Why All Illegal Aliens Are Criminals.

The Left never ceases to amaze me how they can twist anything to suit their purposes, to act without conscience, to say anything that they think will get them ahead, to come up with new language designed to advance a political agenda, and to change the dictionary meaning of any word or phrase in common use to push whatever bogus point or argument suits them at the time. The latest case is artificially classifying illegal aliens into criminals and non-criminals. Criminal illegal aliens have committed some crime “since” coming to the United States. That crime could be assault, robbery, drug dealing, extortion, gang violence, burglary, rape, murder, or simple petty theft. The point is that the Left has convinced the country that only in committing a crime “after” coming to the U.S. illegally, constitutes them being criminals. That therefore is “instant amnesty” for every illegal alien who has not committed an additional crime, but is still here illegally.

The truth is that the crime, the original crime, was coming here ILLEGALLY. Not only the day they arrive, but every day thereafter they stay is a conscious decision to commit the crime again. That’s multiple offenses that could go into years, for a crime committed every — single — day. Think about that. Think about “contributing to the delinquency of minors” by parents bringing their children here illegally, or having them here illegally. That should be an additional crime on the parents as well. Shame on those parents for making criminals out of their own kids. We prosecute parents who pimp out their kids, sell their kids, get their kids hooked on drugs, and more. Why aren’t we prosecuting parents who make their kids international criminals?

The excuse from the Left is: “They just want a better life.” Everyone wants a better life. But not everyone commits a serial crime sometimes for years in order to achieve it. Everyone who is applying to come here legally wants a better life. That’s why they are applying. Bank robbers just want a better life too. If any immigration reform is more necessary, it is to work for the legal applicant, and start treating the illegal for what they are, serial criminals.

Let’s illustrate this with the tale of two bank robbers. With no connection to each other two different men decide on the same day to rob a bank. Two different banks in two different cities are robbed. Each robber is amazingly successful, and by coincidence, they each get away with $1 million dollars. This is where the story diverges. The first bank robber is greedy, and a show off. He spends his money quickly and the police track the bills and arrest the bank robber a week later. He is tried, convicted, and sentenced to 20 years.

The second bank robber is much smarter. He hides his money, carefully launders it, gradually deposits it in several different accounts, and waits. One day he invests in a small business. The business becomes more successful. He then buys the business. He is more successful. He franchises out his business. A couple of years later he gets married, and starts a family. Life is good. He is a responsible member of the community. He belongs to local civic organizations. He contributes to charities. He pays his taxes. His kids grow up in the local schools. He owns a great house, takes family vacations, and invests his money wisely. A model citizen, no?

Then one day, 20 years after the original bank robberies, two things happen. One, the guy who was caught right away finally gets his parole and is released. He has served his debt to society, the money of course was recovered immediately, well, most of it, and now this convicted felon gets to try and restart his life. But he will forever have to live as a convicted felon, he can’t vote (except in Virginia and California), can’t own guns, and can’t do anything that felons are prevented from doing. He will carry that stigma for the rest of his life.

The second thing that happens is that after years of dogged research by the F.B.I., not the Hillary branch, the real F.B.I., they arrest the second robber. He is now a millionaire many times over. They arrest him in his place of business, throw on the cuffs, and carry him out like any other perp. So, what should happen to this man 20 years after his crime? The way you answer this will determine wether you are a squishy, Leftist Democrat, or you actually believe in laws, enforcement of laws, and equality under the law.

If you are a socialist democrat you would excuse the initial robbery because he was just trying for a better life. He invested and started a business. He didn’t commit any further crimes so he isn’t a criminal. He has a family and is a good citizen. He has roots in the community. He should keep all his millions, be let go, the original crime should be purged from the record, and he should just be able to get on with his life.

If you are a common sense conservative you know that everything he gained was as a result of stealing the initial $1 million dollars. The bank was then out $1 million dollars and all the interest generated from that, and had to wait 20 years to get it back. The depositors had to be compensated by the taxpayers from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to get their money back. So the taxpayers actually funded the bank robber’s $1 million dollars, and made possible every further gain from that. He was not entitled to invest or start a business with stolen money, and under asset forfeiture, using illegal funds for illegal gain, all his business holdings, his house, his bank accounts, his cars, in fact everything that was made possible by the original robbery, can and would be seized. He should never have been able to support a family based on stolen money. He also made criminals of his wife and kids. If his wife knew he was a bank robber and did nothing about it, she is an accessory after the fact for every day from when she knew. If she has anything in her name that came from the stolen money, that can be seized as well.

Since we do that for bank robbers, why don’t we do that for illegal aliens who do exactly the same thing? If someone comes here illegally and they are allowed to stay, they get a whole variety of taxpayer services that over 20 years could easily add up to $1 million dollars. They get all the initial services at the border. They get welfare, housing, health care, food stamps, and free education for the kids. The kids may get college loans or in-state tuition. Any job they take is at the expense of an American or lawful immigrant. Every dollar they earn as an illegal over the years is illegally gained. Everything they got from initially crossing the border over the course of 20 years is EXACTLY the same as the bank robber who gets away with stealing $1 million dollars. If they commit further crimes against Americans and legal immigrants while here illegally, those crimes are on the government that let them stay here illegally. It’s on all the Sanctuary Cities, and every law enforcement agency and officer who is an accomplice to illegal alien crime. And the tax payers have to pay for all of it.

Value judgement: Who is the better person, the robber who gets caught initially, serves his 20 years, and then after paying his debt to society tries to make a life; or the robber who doesn’t get caught, makes a great life for himself and his family, and earns millions on top of the initial $1 million dollars he stole?

Value judgment: Who is the better person, the illegal alien who is caught at the border, is deported and sent back to his country, and then starts a lawful application process to immigrate here legally, even though it takes years; or the illegal alien who doesn’t get caught, is in some kind of unconstitutional presidential amnesty, or sanctuary city, and stays here for 20 years, builds businesses and a family on stolen taxpayer money, and is therefore too entrenched in the community to be displaced, or so the argument goes?

Hint: It’s the same question.

In conclusion, there is a constant drumbeat from the Leftist media whenever the question comes up about what to do with all the illegal aliens who should not be here. The quote goes: “How are you going to round up and deport 11 million undocumented workers?” This is designed to conjure up images of storm troopers going house to house. First of all, everyone is documented from somewhere, second, there is no guarantee they are workers, and third, if they are workers they are working illegally.

If we want to solve our border problem and that of the millions of illegal aliens here, all we have to do are two things:
1. Keep them out.
2. Make it impossible for them to stay.

In that spirit I offer the following plan.

1. Whether a physical wall, electronic wall, wall of soldiers from Korea, Europe, and other forgotten wars, everyone gets directed to a border checkpoint along our entire border. No one crosses into the U.S. any other way.

2. Require a birth certificate (real one) and or passport, or green card, or naturalization papers, for all of the following:

To vote.  
To register a car and purchase a car from a dealer.
  To open and maintain a bank account.  
To get a credit card or a loan.
  To get a driver’s license.
  To enroll anyone in any elementary school, high school, college, vocational school, or any academic or trade school.  
To own or rent property.
  To serve in the military.
  To work in any capacity for any government or private sector job.
  To get a business license to open a business.  
To receive a tax refund.
  To send money in any form outside the country.
  To receive any form of public assistance.
  To receive any public health assistance aka Obamacare.  
To have any constitutional rights other than what is granted foreign nationals.
  To receive any publicly funded health care except emergency care prior to deportation.
  To have a child born on U.S. soil be granted citizenship (*proper meaning of the 14th Amendment).
  To receive Social Security, Medicare, or any other service or retirement plan.  
Work visas should be discontinued until it is proven no American can be found for the job.
  No guest worker program shall be initiated until the U6 unemployment rate is 0.

That should about handle our illegal alien problems. If you have more ideas, please post them.

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