Whatever Happened to Peggy Joseph?

pgyjsphThe above title is a question I have been asking for the last 5 years. As the economy continued in the doldrums one has to wonder. Now many of you may be asking who is Peggy Joseph? The answer is that she is the woman who, in the euphoria surrounding the Obama “immaculation,” said that she wouldn’t have to worry about paying her mortgage or filling her gas tank. “If I help him, he’s gonna help me.”

The image that the media attempted to portray was that she was a poor, single parent, who was expecting that she was going to be put on some sort of a government program to pay for her every need. And supposedly, she and millions of others believed it, including those women in Detroit who thought that they could get money from Obama’s “stash.” Well, now we have the answer, courtesy of WND / World Net Daily.

Peggy Joseph was located by film producer Joel Gilbert as part of his work on a film entitled “There’s No Place Like Utopia.” The surprising story is that Joseph is the daughter of Haitian immigrants, and a suburban “soccer mom” with four children who works as a nurse and has no history of ever accepting government handouts.   Now, she states that her comments in 2008 were the result of being caught up in an emotional situation and not thinking for herself. With a clear head she has become anti-Obama, realizing that “just like the Wizard of Oz, Obama has turned out to be nothing more than a man behind a curtain.” In an audio interview she says that the real wizardry is inside you; essentially that education, hard work, and dedication to excellence is what makes miracles happen.

Interestingly, past media lead-ins on Peggy Joseph led us to an incorrect belief; she was not a fanatical Obama supporter who would stick by him even if she lost her home and couldn’t afford to gas up her car. Instead, she was and is, a generally rational person who was scammed by clever politicking. And like other black Americans in, for example, Houston and Chicago, she has come to the realization that Obama didn’t give a darn about her; that his only interest is himself and how he can use other people to his personal benefit. Thus, now that he has other political apples to polish, and apparently won’t need her vote, he has turned his back on her.

The handwriting for this was on the wall. Anyone who wanted to read it could have done so, including people of African ancestry who thought that electing a man who “looked like them” would change their lives. But they didn’t read the writing; they ignored the lessons of history.

What history tells us is that people who actively seek power and do so based on promises to help the public, or various special interest groups, with favors or promises of a better life fail to deliver and fail intentionally. They do this because their orientation is on their personal interests and the public is merely a stepping stone which they use to obtain the power they desire. It is the Leninist concept of the “useful idiot” appearing in real life. The issue that troubles those who learn objective history is why so many people never learn, as they fall for the same shtick time and again.

A second issue is “what is the Republican Party doing about it?” The answer appears to be nothing. There are two likely reasons for this lack of action. The first is that the Party has been acting from a defensive position for some years now and is unwilling to change its posture. Secondly, the Party is still caught up in old style political strategies controlled by Karl Rove and Co., while ignoring a changing and changed electorate. Both of these are losing positions.

It is an old axiom that the best defense is a good offense. This is frequently true in politics because the political environment often runs on emotion. Presenting a strong public posture and a winning attitude works wonders for a campaign and the public’s perception. But when a political party acts as if it is in full retreat, or is scared to do anything positive then the public will see it as weak and it will lose support.

A second problem that presents as part of the above is that a serious hole has developed in the Democrat hold on Black Americans. And while that hold was largely predicated on the idea of government handouts, this sort of opportunity can be taken advantage of by supporting people such as Star Parker and Mia Love in generating better relations with this potentially favorable voter block. If they can be swayed toward the Republican Party as a party of opportunity, then it could do serious damage to future Democrat aspirations. Actively recruiting Dr. Ben Carson, or other new, potential Black conservative leaders could also make a huge difference. But the Party structure has wedded itself to a group of “old guard” stick in the mud types such as John McCain and Thad Cochran who are holding the party back. If the party fails to evolve and exploit niches in the environment as they appear, it will die, and the present strategy is one of standing pat, which never succeeds over the long term.

The issue of the dominance of Karl Rove and Company is also a major stumbling block for the Republicans to take advantage of this opportunity. The political consultant class has dominated the market for decades with the pitch that they can “deliver the moderates” in an electorate where a “moderate” political class is becoming less and less a factor. This is particularly significant as the effects of Democrat Party over-regulation and imposition of its will on Main St. America take hold. The average voter is becoming more aware of the facts of the present situation. A civil libertarian attitude is taking hold that can be exploited by shrinking government regulation and intrusiveness, such as by severely restricting NSA surveillance to foreign agents, rather than allowing it free rein over the public at large. Young people are also seeing a depressed job market and less control over their own personal lives. They dislike this, but the Republicans are failing to present a viable alternative. It is another failure to adapt to a changing marketplace.

Politics is no less a marketplace than the market of commerce, and any good business knows that it must be able to adapt to changing market dynamics to survive long term. The changing electorate has not, somehow, become un-American in the sense that it supports open borders and government controlled medical care. The vast majority wants a return to a political/social environment wherein if sees positive opportunities, and a future that looks encouraging. A political organization which recognized this fact and takes advantage of it will control its own destiny. The one that sticks with old, outdated ideas will eventually fail.  Failing to bring the Peggy Josephs on board as new conservatives instead of playing to the outdated “moderate” voter is the strategy that will continue to fail.



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