When goverments mandate, be very afraid

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People are taking the right precautions regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) but at the same time I have my doubts. You have seen local governments especially in the Los Angeles and New York areas shut down restaurants, bars, concert venues etc. Other places however one taken even greater steps like banning the sale of arms and alcohol in Illinois metroplex.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is encouraging gatherings capped at 50 people for the next eight weeks. The local governments have shut down certain places for four weeks, the CDC recommends eight weeks. What if everyone feels they can expand the bans much longer? What if they can increase the hysteria real or not for the purpose of increasing their own power over people?

I am convinced that these shut downs will be longer than expected, and that they will be used to grind the economy to halt and quick collapse. President Donald Trump just might be voted out for the forgetful Joe Biden but hey the Obamacrates and surviving Clintoncrates will help Biden and hey this will be the backdoor way of getting are first woman President of the United States and score the next win for the Democratic Party as they continue to mislead the people that they are the party of the common American. The Republican Party simply refused to be that party of republicanism, not to mention freedom and liberty and now the chickens might really be coming home to roost.

I am trying to remain claim in all of this, and I am trying to hope for the best, and I want to be assured that this is truly temporary. At the same time I am preparing for the worst. I am a realist and pessimist on top of it. I just know human nature. If certain men and women know they can get more power by putting people into a panic, then they shall do it. Many times that have succeeded, and left us behind many fallen gods. Nero, Julius Caesar, Ramses, Napoleon, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao. You name them, and their all dead, but as far as history goes…they are very much alive. This is the closest thing they shall get to “thou shall not die and be like god.” I am sure the devil would play this card if not many times before.

I also predict that the Major League Baseball season will be canceled all season long, and that the Tokyo Olympics is a no go. The progressive have found their silver bullet in getting the American people under their thumb. I would not surprise if the NFL season in the fall never gets off the ground.

I don’t think the elections would be put to a stop however. Oh no, Joe Biden must become POTUS 46…not matter what the cost.

Should the Democrats get elected, do not be surprised if they declare Climate Change a state of emergency. Once that is done, the economy will grind to a halt and truly collapse and America becomes a coast to coast slave plantation. Far worse than the private plantations that the Democrats supported a long time ago.

I hope I am wrong about all of this…but I don’t think so. I do encourage you to stick with DNM’s World (and Intellectual Conservative) during this period of crisis. I will present the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hope regarding Coronavirus.  Feel free to agree, disagree, cry, scream, panic, get mad etc etc, but keep yourself informed. Also don’t give the progressives (and certain Neo-Cons and the like) your liberty and freedom. Once you do that nine times out of ten…you will not get it back for you have given your masters the right abuse you until the end of time. Your pain will become their pleasure.

Nobody knows what will happen. I have my opinions, I have doubts, I am not God. Continue to take precautions and use common sense. Donald Trump does not concern me, but its others like Joe Biden and other Democrats who still have the support the elite rich people and bleeding hearts and artists that do concern me…couple with Republicans who are afraid to stand up to them.

Man, I think we all know now how Adrian Monk feels right now. “It’s A Jungle out Their.”

Could it be time for the Liberty Tree to be fed once more? Sadly its spilled blood that keeps it alive.

This article first appeared in DNM’s World.

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