White Cops Should Not Be Carrying Guns!

ashrptnEver since we got this black and white president, race is always an issue. And I guess the blacks thought things would get better with a black, liberal president. Especially one that feels nobody’s pain. 

And it is very unfortunate that a black adult was killed by a white cop. It is sad when anyone gets killed with no good reason. So we can’t blame the black kid, its not his fault. He just wanted to open up a can of whoop on a white cop. He didn’t plan to kill him. He just wanted to beat him up a bit. So we need to discuss why this black youth who after he was killed was at a pinnacle of his life and was ready to do great things, instead wanted to assault a cop. 

Now the white cop or any policeperson generally carries a pistol. And they are trained not to lose their weapon to the perp. And at all costs defend the weapon. And if a perp or a deranged individual gets a hold of the gun, he or she may shoot the policeman or an innocent or not so innocent bystander. So who wants to be in the shoes of the cop? And maybe if all white cops turned in their weapons,  the black people would have nothing to complain about. 

And what about the looting? What gives a bunch of people mostly black the right to riot and loot. And why aren’t the black policemen allowed to shoot them to protect the businesses that pay money to the police unions? 

And this has brought to the surface that most white folks don’t have black friends. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China! And there is nothing called black privilege! 

First off the Brown kid was a thug. So it is a little bit different than Trayvon. Trayvon thought he was beating up an unarmed non-black and that was ok. The problem was that his victim was carrying and he used his weapon. The blacks had a fit that this loser of a kid was shot and killed. No one has the right or a good reason to try to whoop anyone, especially a policemen. 

Police(wo)men should be protected. We have hate crimes for everyone except white male heterosexuals, but what about the police? Isn’t it above their pay grade to be hit or attacked in any way by an assailant. I don’t think there are many cops who wake up in the morning and think they will need to fire their gun or have to physically restrain a loser who may be under the influence.  But it happens and these public servants need to be protected. 

Why would Brown be so screwed up that he thought he could get away with whooping a white cop. One with a gun. So who do we blame. Is the black society so focused on hating white folks that their kids just can’t wait to hit a white cop. By the way cops kill people all the time. It is part of the job. But when it is an unarmed black youth, the Sharptons and Holders preach that the black folks are not treated fairly.  I think they first might ask, did this idiot have a right to punch someone else. Where did they get the license to beat up another person? And did Brown have anything to lose if he hit a cop? He might go to jail for a few months. Maybe a little community service. Maybe a little of Charlie Sheehan’s anger management.  But this idiot didn’t think the cop had the testicles to shoot him. And the answer is why not. Why didn’t his respect for law enforcement outweigh his hate for whites and the police? 

So if we can get all the white cops to give up their guns, then we would probably have a dead cop on our hands. And their would have been a funeral service. Maybe it would not even make national news. And Brown would maybe go to jail for life or get the needle. 

Let’s look at the story. People don’t understand that it takes maybe 2 seconds for a policeman to shoot 6 rounds. That’s if he has a donut in the other hand. They always talk about grizzlies.  If you shoot them you just get them mad and you better be prepared to empty the magazine into the bear or he may still want to kill you. 

Well the poor white officer saw this irate giant of a black man coming at him. Now most of us would stop after one shot in the leg and say holy crap. But this Brown kid was so filled with rage and whatever, that he kept charging. The question is if you were in the shoes of this policeman would you want him to stop the perp, or let him hit you again? 

And remember you are still in pain from the assault and this beast is still coming at you. You have a second to make up your mind. Well if you want to go home to your family and live another day, you empty your gun into this poor sorry jerk and deal with the fallout later. 

So let’s take the guns away from the white cops. The worse case scenario would be that you would have a dead cop on your hands. Isn’t that what he is being paid for… I don’t think so. Anyone who is attempting to assault a police officer should be shot. We can sort it out later. Betcha you stop having these problems. You shouldn’t need self defense, if you are in the act of assaulting a cop, the police officer should have the option to fire away.

Then legally it becomes easier to sort out. With today’s rules,  you just create a police force that is afraid to get involved with the black community. It is not worth it. Just look the other way and have a donut. Is that really what you want? The burden of proof should be on the victim. The policeman is innocent and doing his or her job until proven otherwise. It seems in the black community it was all about color and the cop is guilty no matter what. And what right does anyone have to loot and steal. But maybe like in the black schools, maybe the black community is saying all teachers and cops should be black! 

The end of the day comes down to responsibility. These folks don’t feel the need that they are responsible for their actions. And none of these folks have any clue what slavery is.

There has always been slavery and their will always be some form of slavery in the world. In 79 AD there were slaves. It was the blacks that sold blacks into slavery. But they seem to forget that it was the whites that freed the slaves. And the blacks are still wanting for more. I am waiting for the day when the blacks finally thank the whites for their freedom and for all the benefits they are rendered by this great nation. We only hear complaints from guys like Holder and Sharpton…As they cash very large pay checks. 

I don’t see Obama and his friends going into poor neighborhoods to lend a hand to their brothers and sisters. Martha’s Vineyard is not a poor neighborhood. Won’t find too many golf courses in poor neighborhoods. In the end it will be the white people who will help the poor neighborhoods. 

This new garbage is about whites having no black friends. I thought that was funny. Most people don’t have any friends. You reach a certain age, and you spend more time with family then with friends. I have friends I might see once a year if I am lucky… or maybe they are. But I think we use the word friend very loosely. There are folks that have many friends. And there are many who have very few. And if you see them once a year do we really consider that a good friend?  Don’t get me wrong, I love people but I am not the kind of person who will go over to someone and start being friendly for the sake of having a friend. I have a ton of patients who I know well and will joke around with, but are they friends? Do we break bread together. Just because you tweet someone doesn’t make him or her a friend! 

But the point is if you find someone whose destiny is to become your friend, it doesn’t matter what color they are they will be your friend. But in the end it takes 2 to be a friend. Some liberals think you can have unilateral friends. If you really want a friend it better not be unilateral. Isn’t that charity. 

So the community has to wake up. Do you want the police to protect you and be there when you need them. They better let them have a gun and some freedom to protect. If you want them to second guess every encounter, then you better take their guns away. Because when you really need them, they will not come. So go out and hug a cop today and thank them for their service. And the black community might want to start teaching their kids to thank the whites rather than hate them. Maybe then a few blacks will have true white friends. 

A thousand friends are too few; one enemy is one enemy too many. 

The election  is only a few weeks away.  If you want change… vote the liberals out.

Even the NY Times thinks Cuomo is too corrupt. Isn’t liberalism by definition corruption!


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