When a NYT Best Selling Book calls out the namesake for covering up its support of tyrannts, Democrats etc.

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It has been proven that the New York Times actually did manipulate its charts in order to give their favorite book authors favorable preferences over others. More than not their favorites are people that hold a progressive worldview and get to sit with the “cool kids,” while the conservatives are forced to sit with the geeks and nerds in the dinning hall. Plus those progressives outsell those right wing nerds…at least according the NYT’s Book Sales charts.

More often than not we don’t mind being banished their, its their loss. What we don’t like is that the smart ones, the most popular ones, whatever they want to be called…manipulating the statics to show you and me that they are in the right…even if they are wrong.

One person they would love to do this to but can’t, cause they know he would come at them like a lion is “The Great One” himself Mark Levin. For five weeks in a row as of this writing, the book Unfreedom of the Press is been on top of the best selling non-fiction books (including e-books) on the New York Times Best Sellers survey. If they could, they would banish this bully to the nerd table, but Levin does not like bullies himself. He just stands up to them and tells them; ‘Quit it you big fat dopes and jerks. That’s Right I Said It.” After which Levin goes back to nerd table and keeps one eye on the high class cause he has them covered…and rightfully so.

Unlike Jim Acosta’s book that turned out to be a flop, Levin as always puts himself aside and focuses on the research he conducted himself and any help that he got along the way. Truth be told, this is no objective review from any progressive thinker and/or writer regarding Unfreedom of the Press, and nor did they take the actual time to read it. The only thing they can do is rant about how they live in their progressive bubble and why they have the worldview they hold to. Just say nothing about the book and/or defame the character of the author but never take them head on…knowing they will lose. It is like bringing a knife to a gun fight, and the logic of the progressives is a knife, compared to Levin’s constitutional knowledge which is his “Big Gun,” kicking the heck “out of you.”

They Dish It Out but they don’t want to get into Levin’s Face

Annalisa Quinn who works for NPR basically tried to feather and tar Levin based on how he presents himself on his nightly radio talk program. She cherry picks the parts of the book she can use to attack Levin, but skips over not only Chapter One (‘News as Political and Ideological Activism’) but Chapter Six (‘The New York Times Betrays Millions’); the very chapters in which Levin calls their bluff and exposes the Unfree/Democratic party press for who they are. It should be noted that Quinn’s pieces also have been published in the NYT and various other publications that lean progressive/liberal.

Kevin Lerner who is an assistant professor at Marist College, says in a piece that he wrote in the Washington Post that while the press are not members partisans or “the employ of the Democratic party” (please), he does admit that the press at large does have a worldview. That worldview is based on how they were educated and how they spend most of their lives in large metropolitan areas mostly depended on public transportation (and don’t have a need to drive their own car apparently) and riding with others that likely don’t have a choice in this matter. He also points out the so called diversity of many major cities with its minority pockets (including the LGBTQ) of subcultures. Lerner basically walks right into Levin’s trap and the Great One is able to call Lerner’s bluff.

Levin points out how the modern Democratic Party Press was not only shaped by the likes of progressives icons like John Dewey and Walter Lippmann (in spite of their indifferences) and later Jay Rosen of NYU; they have also partook in covering up the wicked deeds of key figures in the Democratic Party (from Woodrow Wilson, FDR, JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama). They also covered for the wickedness of foreign tyrants like Adolf Hitler (the Jews turning on their own for what?) and Joseph Stalin (who was killing the Ukrainians in his pursuit to control their farm lands). Yes friends, our progressive watchdog guardians so-called actually like strong and bold leaders at the top, shaping and molding civilizations (and “breaking a few eggs” along the way) as they look down on the rest of us, and telling us that we are not as bright as they are. They really do think that we are stupid and forever need their help in this life. They are proud of this.

What The Progressives Skip

The likes of Quinn and Lerner have to skip the time periods and events surrounding Wilson, FDR, JFK, World War II etc, cause if they did bring up these figures and events in their writings; their house of cards, their own scam would have collapsed much sooner than it is now.

Get A copy of Levin’s Book

If you have not gotten a copy of Unfreedom of the Press as of yet, you really need to get one ASAP. It is time to take the power back from the press and give it back to the common people. The push back is their, but the Unfree/Democratic party press is not going down without a fight.

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