Where We Need to Stand with the Rebel Flag and Race Relations

ldcrscnfdtflgIn the America the Confederate Flag debate always seems to find its way back in our lives.  We babble.  We gab.  And those dab handed politicos wade into this roller coaster like issue with only one end result on their minds.  That is personal gratification.   In many citizens’ lives there is a culvert that tends to overflow on occasion because of the different emotions our ancestors expressed.  Whether we acknowledge it blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans were in some sort of forced servitude during the antebellum years.  So we all have a real, pure, and natural inclination for learning about the Confederacy and observing the flag.

We must not accept slavery as being a normal way of life for our land and God said that those who obey their superiors (elders) will one day be freed with an awful lot to take away from their experiences.  Hence slavery happened to be a negative event that provided an opportunity to be a historical marker on our journeys for a more vivid future for we the citizens.  The Confederate Flag is an inconvenient truth that inspirits the people of today to redeem the inalienable rights that our founding fathers gave us.  That is the right to openness of thought, respective space for states from Washington, and the choice to make charismatic contributions to this country.

The Confederate Era is a rose bush we must carefully embrace and prod to preserve the namesake of our Palmetto State and Amazing America.   Keeping it flying on statehouse grounds in around the nation is important to recollect how far we have come with civil liberties and a living memory of what most of our founding fathers wanted for America and our cherished Confederate commander Robert E. Lee.  That is freedom for the slaves and the prospects for a flourishing future.  Taking it down will only leave the deepest truths unseen, unspoken, and unheard in a world that needs frank facts to allow us to discover ourselves.

Once people start putting their community, alma mater, and country before all of their racial pride we will truly live in a culturally tolerating society. It is great for people to know their heritage and history; like all of us do. But to accept the negative parts of what our predecessors did as something other than just a lesson to learn is unfit. The Confederate Flag is needed to respect the Bible’s Romans 13 and all of our ancestors who owned, were in, and knew about the badness of slavery. It is part of God’s imperfect system of government and people to remember what transpired in the past. If we take away the flag we may be forced to revamp state troopers’ uniforms and military academy clothing too, which would be unfair. There will always be dark clouds over any historical period, but we must accept it like it is. There is no ideal time in history and we need to grasp that nobody is flawless as well to respect what all people have went through for America.

All races still honor, celebrate, and laud racially intolerant groups. For an example, the White Citizens’ Council, KKK, Black Panther Party, and Nation of Islam just to name a few. They have the freedom of speech and protest to act how they would like to under those rights. However, we must remember the generally hateful representation those groups cast among the melting pot of America. In America we must not try to think about hate and if we slip up in it we must think how we can love our neighbors better as the most high taught us.

Many of us admire William Saunders, Oliver Otis Howard, Malcolm X, Strom Thurmond, and Fritz Hollings even though there was a big portion of their identity based on culturally incapacitating values. Yes, they helped ignite the movement for change and brought out the best in Americans from their bad initiatives, which was the wrong way to start. Yet it was from many unfortunate actions from them that etched a notorious glow on some citizens’ minds that taints their memories from the people they served. We need to believe in forgiveness and try to only look at the positive track from those larger than life individuals that they took on later in their lives. That is being culturally conscious, racially respectful, and ethnically enthusiastic. Those three qualities are what it is going to take for us to have appreciative attitudes for what everyone presents to America in their daily lives. Love conquers all.

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