Why Voters Deserted Hillary Clinton

vtrapthyThe left, mainstream media, pundits and even most polls were certain Hillary Clinton was going to win the election. Republicans were in a civil war over Donald Trump winning the nomination — which is why the left had secretly pushed for him to win the nomination. Ultimately, a “Chinese monkey king” ended up doing a better job predicting the election results than the biased media.

There were a few signs toward the end of the election that Trump was going to win. IDB/TIPP had the most accurate presidential polling record of pollsters, and showed Trump pulling ahead during the last week. This was no doubt in part due to FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that he was renewing the investigation into Clinton’s emails, as a result of the discovery of over a thousand emails on a laptop shared by scandal-plagued Anthony Weiner and his wife, Clinton adviser Huma Abedin. At that point, I changed my position on whether or not Trump could win for the first time.

Another sign was two college professors with excellent records at predicting presidential elections called it for Trump. Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University, correctly predicted the last eight presidential elections. Helmut Norpoth, a Stonybrook University political science professor, correctly predicted the last five. They looked at factors such as the party which just held the presidency for two consecutive terms is less likely to win a third term and Clinton’s lack of charisma. Laugh about her colorful pantsuits all you want, but an unpleasant appearance does influence some undecided voters in the middle.

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