What Went Wrong with the 2012 Election! Part 1

The biggest mistake I witnessed was the right  brain and left brain problem. Simply the liberals are more right brain  and they don’t need facts to vote on. When you look back, Obama will be the worst president we ever had.

After the election results were in, it struck me as kind of funny for many reasons. It is fun to see everyone attacking each other, but in the end they all had the wiggle room excuse to say that it depends on who shows up to vote. And let’s face it, no one really knows who will show up. Most folks thought that there would be less Democrats showing up and more Republicans would be showing up. In the end they were all wrong. There were less Republicans and Democrats showing up for the most important election of their lives!


When you look back, Obama will be the worst president we ever had. But he is in good company. Clinton was a bad lot and he was re-elected just to be impeached and he gave Bin Laden a free pass and pardon instead of a bullet where the sun don’t shine. And FDR would still be president if he was alive today. And he was the worse.  I guess they all can’t be the worse. Thank God/Allah for Obama!


 These folks pay millions of dollars to their experts to win elections. Send me the check next time and let me help you out or in, whichever you prefer.


I have been a marketer for a long time. And an election is all about marketing. And the folks running these campaigns have to understand who they are marketing to. And most businesses that succeed, they succeed because they know their market and they know how to deliver the goods and the message. It is that simple.


The biggest mistake I witnessed was the right  brain and left brain problem. Simply the liberals are more right brain  and they don’t need facts to vote on. All they need is some unfounded without facts emotion. The Republicans for the most part are left sided. They only need the facts for the most part.  Don’t waste your money on emotion.


When you look at the ads the Democrats painted this picture as Romney being this angry white guy and Obama has fixed everything, just give him some more time and everything will be like… Somewhere over the Rainbow.


The Republicans spoke of the deficit. And how they were going to get good jobs for Americans.


First off the major mistake that the Republicans made was speaking badly of President W. Bush.  President Bush was a great president and he should have been used to help the election. I don’t think I have heard any one say during the campaign how great President Bush was. So when the Democrats and Obama claimed they inherited this mess from President Bush and Clinton, what was the rebuttal? 


Let me see how that argument would go:  Now President Bush was a lousy president but if we invoke the Bush Principles then the economy would turn around. We would cut spending and cut taxes for everyone.  So it wouldn’t take a genius to figure that an anti-Bush argument was a bad strategy. You may have forgotten that President Bush won 2 terms. Some people complain because he raised the deficit about $1.5 trillion in 8 years ( applying the proper credits and paybacks).

Some argue he spent too much money. Not really! He had to deal with 911, Homeland Security, gave the old people a prescription plan and throw in 2 wars and Katrina… The guy deserves a medal, instead like the SEALS the Republicans wanted him court marshaled!  And the Democrats wanted him arrested by the international courts for his war crimes.


So the bottom line is if you don’t praise President Bush,  you still want the American voter to buy into his policies? Good luck with that one!


Most people are not aware that Clinton’s economy crashed and burned about a year before he left office. President Bush inherited Clinton’s mess and turned it around. Compared to Obama’s economy, President Bush had prosperity for many years until Pelosi, Dodd and Frank tanked the real estate market in order to win the 2008 election. Well if the Republicans really want to win by hawking lower taxes and less government spending then they must praise President Bush. Instead they tried to bury Caesar. I don’t think you can have it both ways.


Romney spoke about providing jobs. To the tune of 12 million in 4 years! Again you need to paint a picture for the left brained individuals that this would happen. Its seems that the young folks didn’t buy into it.  But there is another problem, the 47% of the folks that vote for Obama don’t really want a good job. And they are not smart enough to consider the fact that if others had a good job, then the system suckers will receive more FREE money. Instead under the Obama failed policies they will see more cuts in the next 4 years. And they were expecting the same from Romney. so why not vote for Obama.


The other problem is there are a bunch of people out there on disability and the like. Some live on a mere 6 or 7 hundred dollars a month. They do get their utilities paid for. They get healthcare and food stamps… They are happy, why would they vote for Romney? Dennis Miller is wrong, the amount is much less than $40,000.


The deficit was another joke. Most people don’t understand where the deficit comes from. And most people don’t realize that it has to be paid back…maybe. So ads talking about the deficit really don’t paint any real picture to the average person to internalize. The deficit has been there since forever. Since Carter it has grown in leaps and bounds. Even under the alleged great Clinton economy, he raised the debt $1.5 trillion dollars. But it took a super star like Obama to raise it maybe $6 trillion dollars in 4 years while he lost our pristine credit rating. I guess some could argue that its the deficit that is actually hurting the economy. Please don’t waste your money talking about it during the campaign to right brained individuals.


The question to be answered is what is in it for me. JFK would have you ask today, what can your country do for you.


Arguments concerning Immigration and woman’s issues are basically stupid to say the least. Obama has never paid for contraceptives for any women. He has not paid for any abortions. Obama has not granted amnesty to any illegal immigrants.


So instead of arguing the issues, remember most of the youths are taught by right brain  teachers. The youths’  right side brains are more developed than their left sides. Only 25% can do math well. That figure may be a bit high.


So you need to campaign to the right side of the brain. Promise the women twice as many contraceptives. You can use one and give it to a friend who doesn’t have healthcare… Because she refuses to pay a higher premium for the added cost of contraceptives.  And promise the Latinos amnesty. Obama promised it and didn’t deliver. The idiots still voted for him!


The most important part of the equation is never get caught saying stupid things like we wouldn’t give you amnesty until the border is secure. You see that is an affront to Latinos as a group.  Most Latinos do not want Amnesty just like most women do not want an abortion, But if the Republicans are perceived as someone against the entire group of Blacks, Latinos and ovulating and lactating women, it is very difficult to win them back by left brain rhetoric.  (It is actually impossible!)


When in doubt lie like Obama. The worse case scenario is if you promised twice as many contraceptives, at least the liberal media would have to address the issue. Obama didn’t give anyone contraceptives. Instead, Obama licensed the insurance companies to raise the premiums so you will pay for the contraceptives whether you need them or not. Just like cable TV or real estate taxes for education. There was a time when TV was free. It always helps when the government gets involved…Not!


So it is important when you are dealing with right brain individuals which are probably the majority, change the way you deliver the message. No need to change what you are doing. If you think you can tax your way to prosperity like a Democrat, than become a Democrat! If not stay a Republican but speak to the left side of the brain… If you want to win the Big Brass Ring!

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