White Flag on the Brooklyn Bridge… Who’s Surrendering Now!

whtflgIt could be the New Yorkers. They elected another liberal mayor and what could they do that is more liberal? 

Liberalism in simple Clinton terms is a tax and spend government. And the more they tax and spend the better. But there is a caveat to that. If you are spending a lot of money on all those social programs you attract more losers and they end up wanting and needing more. And the people you are taxing get fed up or wave the white flag and move as far away from NYC as they can. To spend $3.50 just to park at a meter for an hour is a bit much. But I guess Obama never parks at a meter. 

Is the flag raised by Obama? It could be. He has been a loser and a liar from the get go. And the liberal media is finally starting to see or shine the light. Is Obama really ready to be a lame duck, or is he trying to lead from his behind and keep writing those southpaw executive orders. 

So has the liberal media raised the white flag? Finally with Barbara Wa Wa leaving has the liberal media finally come to its senses. Are they tired of paying all those Obama taxes and not getting anything in return. Are they tired of seeing the borders overrun with illegal immigrants. Are they tired of seeing Fox News sucking up all the news cycles because the viewers are tired of all the senseless liberal propaganda. Now we have plagiarism. If you are lying in the first place who cares about plagiarism!  So are the viewers of liberal media finally giving up and raising the red or white flag. But maybe most of these folks have just resigned themselves to being zombies that vote or people/citizens who choose not to vote because the politicians are all crooks. 

But maybe in the end it is the American taxpayer who has raised the white flag. The reasons are almost countless and endless.

First off the Obama economy which  is only his fault is dismal. The media is counting part time jobs. So according to Newsmax we lost 523,000 full time jobs last month. And gained only 288,000 jobs last month. So with a magic pen of illusions it ends up with no proof that we gained 800,000 part time jobs in June 2014.  After it is seasonally adjusted and all that other fancy liberal manipulation it will probably go up some more. Remember the government should have hard facts to go with these numbers. These numbers are only based on surveys.  And there is no accounting of the folks who just gave up working and raised another white flag  and are now receiving some form of government hand out. 

So is it the taxpayer that should be raising the white flag. There is only so much that the taxpayer can pay for. Maybe we should send the illegals with their children back to where they came from. And if they really love America and what we used to stand for, let them follow the rules and come through the front door with a job. Not like Obama’s Aunt who came here and has been on the dole ever since. Can’t Obama even  find her a job? 

Hopefully the liberals are raising a white flag. Most liberals are useless. They think with their right side of the brain and live in Obama’s make-believe world. The problem is that Obama can spend billions to support his life style but not too many liberals except for a few can support a lifestyle like Obama. And the weird part is that they are always looking for corporate welfare and union welfare for every dime they spend on lobbying or supporting liberal candidates. So maybe by now the liberals are starting to understand that liberalism only benefits a select few. The benefits do not trickle down like Reaganomics but prosperity trickles up only to folks like the Obamas and Clintons while the rest of the country suffers. 

It may be time for the blacks to finally raise the white flag. They may choose black just to be different. But since they have supported these tax and spend liberals they have seen no improvement. Crime is worse. Abortions are on the rise. And the idea of a black family is quickly disappearing, leaving the uneducated single mom with no hope of ever prospering under the guise of the liberal world  with a slew of children to care for alone. 

What the liberals seem to forget even in Russia, is that in the end you need prosperity to pay for all the bottomless liberal programs. Without prosperity Russia needs to loot other countries to pay for their lunacy. 

Maybe Israel put up the white flag. For every bomb that the Hamas or whoever delivers on Israel should be met with a hundred, and there should be no remorse for the innocent casualties. Bet you will have peace in about 30 seconds! There is only one way to deal with terrorists. And that is to hurt them and scare them. President Bush scared the baklava out of Bin Laden. He was scared and useless until the FBI and others tracked him down. Bin Laden thought he would be allowed to surrender because he was unarmed. Another mistake Bin Laden made and now he swims with the fishes. 

So maybe NYC should leave the white flags up on the BrooklynBridge until someone wakes up and puts the United States First. We seem to make politicians very rich., while the citizens remain poor and unprosperous. Maybe its time that the citizens fight back. 

We need community leaders to teach and educate the masses on what capitalism is all about and what communism and Obama’s and Jarrett’s “equality” socialism is not. 

The liberals destroyed the housing market to win the election. Clinton said it would take 10 years to recover.  Another liar in our midst. The banks and the liberals could turn the housing market around as quickly as they destroyed it for personal and corporate gain. 

It is time to raise the white flag! Time for all the people to come together and hold these liberal candidates, politicians and lobbyists accountable.  Are you not tired of seeing them getting richer while the average American becomes poorer and less powerful under the policies of liberals like Clinton and Obama? 

Politics is something we all should be talking about. We have to stop taking in 50,000 children because that is the “right” thing to do. If it was the right thing to do, then why are the conditions in the United States getting worse?   

Gore and Johnny Edwards lied when they said we had the worse healthcare in the world. You let the liberals like Pelosi and Tinker Bell Obama mess with it. And now just maybe you are paying for the worse healthcare in the world. But at least the contraceptives are Free. When will people learn that when a liberal like Obama says FREE, he knows you will pay dearly, while he and his friends become richer! 

We should all raise the white flag together and do things that make the United States more prosperous for their citizens. If we don’t come first, then who should?

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