Why Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Probably Works for Donald Trump

Michael Avenatti, left, Stormy Daniels, middle, leaving CNN Atlanta.

Michael Avenatti, first and foremost, is the textbook definition of a legal failure. Along with his firm Eagen Avenatti LLP filing for bankruptcy just in the first half of 2017, Avenattis’ highest-profile client in decades, Ms. Daniels, not only lost her case but also must cover the cost of Trumps’ legal fees. A win for Donald.

Avenatti similarly exploited a woman’s story for political gain in Julie Swetnick, who now faces serious legal peril. As swing voter Senator Susan Collins wrote, Swetnick’s story was “outlandish…[without] any credible supporting evidence.” Clearly, either Ms. Swetnick was completely lying, or the clout of Michael Avenatti as a political figure tainted her case. Somehow, not only did Avenatti alone manage to turn the Kavanaugh confirmation into a circus media rollercoaster, but he also may have singlehandedly confirmed Kavanaugh by attempting to parasitize upon Ms. Swetnick and the judicial process. Following a 50-48 vote, it was a great win for Republicans (except Lisa Murkowski), and also… Donald!

Believe it or not, Avenatti is actually campaigning to run for President in 2020 as the Democratic nominee. Why bother with the Senate or Congress when you can go straight to the top, right? With 1% in the polls, Avenatti’s intentions are truly unclear, other than that of seeking attention. On the one hand, running for President can be very profitable, especially if you set up a PAC and collect donations like Avenatti. In the case of a serious Avenatti, Michael has the highest potential to harm the Democrats, who are a bit busy having their own identity crisis. Specifically, Avenatti threatens to engulf the Democratic primaries in the same chaos that surrounded the Kavanaugh hearing.

Imagine Michael debating Joe Biden, or even Cory Booker on the national stage, losing terribly, and later unveiling his newest client suffered abuses at the hands of both Biden and Booker at high school parties decades ago. Imagine what a great uproar would be created. In this power vacuum, would Hollywood be forced into defending Michael’s position as a defender of women, or would they cast him aside for his Donald-esque behavior?

One of the most important points to remember about Avenatti is that the man will do anything for a headline, however damaging to his reputation. In that way, Michael has almost assumed the worst trait of Donald Trump – the very person he seeks to destroy. Once referring to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley as “Far too stupid to lead the committee,” it is clear Michael is a loose cannon who cannot maintain respectful working relationships. Michael has also challenged Donald’s eldest son, Don Jr. to an MMA fight just following UFC 229 McGregor vs. Khabib. I have actually challenged Michael to an MMA bout via email to his website and PAC, from which he accepts tax-free donations. He has not replied.

One could accept a few hiccups here or there, but Michael has crossed into the plane of ridiculousness on several occasions. At some point, the question must be asked, is this man just a self-promoter, or is he so obsessed with Trump that it seriously degrades his sanity? I always believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle – so I assert here and now that I genuinely believe that Michael Avenatti is employed by Donald J. Trump, directly or indirectly, in order to sabotage the legal standing of those opposed to Republicans or the President. The only real question left is, “How much is Avenatti being paid?”

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