Who Trump May Pick to Replace Retiring SCOTUS Justice Kennedy

It’s the most exciting replacement fight in years. Centrist swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring and conservatives expect the president to replace him with a true conservative. Liberals are scared to death he’ll do that.

As the Supreme Court’s swing voter, Kennedy led to a balance between conservative and liberal decisions. Sometimes he voted with the liberals. His was the vote that imposed same-sex marriage on the country in Obergefell. Sometimes he voted with the conservatives. His deciding vote upheld Trump’s travel ban this past week. In District of Columbia v. Heller, he tipped the balance to the conservatives to decide that Washington, D.C. could not ban a police officer from having a gun at home.

The President’s Pledge

In his campaign, Trump pledged to appoint conservative judges and justices. If he keeps that pledge, conservatives will have a 5 to 4 advantage. Anyone he nominates is likely — though definitely not certain — to be approved, because Republicans control the Senate 51-49.

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