Why Trump?

Why not Trump? Oh I know all the bad, I have heard the arguments from self-proclaimed conservatives. These same conservatives are willing to not vote at all, or throw their vote away on a third party candidate who has no chance of winning. Either strategy is a vote for Hillary Clinton plain and simple. These conservatives are quick to say their conscience will be clean because they are sticking to their principles… Really? What kind of conservative principles could a person claim to have when they are helping elect a criminal as president? People have to realize that this election is about keeping Hillary out of the White House. Voting for Trump is the only option left if you want this country to not only survive, but flourish the next four to eight years.

The current situation we are in is 100% the fault of the Republican National Committee and the Republican establishment in both the House and Senate. Republican leadership as a whole have not been listening to the people, and now Republicans are paying the price because the people are speaking. I know the delegates are not necessarily the people but if you have watched any media outlet when they show Trump rallies they are huge gatherings. People waiting in line sometimes for hours just to get in and hear him speak, and have you ever once seen him use note cards or a teleprompter? No you have not because Donald is speaking right from his heart and doing what his gut tells him to.

The Republican elite are wrongly blaming the electorate, acting like these people are idiots for supporting Trump. Well, Republicans didn’t listen in 1992 and the conservative vote was split between Ross Perot and George H. W. Bush and we got stuck with a man who preys on women as our president. Republicans rebounded in 1994 because the people spoke again and this time Republicans listened and won back the House and Senate.

The Republican elite both in office and out have only succeeded recently in insulting people who like Trump, making them more determined than ever to support him. People want someone who is not bought and paid for. They want someone who speaks their mind, not hide behind political speak and double talk. They want an outsider who has not been in DC before and that burns the establishment of both parties. The RNC and the establishment have forgotten a fact that they often say they stand for, and that is we the people are the employers, and when we speak those in Washington DC are supposed to listen. They have not been doing so for years now.

Underestimating Donald Trump was Republicans first mistake. Insulting the people who support Trump was the second mistake.  The third mistake was made by Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz should have waited this election out. He is an outside Tea Party candidate, and he did what he promised the people of Texas he said he would do. The problem is he made a lot of enemies of Republicans in both houses. He was not going to get major backing and he should have known that going in. Now Cruz has said he may get back in if he sees a clear path again…What is someone going to get out the hedge trimmers and clear a path? This is a perfect example of further problems that keep plaguing Republicans, learn when you have lost and bow out gracefully.

The fact that Donald Trump has made it where he is, is truly an amazing feat all on its own. He has been battered and beaten along the way by the media, political insiders and politicians. He should be congratulated for what he has accomplished, but instead the most heat he is taking now is from his own side. As a party the Republicans have to come to terms with the fact that Trump is our nominee and it is time to get behind him in full swing.

Remember what is a stake. Gun control, economic growth and stability, job growth, spending cuts, and military strengthening, and most importantly the supreme court. The next president may have the opportunity to appoint two to four justices, do we really want to put that in Hillary’s hands? Polls are beginning to show Trump not just beating Hillary, but crushing her. This is the last hoo-raw for the Clintons. This is their final moment in the sun and I think America needs to show them the way out.  Then again, if you have enjoyed these last seven and a half years, then by all means throw your vote away and help Hillary win.


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