Why Waste your Time Voting!

Only about about 10 % of the alleged population over the age of 18 voted in a recent County Supervisor race. Nobody cares.

We just had a primary vote in Pennsylvania. It was really a joke. Most people don’t vote in primary elections but in reality it is the most important election. If you don’t pay attention and do not vote in the local primary, you have turned over the power to the people you don’t really see and  you don’t really like.


And if you pay attention to what the founders of this great nation had intended, the power came from the people through the local governments and it worked its way up to the highest office of the land. The politicians changed the rules a bit at the federal level but at the state level the basic plan is still intact. But at the end of the day most people are not paying attention and the media has gone fishing.


So basically the power should come from the locals. People should be paying attention. If you don’t, you lose your chance to change the path of corruption. And the government has grown so large and powerful, corruption is an automatic result. From the schools, to land-use all the way to taxation, it all starts at the local level. And of course with the nanny state being created by the liberals, rules, regulations and executive orders come down from above and influence the local governments. And in most cases the local government is so corrupt, it really does not voice its opinion to change the path for more spending and raising taxes.


Palmer Township is a part of Northampton County and at one time was mostly a farming township. The developers saw this as a great opportunity to make a great deal of money building houses and commercial buildings. All they had to do was control the local boards and they were free to do what ever they wanted. And support a few judges along the way and the developers immediately became king. In the end the residents get to live in a more densely populated area. There is much more crime and flooding. The schools get crowded and the taxes go up.


We just had a primary and there were 2 positions for supervisor open in a primary election. Three Democrats ran for the 2 positions. Palmer is supposed to have 20,000 residents. And about 16,000 or so should be over the age of 18 years of age and may be eligible to vote.  According to voter registration there are about 12,000 registered voters. And unofficially about 1560 voters exercised their right to vote on primary day. So that is about 13% voted of the registered voters. And about 10 % of the alleged population over the age of 18 voted.  That is not real good. But that is what the corrupt leaders live for!


First off, the number of registered voters is probably too high. People move, and die and the records are not that accurate.  And most people don’t vote and most people don’t register to vote. So the number of actual registered voters could be as low as 8,000. and that would mean that about 8,000 refuse to register to vote and to show up and vote.    


There is another twist in Palmer. A Republican can vote for a Democrat as a write-in. And if there are 10 write-ins the candidate appears for both parties in the November election. And this is not advertised in the County. So the incumbents know this and can’t lose the election. In this election there were 76 Republican write-in votes. Do you think that is something the media would make known? Almost 50% of Palmer is Republican, don’t you think they ought to know that they can vote in the primary for a Democrat of their choosing.


The guys that won and will automatically win in November are not the best of folks to say the least. One character has been supervisor before and approved many developments that caused flooding in the area and in the streams and rivers. In the last few weeks a sink hole opened up three times on a major road. But the Township hires the same engineering firm as the Township engineer and they seem to be way above the law.


The other guy who is this quiet, mild mannered guy signed an affidavit. He claimed he felt threatened because I dropped off some papers at his place of business. He wasn’t even there. These are the folks who run your governments! The media looks the other way. And they do absolutely nothing. By the way the media in this case is called the Express-Times and the Morning Call.


And the elected judges fall in behind these clowns and let them do what they want to do.


The Township has secret meetings. They don’t let any sunshine in. And there are no minutes to be had or notes for these secret meetings. Generally you will find a crooked lawyer to lead these folks and heck why abide by the law. Whatever the developer wants he gets. And the judges will not support any rights you think you may have!


So here is my suggestion. If you are a Soros and you have a ton of money well you can fight these folks in court. And if you can pay for prestigious lawyers, well you probably don’t need to live in Palmer Township.


So what should we do to stop corruption at the local level?  By the way the first fellow I referred to is presently on the planning commission. Under oath and at a deposition he admitted he knew where the main flow of storm water went into the development. But the site plan he approved showed no storm water flowing into the development. And the Township refused to have the developer fix the problem, even though wait for it, the developer amended the site plans to do so. Can you say the word “corruption”.


So this is what you need to do:  The local communities must stand up and take action. You need to get some volunteers to watch these folks. Remember the corruption starts at home and works its way up to Obama.


My suggestion is get some volunteers together and watch these folks and report on their actions. You don’t need to fight them just report on their actions. If the judge seems to ignore Pro se litigants’ actions then just make a note of that.  Bottom line is at the end of the day there should be folks paying attention.

So you have one group watching the local boards like the local governments, the school boards, and they make up reports. You have another group watching the judicial branch. And the person managing these groups may need to be a paid position. But most of the boards that run the local governments are non-paid positions. In our area the judges are elected, so it may be wise to keep an eye on them so you don’t keep corrupt judges in paying positions for many years. And the judges that go on to higher courts usually come from these local judges. So let’s nip the corruption in the bud. And if they know some one is watching, they will play by the rules.


With social media and websites it should not be difficult or expensive to get people hooked up to these reports. And if the procedure is done with a great deal of respect and decorum, the liberal media will have a difficult time ignoring the reports as well as the corruption of the elected officials!


If  a judge accepts a contribution from some of these corrupt folks like the developer and the group finds the judge failing to recuse himself from cases the judge and developer are involved with, then the public should know this and make an educated choice not to re-elect this tainted judge. The liberal press will not do this without the reports!


So you get the picture I hope. Corruption is all around us. And it will not go away. It will only get worse as more money and power is controlled by the government. Somebody better watch their pocketbooks. You know the government GSA is spending like there is no tomorrow. Well let’s make it no tomorrow for all the elected officials and bureaucrats that are so corrupt, they don’t know whose money they are spending! We have the internet let’s empower the people and not the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats!

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