What Happened Today???

Hello all! Happy Wednesday your halfway through the week hang in there! If you’re a college kid then you only have a week or so till Christmas break!

So lets get started…

First thing that happened today is Officer Bentley Vinson who was the cop who shot Keith Scott was found innocent and the shooting was deemed justified.

This has been a long stream of shootings the media talked about however they talked a lot less when they found that they could not pull the race card due to Officer Vinson being African American himself.

That however did not stop people from looting and basically destroying the city of Charlotte… literally you watch these videos and its full out World War Z.

The jury found the officer innocent because despite the early narrative of Keith Scott being an innocent unarmed victim they found that he was for a fact armed with a semi-automatic pistol strapped to his ankle. In addition they also know without a doubt it was his as it was covered in his DNA.

While the media reports the protests as being peaceful nothing is further from the actual truth. Not only are these protest not peaceful they’re not even protests… what they are however is full on riots in which it has costed the city millions, injured 24 police officers including one officer who was fatally shot.

Despite all of this the Scott family is still pushing that Keith Scott was. Ot armed despite there being pretty clear evidence he was.

What this will lead to is more rioting and will cost many store owners some whom themselves are just as frustrated with the situation scrambling to fix their damaged shops.

All of this however if you watch the media can be blamed undoubtedly on one person! Donald Trump… somehow they will make it about Trump just you watch!

Next in the headlines is President-elect Trumps cabinet coming together.

As of yesterday he chose Elaine Chao and if you haven’t already I highly encourage you to read my article talking about basically everything you need to know about her

Last It but not least Democrats showed precisely why they lost the election and rather than listen to Tim Ryan who repeatedly told his fellow representatives that what Pelosi represented was the sprt of elitism that lost them the election. Tim Ryan said on many different occasions that Democrats had become out of touch with the American working class by taking up causes that only affected a small portion of people. In his analysis he was right.

So basically what this means is the democrats have yet to learn their lesson that you can’t just ignore the working class people and expect to win.

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