Why Jews have a special obligation to support Trump


Ever since Donald Trump became a candidate for president, articles have been appearing in the media saying that it is against Jewish, Christian and moral principles to support him. The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune even carried articles that say that it is a Jewish obligation to resist Trump.

One of the most well known quotes of Rabbi Hillel, one of the most important Rabbis in Judaism is:

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?”

The second question was Hillel’s way of saying that Jews should help others.  Obama is trying to help the world by sending millions of dollars to countries like Kenya, Columbia, Guatemala and elsewhere. This despite our ever increasing debt. He is helping those who claim to be Syrian refugees by bringing them into the U.S. despite the objections of the communities and states in which he places them and despite FBI director James Comey’s statement that we are unable to weed out the terrorists among them. Hillary promised to outdo Obama and multiply the number of “Syrian” immigrants she would help come into the country by a factor of 5.

Judaism is for helping people, but not at the cost of hurting oneself. That’s why Rabbi Hillel’s first question was “If I am not for myself who will be for me?” Translated into today’s terms, bringing terrorists into the country who will hurt Americans in order to save people many of who falsely claim to be Syrian refugees is wrong. Spending enormous amounts of money to help other countries while the U.S. debt is increasing beyond the trillion dollar mark is wrong. Giving benefits to people who claim to be refugees when you don’t have enough for American vets is wrong. The Jewish principle set forth by Rabbi Hillel translates to “America first” and is Trump’s position. In fact Donald Trump, when he accepted the Republican nomination said that the major difference between him and his opponent is that he put America first.

It is against Jewish interests to import hostile Muslim refugees into the United States. Jews are fleeing Europe because of Muslim anti-semitism there. There is Muslim violence against Jews in the United States and Islamic incitement against Jews and Israel at American universities.  Jews who support bringing them here put all American Jews at risk in violation of Hillel’s advice.

Left-wing Jewish organizations are supporting Keith Ellison’s bid to lead the Democratic National Committee. Keith Ellison, who served for years as a Farrakhan spokesman, has a long anti-Jewish and anti-Israel record. In their liberal quest to help others, these Jewish organizations help Muslims like Ellison achieve positions of influence which will be used against them.

Rabbi Abraham Twerski, a well known Jewish Rabbi and Psychiatrist explained Hillel’s questions as follows. Imagine you are the mother of a young child and you are both on an airplane and the oxygen masks come out. You should put on the mask first and then put the mask on your child. This is actually advice given by airlines. Why? Because if you pass out your young child won’t know how to save you and if you pass out trying to save your child you might fail to do so.

This principle when applied to America says that America can help the world a lot more, including Israel if it takes care of itself first. If America gives away billions to foreign countries when it has trillions of unpaid debt, and doesn’t get it’s economic house in order, the money it gives away won’t be worth much.  If America doesn’t take care of it’s own military and allows it to become weaker and weaker the way it has under Obama, it will be less able to deter attacks against its allies and friends.  If America lets illegal immigrants who don’t have to pay taxes compete for American jobs, America won’t be able to employ Americans and will have to borrow even more in order to support them on welfare.

There is another moral principle that is stressed highly by Judaism and that is not to engage in “Lashon Hara”. Engaging in Lashon Harah means slandering others. Jews who accuse Trump and his appointees of anti-semitism and racism are doing just that. A common argument is that there are white supremacists who are racist and anti-semitic who supported Trump. There were Communists and Islamic radicals who supported Hillary. Just as that doesn’t mean that Hillary is an Islamic radical it doesn’t mean that Trump is a racist Jew hater. Trump has disavowed and condemned the white supremacists who support him.

There are reasons to be concerned about Trump including his appointment of Betsy Devos as education secretary despite her funding of anti-Israel curricula and support for Muslim Immigration.  The majority of Trump’s appointments however are pro-Israel and pro-Jewish and overall he is much better for Jews and America than Hillary would have been. 

It would benefit us all if Jews and non-Jewish liberal Americans who make false accusations against president elect Trump for political purposes, would stop their Lashon Hara and consider the insight of Rabbi Hillel. 

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