Why is the Left Targeting Christianity?

The evening of May 1, 2015 was the occasion of the Houston Area Pastors Council annual benefit dinner. It was an interesting night focusing heavily on the court battle over a so called ‘equal rights ordinance” rammed through the Houston City Council in 2014. This is just one aspect of the anti-Christian campaign that has been waged throughout much of the United States and has focused heavily on the idea that Christians should be forced to violate their religious consciences, support homosexual weddings and unrestricted abortion of pregnancy in the name of convenience or ex post facto birth control.

But more to the point was a focus on the need for Christian activism, at least to the point of actively opposing government mandates and attacks by using of the courts or other legal means. Prayer is good, but prayer with action is even better. Featured speaker Jack Hibbs of the Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California made that clear by way of his working with local government officials and his attorneys to fight California State mandates and threats by the IRS to revoke his church’s tax exemption for having a voter registration table outside the building on Sundays.

But what was not addressed was why these attacks are going on. Beyond some vague references to end times eschatology there was no discussion of the subject, which needs addressing for the sake of clarity, if nothing else. After all, one cannot simply assert that this is part of the ages-old battle between good and evil without asking why one side allies itself with what is patently in the wrong. There appears to be an answer which satisfies both the secular and the religious sides of things and which probably should be explored further as the fight continues.

It is a very simple thing to assert that the modern Democrat Party has allied itself with Evil and is therefore attacking Good Christians. It is also very convenient to suggest that the primary movers in the Party have succumbed to temptation in order to achieve personal advancement. These are simple and logical explanations but it is this writer’s opinion that the truth goes deeper. It is a matter of a disbelief in Good and Evil as entities or moral truths. Thus, it becomes easy for someone to lie about, for example, the teachings of the Catholic Church as Nancy Pelosi does on a regular basis. The ease with which she does this is likely because she doesn’t believe in any sort of Christianity, let alone Catholicism.

And regarding other politicians, supposedly Christian or otherwise? The probability is that they do not believe in Good or Evil, either. Nor do they believe in right or wrong. They only believe in what gets them fulfillment of their ambitions. Lying, cheating, whatever; it doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters to them is advancing their careers, and obtaining the favors that advanced rank metes out. Thus, Hillary Clinton’s infamous “what difference does it make” response to questions about the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate. No, to her it didn’t matter because it wasn’t her family member that was killed and her personal interests were, apparently unharmed. But she would not address the interests of Good; that life is preserved along with promotion of the national interests. One might as well ask whether it makes a difference that the nation be preserved.

So why is Christianity being targeted? Because it sets standards and requires accountability; whether to one’s self, to one’s fellows, or to God. But when blind ambition is involved then standards cannot be permitted because recognizing the existence of right and wrong in such situations gets in the way.

Further, when those pesky Christians point out hypocrisy, it also gets in the way. This interferes with the goal of the political class, which desires no standards other than their own convenience. Forget rule of law, whether of divine origin or man made. After all, standards and recognition of Good and Evil get in the way; they are inconvenient. And who decided that Good and Evil exist at all, other than in the perceptions of certain people. Maybe they are archaic expressions designed to limit normal human behavior and prevent superior people from attaining their just positions in society.

Now some may disagree with this view and cite goals of the communist pantheon that call for the elimination of religion. This isn’t wrong, but it fails to recognize one central fact, which brings all authoritarian forms of government together. Communism has become just an excuse with a fancy, revolutionary sounding name for something that provides a convenient roadmap to domination of society. It may just as well be the divine right of kings. The end will be the same if the persons advocating any system are immoral or amoral. After all, the Nazis swore allegiance to a man rather than to God and then followed him into disaster.

What Pastor Hibbs suggested is that pastors call for their flocks to vote according to Biblical standards. He centered much of his personal emphasis on three points. Protecting innocent life, maintaining traditional marriage and supporting the nation of Israel. It was assumed that all of the pastors present were doing or were going to do the same thing. But one has to wonder what happens in churches where this is advocated along with voting for Barack Obama because of his appearance. It is well understood Christian theology that one cannot serve two masters; particularly when one is God and the other is Mammon, or for that matter, the Devil.

It was common knowledge that Obama had abandoned traditional marriage before the 2012 election. He never supported protecting the unborn and his support for Israel was and remains a sham, at best. One cannot support Obama and God at the same time because his principles oppose God’s. They violate Biblical principles; therefore, to support him politically is to violate Christian principles.

Now some may also suggest that the Bible is a mere book, with no more importance than any other that sets out rules of human conduct. But divine origin is irrelevant when one examines the historical record. Those societies that followed the general principles of Biblical law prospered. Those that did not follow them did not prosper. The story of the Israelites is a case in point. If one chooses to deny divine intervention, it follows instead that when Israel did not follow Biblical law then it became weak and thereby, easy pickings for any nearby imperialist nation. Maybe God didn’t send the Babylonians. Maybe they just came after an easy target.

And so, today, we find our nation turning away from Biblical principles under the “leadership” of people who say that it is archaic, unscientific, elitist, hateful, and a variety of other negative things. But as we travel this route we see the nation falling apart, weakening morally and militarily; losing the connections and trust it once had with its allies. America, abandoning Biblical, Judeo-Christian principles, is becoming easy pickings for a foreign invader, or for the domestic enemies of its people.

And so, if deniers have there way and the Bible suddenly isn’t the word of God, then it must be concluded that some pretty smart people wrote it and we should still pay attention to its contents, regardless.

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