Why ObamaCare Had to Fail

The inevitable has happened.  Now, we will see what fallout occurs. 


With the implementation of Obamacare all of its flaws, faults and failings have come into focus.  The fact that it was designed to destroy the American medical industry has become obvious and the health insurance companies, which signed on to supporting this debacle in the mistaken belief that they would benefit are now finding that they have been double-crossed; the Act that they supported was designed to sucker them in and then destroy them. 

On April 3, 2013 Rush Limbaugh discussed a statement by liberal pundit Joe Klein that Obama had to get down to handling the details or the system will fail.  Klein was only partly right.  The system was going fail, regardless, but paying attention to the details might make a case that the campaigner in chief actually cared about the people.  It would also provide support for the Limbaugh Theorem.  But aside from that, Limbaugh made three additional statements:  The system is unworkable, Obama doesn’t care, and he won’t get involved in the details of administering the Act.  These statements are, for all practical purposes, correct.

What lies at the foundation of the debacle is one simple fact; the Act provides no solutions to any of the problems existing in the medical system.  Instead of creating incentives and opportunities to increase the supply of medical practitioners and reduce prices it instituted controls that will create lower quality care at a higher price.  The medical system will continue to struggle along, but the immense bureaucracy will eventually strangle what remains and sooner or later it will collapse.  Meanwhile, the cost of the bureaucracy will eventually rival that of the medical practitioners and further burden the government with debt. 

What most of the public may not yet realize is that Obamacare was never intended to solve problems.  It was intended to create them, out of which more government bureaucracy could be offered as a solution.  What is equally important is the simple fact that Obama doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself.  If he did care he would have worked on a market-based solution to bring the prices down through the only thing that does so effectively.  That is, competition.  But Obama abhors the market and his answer to any problem is to crush it under an iron boot heel.  He does not understand human freedom; only force.  People like to put him forward as a caring husband and parent, but underneath the facade lies a truth that peeks out on occasion; that the wife and daughters are only props, necessary for his ambitions.  That his stock in trade consists of lies and that he seeks to defraud the public by this means for his own purposes. 

What we see now is more than a dysfunctional web site.  It is a dysfunctional market, not for health care, but for medical plans.  What we see are that adequate, if pricey plans are being replaced by overpriced plans that provide worse coverage.  Obamacare is the bad apple insurance company. 

The immediate fallout from this mammoth Act of Congress; an act that probably no one actually read, is the cancellation of existing medical policies.  The amount is already in the millions and will continue to increase.  Estimates state that it will result in something on the order of fifty million people losing their coverage.  The actual number will certainly be higher.  As it continues to unroll corporate and business plans will also bite the dust just as individual plans are doing now.  That fallout will be even worse, as the increased prices will bury more businesses and people will be left without coverage.  Unless a new “gray” or black market appears people will not be able to afford medical care.  People with cancer and heart disease will be condemned to death at the hands of government without even the dubious consolation of “due process.”  This is exactly what Obama wants. 

Of course there is a major groundswell of opinion against this fallout, and many Democrat legislators have realized that they made a mistake.  It was a mistake that they walked right into.  They ignored the warnings and supported Obama’s bill anyway.  Perhaps they believed that this time the public wouldn’t notice.  They were wrong.  The public did notice but that notice is of no consequence to a politician who sees force as the most legitimate means of enacting policy.  

Ralph Benko of the American Principles Project recently wrote in Forbes that Obama should Repeal or Resign.  He calls it a matter of honor.  But it isn’t a matter of honor.  Obama has no honor.  He won’t resign.  If Americans are dropping by the hundreds in hospital emergency rooms for lack of care due to a shortage of doctors he will issue another pseudo-apology; “I’m sorry that people believed me and died as a result.”  He’ll claim that he wants to correct it, but will do nothing.  After all, as long as he continues to fly around in the big blue airplane and socialize with celebrities he is satisfied.  What happens to other people is their problem.  Yes, he promised 37 times that people could keep their medical plans and doctors, but if anyone believed him that’s on their heads.  It doesn’t affect him.  

As a leader Obama was never anything more than a clown act.  He didn’t have any intent to lead.  His only interest was self-aggrandizement.  He wanted power for what it could do for him and not what he could do for other people. That is why Obamacare could do nothing but fail.  It was not created to benefit America or the American People.  If anything, it was created to destroy them.  Obama exists to destroy and to walk on bodies.  Obamacare will give him plenty more to walk on. 



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