for the annihilation of Israel. This administration allowed this to happen, and seems quite unconcerned about the position this leaves Israel in.
Liberal pundits claim that this could turn out to be beneficial to the Israelis, much like Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat in 1977.They claim that distrust , fear and suspicion from the Israelis are an impediment to peace. When you are a small country like Israel, constantly bombarded by rockets from Gaza, and tunnels underneath your homeland, you tend to be fearful and suspicious. When all those around you call for your demise, it has a tendency to make you lack in trust for those who want to kill you.
To most European and American pundits this seems like a great deal. They will tell you it all depends on Iran keeping their part of the deal. The chance that Iran will abide by the agreement is iffy at best. How many time did they break UN resolutions? Were there not four different rounds of sanctions because Iran decided they would do what they wanted against the wishes of the world. And now these pundits tell us it will be different, that Iran will comply. Pundits speak of Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif statement that it is not Irans goal to build a bomb, and of course, the every ready media bow down and believe him.
Now that the agreement is in front of the UN, Iran is already asking for changes, and there is not doubt that this administration will give in as they have already on this agreement numerous time to achieve a legacy that will eventually lead to war.

Obama has tried to bully Israel into submission on the Iran deal, much as it has done the same on the Palestinian state. This administration shows no concern about the possible extermination of the Jewish homeland, and in fact, had done great damage to the Israeli State by proposing to take statehood for the Palestinian state to the UN along 1967 borders, an indefensible outcome for Israel. More and moe the partisanship of the Democrats is coming thorugh. In a recent Luntz poll, 47% of Democrats called Israel a “Racist” country, 52% of Democrats fell that Israel does not want peace with its neighbors. Democrats blame Netanyahu for this change, when the truth is this administration has damaged relations. During the last conflict with Gaza, this administration refused to send weapons to Israel that have already been paid for. It was only the chance of the information coming out that forced this administration to send the weapons. It is this administration that has tried to bully Israel into giving up its rights and compromise on the security so important to the Jewish homeland. The Iranian nuclear deal is important to Israeli security and this administration seems to think Israel should allow the security concerns, and even the very existence of Israel should take a back seat to Obamas legacy. Israel, given the right equipment, such as 30,000 pound bunker buster bombs could have ended this years ago, but the Obama administration would not give them the armament need to defend itself.
Resolution 242 and the Oslo accords both gave the parties involved all the conditions they needed to provide peace, and Israel agreed to both. Yassar Arafat started the second intifada rather than obtain peace. Israel then as now, would not be party to a peace enforced upon them, either by this administration or the anti-semites at the United Nations.
Obama is trying to change the mind of the American people by pushing a poll that shows 78% within the Jewish community support the Iranian nuclear deal, and while the numbers may be seem high, the poll was conducted on a hypothetical agreement and not the one in place. Most do not believe that this agreement will stop Iran from construction of a nuclear weapon. The poll was done bu the Ploughshares Fund, a liberal group who has spent millions to slant the Iranian nuclear program, and J Street, a group viewed as an outcast by the Jewish community.It is these groups, along with those in this administration that will be sent out to lie to the American people about this deal. Looking at the terms for inspections is a good example. Less than a month ago, we were told there would be “anytime, anywhere” inspections that the Iranians would have to agree to, or no deal. Just yesterday, our incompetent Secretary of State John Kerry declared that was never a point to be discussed. How can we trust an administration that lies to its own people to tell us the truth about an agreement that they want to approve through the United Nations rather than have the people representatives agree to it first.
And so this administration pushes on, trying to convince the people that this is a good deal for both Iran and Israel. Pushing at the front for the concessions made to the Iranians , the White House liason of Jewish Affairs Matt Nosanchuck, who is leading the efforts to sell this deal to America, trying to influence the American Opinion that the deal is backed by a majority of Jews in America. And those Jews who do not fall in line, according to one official, will face retaliation from the administration, something that has happened before even to the Jewish homeland as stated before. Obama wants the deal to be seen as a pro’Isreal issue instead of an American national security issue. It won’t be long before Obama holds a press conference and declares the lie, that most Jewish Americans back this deal. The Prsident who have made his mark of division and animosity among the American people will attempt to turn the American people, much as has already happened with the BDS movement on our nations colleges, against the Jewish people. But Obama must deal with the Israeli fight for survival, and as he told Netanyahu, “ I know how to deal with people who oppose me”.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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