What Went Wrong with the 2012 Election Part 3

 The part that annoys me and most of the country is that many people collect entitlements and they have never paid a dime directly into the system.

In a nutshell the Republicans were too left brain sided in their thinking. When the voters hear words like deficit, fiscal cliff and balanced budget, it goes right over their heads.


Now in all fairness when Clinton was running and the deficit was below ten trillion, people were going to have Bake sales to pay down the debt. And in the end Clinton added another $1.5 trillion to the national debt before he left office.   But it wasn’t about the deficit. That is not why George Bush the elder lost!


And that is where the Republicans and their strategists get it wrong every time. It is like marketing. Most business owners think they know what their customers need and know how to press their hot buttons. In most cases the business owner fails.


Just like in elections, if your message does not get to the right side of the brain for most people, it is lost  and probably for most a turn off.


Obama never talked about the deficit. He just blamed the economy on everyone else except him and his failed policies. Most people don’t know why the economy is bad. Most people really don’t care what caused the economy to fail so miserably under Obama. They just want it fixed by someone they can trust.


President Reagan understood this message. Talk to the right side of the brain or you mind as well talk to the hand.  Governor Romney was instructed by the experts to talk to the left side. Be specific, tell the people how you are going to fix the economy.


It does get tricky. Marketing usually tends to try to stay away from platitudes.  Some teach that specificity sells. There might be some truth to that if you can get the listeners’ attention. The Republicans failed to get enough people to pay attention to the message. And the ground game was not adequate. They lost by 3.5 million votes! With the money spent they could have bused in 3.5 million voters like the Democrats if they really wanted to win the big Brass Ring!


The notion that it was going to be a Romney landslide by several big named folks also kept some people away. There are over 300 million people in this great country and the election was lost by 3.5 million voters. I know …They didn’t want to see the people riot in the streets if Obama lost, so they stayed home.


People talk about the fiscal cliff. Hardly no one understands the concept. If you raise taxes by less then a percentage point and you cut government spending by a small amount, how is that going to send anyone over a fiscal cliff. What does a fiscal cliff look like?


I would imagine most people want to see more jobs. And they want to see more people working. So tell me again how one connects jobs with the fiscal cliff. Is the fiscal cliff  a super highway that is sending American jobs to every place else except main street USA?

If not, most people don’t give a damn about the fiscal cliff!


Most people that make the mistake of re-electing Democrats have no clue what the national debt means. The number is something like $16 trillion dollars. And if you extrapolate like Obama that can be $60 Trillion dollars in the next ten years.


So tell me again how taxing the rich and collecting $1.5 trillion dollars in additional revenue over the next 10 years or a decade which ever comes first is going to make a difference?  Like Obama, it will make no difference. Matter of fact it will make matters worse. Obama should ask the ghost of FDR for some more lousy advice.


Can you picture FDR laughing from up in heaven. Maybe the Kennedys are with him as well.  Teddy and FDR may have finally realized that their liberal communistic policies will never work. It makes their friends rich but it doesn’t  do much for the poor and the middle class.


When you think about it, when Clinton was sending our jobs,  union and non-union to other countries like Mexico, Kennedy never complained about it. I don’t understand that, do you? If you really want the government to control everything,  why would you want to send your revenue source also known as jobs to other countries?


Maybe someday a liberal communist can explain to us where the revenue will come from to pay down the debt (deficit) and pay the governments’ exorbitant budgets.


The American Communists believe that we all should have entitlements and should not pay for them. Sorry,  in order to understand that please do not use the left side of your brain. You are free to walk around the cabin while only using the right side of your brain.


What you can imagine can become a reality only in the minds of  communists.


The part that annoys me and most of the country is that many people collect entitlements and they have never paid a dime directly into the system. Now we are expanding the notion of entitlements to include all handouts even those that you were supposed to pay for.


But the USA communist party a group that endorsed your sitting president wants things like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and  other things paid for by the government.

For the right brains that means you won’t have it paid for out of your pay check. Now every time you get paid a fair amount of your check disappears to pay a fair share of your future entitlements. That doesn’t seem right to a commie!


So if the middle class and others don’t have this taken from them in the form of deductions, where do the commies expect it to come from? If we took all the assets from Spielberg, Streisand, Hanks, Howard and  Maher  and all their left wing friends, there would never be enough money in the coffers to pay for entitlements! So my guess is that these commies see this as a form of capitalism. The more you work, the more they take out. That doesn’t seem fair. The workers end up taking less pay home to the extended family!


But what the red idiots don’t understand is that the federal and State deductions would go through the roof.  They would call that socialism. People are finding out that ObamaCare a form of socialism is going to cost a fortune. Isn’t it great when the commies bring you socialism which is supposed to cost you less! You know because all the costs are meant to be divided by all the masses like life insurance. But in the end, the people and I mean all the working people end up paying more.


Tell me again how capitalism is bad and socialism is good!


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