What’s so Funny bout Exodus 18:21?

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Brinsley Schwarz and Elvis Costello both asked a question in song that was given to them by Mr. “Cruel to be Kind” himself Nick Lowe, “What’s so Funny bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?” Now for the record Schwarz first recorded the song in 1974. Four years later Costello covered it, and his version became the best known version.

Well I shall take that question and change the subject. I am changing it to something that I am not only pushing, but also Iowa pastor Cary Gordon. Here is that question;”What’s so Funny bout Exodus 18:21?”

Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens. (ESV)

I shall repeat that again but with a different Bible translation;

But select from all the people some capable, honest men who fear God and hate bribes. Appoint them as leaders over groups of one thousand, one hundred, fifty, and ten. (NLT)

The common key takeaways; Honest men who fear God and will not take bribes and hate them and we are going to appoint only these kinds of leaders all over the land. Not necessarily Orthodox Jews and Christians par-say (ask Thomas Jefferson), but rather those who have some great fear of God and his Law.

In the Old and New King James Versions it talks about those who love truth and hate covetousness (especially desiring someone or something that belongs to someone else). In the NIV and the NRSV versions it talks about those who hate dishonest gain (especially if it undermines the Law of God and God’s will). Again the message is the same. Leaders that will honor God, his Law, and the rights that God himself has given, which too many mortal leaders have attempted to steal in order to oppress, enslave people…not to mention attempt to erratic the Judeo-Christian faith as they try to raise themselves or something as an alternative to the God of Abraham.

This week, I got into a tussle with a few people on social media warning them that a certain Republican U.S. Senator will be defeated by a Democratic challenger that is still quite popular and loved in Colorado. I agree with long time Denver area talk show host Peter Boyles that the current Colorado Republican U.S. Senator needs to shape up and show that he stands with President Donald Trump (like him or not and in spite of any issues; Trump still got more votes in Colorado than John McCain and Mit Romney…still lost Colorado but still) and/or actually shows support of a conservative agenda (a 49 percent liberty score as of this writing according to Conservative Review). OK so the Liberty Scores from the Democrats are really pathetic compared to the Republicans…yes these Republicans have a higher score compared to these far left Democrats, but it’s nothing to be proud of either. Truth of the matter is that the Republican Party is where the Democratic Party was ten to 20 years ago.

While the Democrats are moving more towards tyranny (and they were always a political party that supported some kind of authoritarian statist tyranny) the Republicans tip toe a few steps towards them in order to adjust and make themselves look good and show that they agree with some of their intentions or try to minimize the blow from a major news press that is supportive of the Democrats, and a humanist progressive Marxist worldview. Meanwhile our government and culture is moving away from its Judeo-Christian founding, and nobody is really making an honest attempt to…using a term from the late D. James Kennedy “reclaim America for Christ.” Now I really don’t think Christ wants America…just people that will honor him and in return God himself will bless any nation.

Now let me make one thing clear, America has been founded under the principles of the Judeo-Christian faith and I don’t support a state church either…believe it or not I agree with certain people that concept of a state church is not biblical at all, but rather pagan. Still that does not satisfy the Big A Atheist activists who want the principles of Judeo-Christianity mothballed and stored away…but that is something that I am going to talk about in another piece for another day so I digress.

Still we are giving the Big A Atheists for the most part what they want since they themselves are progressive leftists. Maybe just not fast enough for their liking.

In the end I got chewed by a few semi-trolls who tried to keep having the last word (you know last word = a win) and even accused me of being a Democrat or showing my support of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez out of New York. Not true, and just because I might protest the vote does not mean I am voting for the Democrat (or the Republican). This thing called a wasted/throw away vote is not really a waste, but it does not mean much if only a handful protest both evils in the major parties…but if enough people actually do it, and more often then you can put both the Republican and Democratic Party on notice and actually warn them that they are NOT irreplaceable. Not to mentioned this nonsense that both major parties make voting for the other guy…unless you vote Republican or Democratic. They only seek to Win…period. At least the Democratic Party wants to carry out an agenda with the approval of their powerful mob.

Sadly with too many people treating politics as a team sport of sorts, coupled with peer pressure (high school really never ends), the increasing tribalism, and fearing the loss of friendships, I just don’t see people coming out in faith and do the right thing. These are the similar things that were going on in Roman controlled Israel that eventually got Jesus crucified. Instead our friends especially they call themselves conservatives to forever vote Republican in hopes that we shall try to retake the party and then move the party back the right and maybe back to core principles in the Law of God (especially the later six commandments).

One problem with that more than not, once an institution is corrupted it is nearly impossible to clean it out without top down fumigation. The whole institution must be completely dismantled and start anew. New Wine, Old Sheep skins just don’t work…you must use NEW Sheep Skins. The only thing that these so called pragmatists can only hope for is managing the slow decay of our nation. Thanks to what I have just told you, that is what our new normal is. But hey you still have your friends, you still in good standing with them while all along in the words of environmental activist, and Democrat in good standing Don Henley along with some help from the late Glenn Frey (he gets credit but even Frey says that “The Last Resort” was all Henley); “You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye.”

Now Henley could have been referring to Heaven itself, but how many of us have called America a paradise of sorts? This “paradise” will die someday and will be given a final kiss. How fast will it die and how will it die? Most nations have died because they choose to disobey God Law’s and even if God himself did not strike it down, it was also the self-destruction of a people that brings nations down. God only intervenes just to make sure that their cancers of sorts don’t spread too much and cause the human race to go extinct…something the devil himself has been trying to make an actual reality.

It has been argued that what was laid out by Exodus 18:21 is the direct advice of the father-in-law of Moses. True, but if it did not come from God, then why did he put it in his overall story in the Holy Bible? Sure it is not one of the ten commandments, but even Jethro knew that with God fearing men in power, those very commandments and more can be upheld and enforced.

So Mr. and Mrs. Republican; especially if you call yourself a conservative and an advocate of limited government. Give these radicals who loathe the Republican Party a break. Sure I think some of them can cut President Trump slack in certain areas in which he has advanced a conservative agenda (but still be critical in what is not conservative), but their long term agenda is correct. Maybe not a new party that could replace either/or the Republicans or Democrats but still taking us to where we can hold our elected officials accountable to not only God, but his law, and how that very law allows people to live in true freedom.

I shall end with a few lines from that “Peace, Love and Understanding” record;

So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony
‘Cause each time I feel it slippin’ away, just makes me wanna cry
What’s so funny ’bout (record scratches)…Exodus 18:21?

Please visit DNM’s World in which this piece was reprinted from…also check out from Pastor Cary K. Gordon “A Storm, A Message, A Bottle” and “5 Steps to Political Epiphany.”  Also keep an eye out and support the upcoming movie Pastor Gordon is involved with called “Enemies Within the Church.”

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