Will the Nunes Memo Help Drain the Swamp?

To the everyday person only getting the news of their day from the mainstream media it would appear that the Republicans are attempting to cast aspersions of the righteous and without blemish FBI.  The FBI is portrayed as the “White Hats” doing their best to keep the rabble from the gates. After all they are our betters, and must continue to keep from us the information that they feel we don’t need to make decisions. They will make the decisions, tell us who to put into power, and how we should give our values over to those who can better implement the way our lives should be led.

Yeah, no.  It’s not going to happen that way anymore.

The corruption is rampant among the DO)J and FBI to the point where the confidence of the public has been shaken. The people have long understood that the law does not apply equally to all, from Hillary Clinton’s bogus exoneration to the damaging misuse of FISA. From the entrapment of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to bogus information being packaged as intelligence and reconstituted to fit the parameters needed for a FISA warrant based on lies. Small groups from within the DOJ National Security Division and the FBI Counterintelligence Division have been dispersed trhough the Mueller Investigation under the auspices of Muellers FBI Chief Counsel James Baker.

From November 2015 through April 2016 accessed the database of the FISA 702’s. to obtain opposition research gathered on Hillary Clinton’s opposition and weaponized  against Donald Trump and his campaign. The weaponized and unlawfully obtained intelligence was collected by Fusion GPS There ae at least two participants in this unlawful operation of interest. Mary Jacoby, a long time friend of the Clintons stretching all the way back to the Rose Law Firm and Whitewater.

The other is Nellie Ohr, long time CIA Network and Clinton ally, and the wife of DOJ deputy Bruce Ohr. It is assumed that Nellie Ohr was hired to extract data from the unlawful collection of intelligence into a story of non- existent connections between Donald Trump and the Russian entities that were targeted. Indications are that it was Nellie Ohr and not Christopher Steele who wrote the majority of the dossiers and that Steele was brought in to give the dossier a patina of respectability.

If you don’t think it is possible the Fusion GPS is not the instigator of the dossier investigation consider this. When John McCain received a copy of the dossier through intermediary David Kramer, the dossier was not handed over to Kramer by Christopher Steel but by Fusion GPS. And Fusion GPS retains the proprietary rights and not Christopher Steele. Could this be why Steele refuses to answer questions?

Now that we know there is a conspiracy what can be done to attack those responsible. We know we can’t depend on the FBI or the DOJ, and the mainstream media won’t ever consider that there is a conspiracy, all in an effort to protect Hillary, and the swamp creatures in the two departments. Devin Nunes , Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is focused on FISA abuse. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is focused on the dossier fraud and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of the corruption within the DOJ and FBI working in conjunction with the Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Working in coordination and with 1.2 pages of investigation and research, they are beginning the three pronged attack that is called “The Big Ugly”.

The system as it is now has shown major corruption in many area. The FBI was corrupted by Comey and Mueller, the DOJ by Holder and Lynch, The CIA by Brennan and Morell ,the ODNI by Clapper, all Deep State operatives who along with the IRS have been weaponized by the Obama administration against the American people.

They work in conjunction with the media who will only bring forth the information that will help “the Team” and willfully lie and spread false information quite readily if they find it. Lies are not a problem for those who feel they are lying  for the common good. MSNBC host Katy Tur, a sycophantic democrat operative compared Devin Nunes to Edward Snowden who willfully leaked classified information. Tur and her NBC colleagues fail to mention that the committee voted to let the Nunes memo available to all and sent the recommendation to the President. Latest word is that it is now back with the committee and may be released tomorrow.

And then there is leakey Adam Schiff  (D-Ca) who opposed letting the American people see any information because he declared we were too stupid to understand. He voted against requiring the DOJ and FBI to give the information to the committee to start with. He has been leaking information even in the middle of committee hearings to his fellow socialists in the media, and now wrings his hands because of national security that he seems to think is in the memo. How much Schiff is involved in the entire conspiracy remains to be seen, but he sure is nervous. Even going so far as saying changes made to the memo at the request of the FBI, and even the changes that Schiffs own party requested were minor and of no consequence. But old Schiffty wants another vote before it is placed in the hands of the American public.

The FBI upper echelons are corrupt and deserve to be in jail. Devin Nunes was required to threaten them all with contempt of court before they turned over the required documents When the memo was first completed two FBI agents read it over, one agent from Counterintelligence and one from the legal division of the FBI. They declared that they could find no factual inaccuracies. FBI Christopher Wray read the memo during the second to last weekend in January and Andy McCabe was summarily removed the next day. McCabe was subsequently  involved with the falsification of reports and asking FBI field agents to modify and change the 302’s, the summaries of interviews with witnesses extensively used by the FBI.

And now we can move on to San Fran Nan Pelosi and Crying Chuck Schumer  and their demands to see Nunes fired. What would be the reason ther than to hide the facts that Nunes, Grassley and Goodlatte are cleaning up the fetid swamp that Obama has turned our federal government into. To his credit, House Majority leader Paul Ryan told them to take a hike, and that Devin Nunes and the others are performing the oversight that the Constitution calls for. It isn’t hard to understand why Pelosi and Schumer feel the way they do. They never followed the Constitution under Obama and it strikes them as silly to follow it now.

Along with Pelosi and Schumer, new developments have cropped up from the FBI. First the story was omission of facts were misleading in the memo. I am not sure who started this story first, the FBI or Adam Schiffty . Now the latest is that they want all the names redacted. Since the main reason for the memo is to name those involved in the corruption. Perhaps they are concerned they will see their names.

It is time to release the memo and the supporting documents as well. They have stonewalled and ignord the American people long enough. The American people want to know what the Intelligence community and federal law enforcement upper echelons have done and the corruption they have cause. They are tring to hard to convince the American people that this is a nothing burger for it to be so. People will end up in jail and being force out in shame. Let’s do it now and continue to drain the swamp.

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