There is a maxim that has been attributed to Albert Einstein; “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Whether or not Einstein was the first to say this does not matter. What does matter is that the way we choose our elected officials is a form of insanity! We choose elected officials on the basis of what laws they will pass if they are elected. The problem our country has is that we have too many laws. We do not need any more laws!
What a conservative revolution would do is stop this insanity. To stop electing people who want to add more laws, rules and regulations to our lives is how the conservative revolution will be fought. What needs to be done, what must be done is to elect candidates who will repeal laws! Until we start repealing laws our government will only continue to grow.
If a conservative revolution is to be fought and more importantly to be won a simple logical three step program of action should be started. What is this three step program?
A. Repeal laws
B. Eliminate bureaucracies
C. Cut taxes.
When we start to repeal laws the bureaucracies created by them will no longer be authorized. When the bureaucracies are gone the cost of our government is reduced. When the cost of our government is reduced taxes can be cut.
A – B = C
Shrink The Government

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