Why Public Education is a political hotbed and why it matters to the left

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Brian Miller who frequently blogs at Ammo.com, wrote a quite reveling piece about the history of America public education. I remember listening (and watching) to the many politically loaded sermons of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy and one of those happened to be about education. He talked about how public education was designed to be an alternative to schools that had a faith worldview and a believe in God, especially those operated by the Catholic Church. He talked about how Horace Mann who was once a Congregationalist (by parental upbringing) turned Unitarian, envisioned a school system with a non-sectarian pro-secular worldview.

In fact historian and public education advocate Ellwood P. Cubberley said this about Mann; “No one did more than he to establish in the minds of the American people the conception that education should be universal, non-sectarian, free, and that its aims should be social efficiency, civic virtue, and character, rather than mere learning or the advancement of sectarian ends.” Mann’s claim for public education was for the purpose of taking unruly American children and transforming them into disciplined, judicious republican (small r) citizens.

But as you can see, that goal turned out to be a joke.

Miller’s article has gotten deeper than what Kennedy delivered to not only his church (Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in his time), but through a wider audience via his mass communications focused Coral Ridge Ministries (TV, radio and later internet). Kennedy’s media ministry has carried on after his passing in 2007, and I would hope that his now namesake ministry would honor Kennedy’s memory and not buckle to the modern public education system but instead continue to replay his sermon on education and the need for Judeo-Christian education for our children.

Now their are things and ideals in Miller’s piece that I want to talk about. While I find them to be shocking, I don’t find them to be a surprise one bit, knowing what I know about American public education; then and now.

It seems that back in days of the founding of the “Common School” (as American Public Schools were called back in its infancy in the 19th Century), these namesake schools were indeed intended for the unwashed masses. Masses that are not as worthy as those who had the wealth and deserved an education or whatever. Coupled with the regulations back in the day which made setting up a private school difficult, getting it started and hopefully have a good run. You can talk about creating and having a great school that will educate children well yes, but look at what public education has become. Because that is a top down state ran system…it can do no wrong or if it does it will still be supported because the state is our equalizer and the only thing that can help the human race reach utopia.

Even in the days when public education was quite young, their was an element of tyranny.

The children of Massachusetts (even then that state was a laboratory for progressive social engineering and social control experiments) were taken away from their parents and placed in common school buildings as their teachers in the system as a collective (maybe not all of them) tried to indoctrinate them with a Unitarian Progressive worldview and/or something based on it. It should be noted that the Unitarians were able to successfully run out any Calvinist worldview from Harvard University by 1805 or at least make them a small minority their. Meanwhile the socially prominent of Massachusetts with their desire to not only be known, but to be able to rule the state of sorts would NOT be threatened by those in the unwashed masses who might be able to reach the upper crust and threatened these hands down snobs. They did not want to help children really get a good education like they and/or their children have gotten, but rather (to paraphrase a man who was far from being born and existing by the name of LBJ) give them little education but not enough to make a threat on famous surnames and their families and make a difference.

The early common schools also looked to the German empire of Prussia and how they set up their brand of common schools. The Prussia Education system had grade levels, centralized bureaucracy, uniform curriculum (or collective standards), and their own enforcement officers to make sure that the children are locked into the system and punish the parents who don’t sent them their. It did not matter if a few eggs got broken in the process, just as long as children grow up to honor the great Prussian empire and its glory. No difference here, except in this case our children (especially in the present day) are taught to renounce the Christian faith (or Orthodox Judaism), embrace a humanistic community worldview (as humanist leftist writer John J. Dumphy advocated back in 1983) and learn to obey the greatness of the American authoritative state.

Now in the present day, the modern day public education system is determined to force every child into its classrooms and put an end to not only private education but worst of all home education. Their are those in the government that strongly believe that you and/or God don’t have custody over your children. They believe the children belong to the government aka The State and with that claim of ownership, they want to shape the children into their slaves of sorts if not useful idiots. Useful idiots that would give up their own liberty and freedom for the greater good in helping the state to be what it can be.

Public education in the end has become an industry that only benefits the adults that work in it. It gives them job security, not to mention a place in which they can recruit new converts to the progressive cause in reshaping America into their much desired progressive utopia. Public education also is helpful to those in government who seek power and desire more power and control over the people as they build the new national plantation of sorts that America is becoming. In the end the Public School have actually became the seminaries of Humanist Progressive Socialism.

Well Mr. and Mrs. Parent; what are you going to do about it? Take a chance with public education (including Charter Schools which might buck certain bad education ideals) and hope that your children will overcome their pagan worldview (I did by the way…but that is not a given), or will you make a great investment in your children with a greater chance of passing on good values as well as your faith? You really do have choices? It might take sacrifice but it can prevent your child’s from going through unneeded misery. Unneeded misery that could take your children towards eternal damnation.

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