What To Do After Umpqua?

Yesterday was a day that will not soon be forgotten. Umpqua Community College was the scene of unimaginable carnage and death. Innocent people just trying to improve the lives they led we gunned down by someone who can best be described as a monster. It has since been revealed that he asked the students what religion they followed, and shot the Christians in the head. Some will say that if UCC had not been a gun free zone that someone with his own gun could have stopped this. There was a veteran across campus with a concealed carry license who was armed but was stopped by the school authorities. The question of whether or not he could have made a difference is hard to say. But John Parker, an Air Force Veteran who was in a building 200 yards away was prevented from intervening by staff.
The media, rushed to blame the usual suspects, the GOP, the NRA, lawful gun owners. Some correspondents, such as Nancy Cordes of CBS, made comments such as “sympathy and best wishes are all the victims families can expect from Congress, because they have not seriously debated strengthening gun laws since 2013.”
Ignoring the moderate Democrats that were part of it, she blamed Republicans for defeating legislation furthering such legislation as gun show loophole, restriction of high capacity magazine, and doing more to keep the mentally ill from buying guns. The gun show loophole mentioned so many times by the Progressives does not exist, and high capacity magazines would not have helped at UCC, as ATF just made clear that the murderer had six guns. All the guns that were used had all been bought legally and through legal channels because the murderer did not have any history of mental illness or arrests.
Barack Obama took to the airwaves to show his outrage over this shooting. In his petulant, outraged pose he vehemently decried the use of guns and the mass murders over the past few years as further proof that something must be done. It was Obama who declared that this was the right time to “politicize” gun ownership. His anger was directed at those who have pointed out that these mass shootings have occurred in “gun-free” zones.
Our history as a nation has always embraced a culture of gun ownership. To say, as Nancy Cordes of CBS did that “ 88% of Americans want stricter gun control is a farce used to pull in the low information voters. Those that have listened to the progressive mindset understand that the goal they want to achieve is not just gun control, but gun confiscation. They will try to push through various regulations on a commodity that is already the most regulated in the country, and will push for confiscation after those laws and regulations fail. The Second Amendment could act as a failsafe against confiscation but only within a government that follows it. This administration has already shown in many instances and in numerous ways that the founding documents of this country are of little concern to them.
Oregon, where this tragic mass murder took place has already enacted the very law that the progressives were clamoring for in 2012, the private gun transfer background check. Criminals do not care about the law and will get firearms from wherever they can.

There are questions that need to be answered. I would be interested to know if the murderer was on psychotropic medications, as was the shooter at Newtown. I worked in a group home where these same psychotropic drugs were given to children as young as 13, even though the companies making such drugs such as Celexa knew that these prescriptions could have adverse side effects. The physicians prescribing these psychotropic drugs along with a covering up by both these physicians and this administration is a course of action that will lead to more mass murders and more calls for abridgement of our Second Amendment rights.
Mental illness is part of the problem, and both sides seem to agree that it must be part of the solution. There needs to be a unity of purpose, a way to find those that withdraw from the world and turn violent. Each of these attacks were carried out by people who had left signs of mental challenges before the atrocities they forced upon innocent people. To blame law abiding citizens for the damage done by these people is just a political ploy to tar everyone with the same brush. It is never explained by the progressives that evil exists, that violence is prevalent in our society and will not cease to exist by a piece of legislation.
Progressives will not admit that the gun is not to blame. An inanimate object does not shoot someone, but there is a person behind it. There have been pundits who will talk all day about black and white crime. Our President is outraged that something like UCC can happen. But let’s look at a few other tings to try and explain why our culture has allowed this to happen. Why does our President tell the country that gun violence must end, but doesn’t speak of Chicago, now the murder capital of the United States, or the shooting of police officers, a tactic that has reached epidemic proportions.
“Gun-free” zones, the liberals answer to the problem have proven they do not work. I do not know of any mass murder of this type taking place where there was a chance that one among the victims may have had a gun. They provide a “target rich environment” where the victims are systematically shot and killed until the police, or someone with a gun shows up. The “ common sense” that our President speaks of is irrelevant to those who are facing the business end of a psychopaths gun. In the case of the UCC shooting, even the security guard , Joe Olson, who was there to protect the students was only armed with mace.

In Obamas speech there was a great deal of anger, This anger was directed at the NRA, and law biding gun owners. What was not in the speech was any specific law or regulation that he would like to see passed to prevent this in the future. Before knowing all the circumstances there couldn’t be any specifics. And even after knowing the hows and whys of this tragedy there will be no specific law to prevent it.
And one last question of note. Is it really a good idea for this administration to allow our former Attorney General of the U.S. Eric Holder to speak for this administration. Fast and Furious has been blamed for the death of more victims, including a Border Agent, than the mass murders of the past five years.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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