What Went Wrong with the 2012 Election Part 2

In Part One we opened up the discussion in various directions. Today let’s talk about the impact of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and how the capitalists can still win the Brass Ring.


First off, we discussed the mistake about not praising President Bush. But most importantly the failure to talk to the right side of the brain is a key problem. The odds are that most people are dominant right brained.  So why spend all that time and money talking to the left side of the brain? For the newbies… Right side is imaginative. And the left side is factual based.


The capitalists will need to change the way they market their approach. Think about this for a minute. The Democrats paint themselves as the savior of all the single moms, Blacks, Latinos and anyone else that looks at the world through the right side of their brain.


And Obama does this quite well. We call him a liar, but you see if you base all your beliefs on imagination, it is really not lying. And if the listeners out their believe him, they must vote for him. It is too bad he chose to be a politician instead of a writer for Disney!


On the other hand all they hear from the Republicans are how bad things are and most of their fixes do not sound good to the right brained individual. Remember the right brain dominants use the same senses as the left sided but they are perceived by the brain differently.


Look at this picture. Let’s say we go to the inner city in just about any where in America. Find that “family” you know the one that it took a village to destroy. And show on film how these people live. Don’t bother talking about the missing parent or the drugs and all the obvious stuff. Those techniques come across as racism, religious, and snobbish. And can be used by folks like Obama to sell the concept that Republicans are mean and angry people and don’t understand the plight of his people. Now of course Obama has never lived a poor day in his life. He dreams about a father he never had and how black he has never been.


Now we show this family. Find someone with missing teeth and their gut hanging out. There is no bedroom  furniture. The children sleep on the floor. The kids have some god forsaken illness like asthma but the parents or care keepers still are smoking away in the home. The kids can’t get good grades because well let’s blame it on the teachers. The teachers are not doing their job. Remember quit using your left brain! We know that the kids are eating junk foods, and have little if no parental guidance. That is not the issue.


So I think you get the “feeling”. This applies to many poor families. It is not just the Blacks or Latinos. This is all over America and most of these folks are white or at least 50% white. But color of 50% or less  does count unless you are a lousy president.


So now we paint this picture. It is  not a good picture. This is the results after spending trillions of dollars to help poor people.  Most people think the poor are living high on the hog. But they really are not. And maybe they could get a better job, but maybe not. That is not the point.

Now here comes the good part. Show these families all across America. The Democrats blame this on the Republicans and the rich.    


Again it is so easy to fall into the left brain trap. Who cares how we got there and why. Just blame it on the Democrats. You don’t have to blame it on just one thing. Just blame everything on the liberal Democrats. For years we have heard how great the Democrats are as the standard bearer for the poor. Well let’s  put the blame where it belongs… On the Liberals!


And the ending of the ad is simple. The Democrats clam that they have helped the poor. Is this the way you would like to live?   It almost looks like the Democrats want the poor to live like this. Isn’t it time for a change. Democrats are always raising taxes, but the poor seem to be getting worse. Isn’t it time for a change?


The point is that there are millions of families like this. And you don’t need the factual reason they are in this condition. . The Democrats never need that answer. All they do is paint the picture and blame it on the Republicans. It is time the Republicans do the same thing.  Put the blame where it really belongs…On the Democrats.


Since LBJ the Democrats have been funneling money and their alleged bleeding hearts into the poor from the inner cities. Are they any better off? The Republicans can make a difference. And leave it at that. Leave the left brain in the closet.


So now what are the Democrats going to say? There are millions of people who live like this. The voting Democrats don’t know this. Guys like Miller think that these folks are living  high on the hog. Let me tell you first hand they are not. And most of these people are not happy. Yet Obama and the global freaks wants to spend money on the poor in other countries. Why not in  his own country!


The poor had hope and change that Obama would lead them from the desert. Betcha he has never attended a fund raiser in one of their homes. It is time to use the right side of the brain against the Democrats. Remember a conservative or capitalist will never vote for a liberal Democrat. No sense spending money on left brained ads!


I recall looking at some buildings in Baltimore where there was a history that  the roof was leaking. So the tenants actually lined the suspended ceiling with plastic in an attempt to catch the rain water in 55 gallon buckets. My guess is that the city finally threw them out and left the building to be vacant and decay away after millions of taxpayer dollars had been spent on inner city rebuilding.


These are the pictures you need to campaign with. Most of these cities are run by Democrats. But remember paint with the right side and do not analyze or in any way justify with the left brain. If you do… you are dead. The Democrats don’t use the left side, why should you?


Just maybe the next time the Democrats start busing these people in to vote, the vote won’t be 100% Democrat. Right now the poor have been brain washed into thinking their only salvation is with the Democrats.  We have almost 50 years of evidence that it is not true. Unless of course you want to live like they do! No one in America should have to live like the poor in these Democrat run cities.  Paint the picture that shows what the Democrats have accomplished in 50 years!   Nothing. Just trillions of dollars in debt and many souls lost forever.  Do you think the Republicans can make a difference?

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