Why Do We Blame Guns For Societies Problems

vlntvdgmsElliot Rodger, 22, son of Hunger Games director Peter Rodger, killed 7 people, including himself on May 23rd, 2014. He stabbed 3 people first, then shot 4, struck two cyclists, and wounded several others in his rampage before killing himself. He was addicted to graphically violent video games, and had been seeing a psychiatrist for his unstable mental state. It’s very obvious that Elliot was psychotic, and anything that would wind up in his hands would become a weapon. So why would Richard Martinez, father of victim Chris Martinez, and Sen. Richard Blumenthal want to blame guns for this tragic event?   

Where’s the call for the end of violent video games? The end of cutlery? The end of cars? Why blame the gun, and only the gun? A man stabbed 3 people, hit 2 cyclists with a car, and was addicted to violent video games. Sure, this whole event was obviously the guns fault. Who couldn’t see that?

Any person with even the slightest amount of common sense knows this had nothing to do with guns. The gun is nothing more than another victim here. The gun did not want to be part of that scene. The gun was not invented, nor intended for that purpose. You can put almost any item into the hands of a killer, and it will somehow become a weapon. The gun was no worse than the knife used to stab 3 people to death prior to the shooting. They’re all dead. How is the gun only to blame? The tools used were innocent victims. The person using them was not.   

Sure, millions of kids play violent video games every day, and they don’t go kill people. Well, they aren’t also psychotic. That’s the link here. Elliot Rodger was psychotic. Not just psychotic, but destructive, and he played violent video games to boot. It added to the delusion that it’s easy to kill people, and they’re nothing more than points in a game. I’ve been playing video games since Coleco. Shooting games of today are not the shooting games of the NES era.

When you’re chemically unbalanced, and have the urge to kill, you do not need to be anywhere near violent video games. When you put something that graphic into the mind of someone like Elliot Rodger, it becomes nothing more than a tool to help aid in the corruption of an already demented mind. It helps create, and shape a killer, when there’s already a killer lurking inside. Violent video games are a bad side effect of insanity. Where was the call for him to stop playing these from his father? Where was the physical removal of the system? They’re just as much a weapon as anything else, and helped deeply plant that feeling of killing in this man’s mind.

Jim Morrison said: “We must find a solution instead of a way.” Taking away guns does not solve the problem of insanity. It only disarms those who need to protect themselves from the insane. Most of the kids that commit these heinous acts come from liberal families. An area where decency, remorse, respect, morals, values, ethics, and common sense are not only shunned, but highly frowned upon. The solution here is not to disarm America. It’s to tackle the liberal mindset, and disarm it from the child’s brain as early as possible, so these situations are cut to a minimum.

Putting kids on ADHD medication at 2 and 3 years old is part of liberal brainwashing. Doctor’s that would suggest it are part of the liberal brainwashing. Giving anyone medication for depression, when one of the side effects is depression, while telling them it’s a miracle, is just using a human host to help further the liberal agenda. When a commercial comes on for depression, and the first minute glorifies the drug, while the next three minutes are the side effects, that’s promoting the liberal agenda. 

Letting an 8 year old boy wear a pink tutu to school is part of the liberal disease. Letting him tell his mom he’s a woman and he knows it, then going along with it is part of the liberal disease. When he stabs a kid for disagreeing with him, and the parent tells the court to go easy because he’s just a kid, after he said he was a woman, is part of the liberal disease. Teaching graphic sex through common core as early as Junior High is part of the mental liberal takeover.

Charging these kids up sexually by the age of 22, making them believe sex is what life’s about, and then letting them kill others because of their lack of it, while blaming it on the gun is part of the liberal brainwashing. Letting these kids play graphic violent video games when the parents know they’re psychotic is part of the liberal disease. Kids causing harm, shooting up schools, parents, friends, and themselves is more prevalent in the liberal society, and can be corroborated by the amount of crimes that come out of blue states. Just look at the amount of daily news that comes out of New York, Florida, and California alone. 

If every gun was removed from this country, the liberal agenda would just create a new way for kids to kill. Whether it be by knife, pen, fork, shovel, hammer, car, or any number of things. When they’re being brainwashed all day long through liberal media, the sad truth is it will never end. The real reason guns are falsely accused for all these tragedies instead of the person behind them, is liberals want to disarm America so we will not be able to defend ourselves against monsters like Elliot Rodger that are created by the hands of the liberal, or the liberal government itself.

80% of crimes would be eliminated if these kids were raised in Godly homes, surrounded by morals, and respect. The longer we let liberals run our country, the longer we will have violent crimes like this. The more we eradicate God from our lives, the more stories we will hear like this. How long does this have to go on before we stand up for morality, and tell the liberals we want no more of their media brainwashing? We don’t need to worry about how many people have to die from guns, as much as we need to worry about how many people have to die at the hands of warped minds created by liberals?

If you want to stop death and destruction amongst millennials, then stop the destructive liberal mindset. It is the main cause of this violence. Not any gun. You cannot take something as advanced as human life, and raise it with a liberal mindset, and not expect to have outcomes like this. We need to stop blaming guns for the disease of liberalism.

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