Why Jindal is GOP’s Poor Man Version of John Quincy Adams

bbyjndlKnowledge is power.  How we use this strength determines whether we are here to divide or uplift.  Adams chose the latter and Jindal is realizing his promise for America.  Adams was probably one of the best diplomatic minds and retail politicians of his day.  This was started from a great education with Adams fluent in several languages and happening to be an Ivy League alum.  Adams had the honor of serving as a minister to Prussia, Russia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, a U.S. Senator, U.S. Congressman, and U.S President showing his gift for uniting people of various interests.  His 70 years of public service to America and literally collapsing on the Congressional floor makes his legacy a classic for all Americans.  All of this made him to be one of the most skillful foreign policy wonks in world history.

On the other hand, today Bobby Jindal’s extensive knowledge of American domestic policy makes him very competent to serve the interests of the common good in the United States today.  His global class education, tenure as a university president, leader of a commission on healthcare reform, time as state secretary of health and human services for Louisiana, terms as a U.S. Congressman, and achievements during his governorship makes him intellectually agile on domestic policy.  If Jindal continues to develop a deep understanding of foreign policy through pedagogues, fmr. Ambassadors and objective reading material he can be one of the most complete politicians America has seen.  Jindal has great potential to be the diplomat that Adams was through his sociable manner.  He only has to fortify his knowledge on foreign policy and prove it to the American public.  There is no other GOP hopeful that can match his domestic policy experience and very few presidential hopefuls have solid foreign policy knowledge.  Jindal could become arguably the most intelligent man to occupy the Oval Office in centuries.  As long as he can keep a folksy disposition, create commonsensical solutions, and avoid potentially insulting criticism he too can be president.

Those are some traits that are missing from the 2016 GOP field.  Senator Paul is very talented but is so far on the right that he seems like he is on the left of the political spectrum.  Governor Jeb Bush carries the dynastic Bush name and will have been out of politics for almost a decade.  Governor Chris Christie is a loose cannon and citizens are genuinely concerned about the health implications of him becoming president.  In addition to Senator Rubio who has demonstrated his knowledge on knowing how to create a legislative camaraderie but his policy aptitude is questionable and he is one of the least experienced hopefuls.  As for Jindal’s friend Governor Rick Perry he has all the resources and executive experience but can he be nimble with all the issues?  That is the question we have to ask in the upcoming days and months towards the Republican primaries.  Becoming well versed in foreign and domestic policy is like having speed and power in a competitive sport.  However, words are powerful and they must be used with finesse.  Abrasive remarks or gaffes can leave a bad file in Americans’ mental rolodex.  So, just as Adams happened to be an eloquent attorney and Jindal happens to be an articulate communicator too he cannot deviate from the totality of his message.  Plus, Jindal has a proven love for Jesus through his writings and conversion similar to Christianity’s King. So, this will help voters cater more to him. His rhetoric will form an eternal bulletin board for the public to take note of whatever he has spoken.

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