Woman and TV Shows: Arquette Have They Gone Too Far. Is it Time to Turn the Channel!

ptrcarqutI have a bit of a problem with the new CIS show and a couple of other TV shows. Mom, Scandal and 2 Broke Girls. I can safely say that I stopped watching these shows. And the problem is if we don’t stop watching these shows the liberals will continue to load the air waves with stuff that is not really suited for most living rooms.

CIS: Cyber is a new show. And I enjoy the other CIS shows and most of the NCIS shows. But I was a bit offended by  Patricia Arquette’s statement at the Academy Awards.  Now most people sat and watched the entire academy awards. I am only fooling. There was a joke going around that the same number of people who watched the Academy Awards in its entirety are the same number of folks who listened to Obama’s SOTU.

I think it is ok if they thank their parents, and family and God and go on and on. But when they go political and send an Indian squaw to accept the award, it usually backfires. Ms. Arquette who probably means well, is concerned that women especially in California don’t make enough money. That is a statement by a woman worth about $24 million dollars. Now she is trying to back pedal the statement. But I think the loons are probably trying to set the stage for Hillary. Who makes about $600,000 a speech. Probably gets paid at least $20 million dollars a year from the   Clinton Foundation Lobbyists” venture.

And it came out today that a women in Germany is going to pass a law mandating that all boards of a certain character be 30% women. I guess most have an average of 22%. So either Germany who may becoming the stupidest developed country in the world, has to expand their board numbers or they are going to be forced to fire a fair number of white men from their boards. What will all them poor white men do next?

I realize that being on a board is probably prestigious. And it must be the most useless gathering of folks in the world. Second only to an Obama conversation with a Townhall meeting with lemmings. The last place you will ever find me is at a meeting of 8 -10 people trying to accomplish nothing, but sounding like they make a difference. 

So there is a chance that Germany is trying to make it look like woman are important to corporate Germany, what will the qualifications be to fill the quota. Pulse, heartbeat and makeup?

The other problem here in the US of A, is that women have been taking up space in colleges 2-1 to men for 35 years. So poor white guys had to be subservient to women and minorities when it came to financial aid. So in Germany after 35 years they still can’t find qualified women! They have to force the companies to fire the men and hire less capable women. I guess that is why they went for 30%. Why not 50%: Now that would be true equality.

One of the commenters of a BMW article quoted Will Durant. “Only those who are below average want true equality” (what he means is cosmic equality. Not equality of (consistency of) treatment, but absolute equality of position.) “. I thought this guy hit it on the head. This is the kind of equality Obama and Hillary speak about on tour. In essence they are saying anyone should be allowed to be president, even if they are not qualified to do so.

The flip-side of the problem, is the poor white man. In the old days a man could go to work 8 to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and make enough money to support the misses and the family. Thanks to the socialists and their addiction to raising taxes, most households need at least 2 bread winners today. And they are still living from paycheck to paycheck!

The liberals talk a lot about the single mothers. But that is a lot of crap. Most of the single mothers of a certain age range have a male living in the household. How do I know. I rent apartments to them.   So when you punish the white man, you are punishing the mates in these so called single mother households. And let’s face it, equality really should mean if you are qualified, or the most qualified should get the better paying job. But since we can’t or don’t want to figure that out, let’s give the important job to anyone. Obama is the worse president ever, do I need to say more! If the liberals were smart they would work to develop more decent American jobs. The problem is they don’t know how. So they talk about absolute equality instead.

Hillary refers to woman’s pay in her epic novel. She threw out the infamous quote: “Woman make 72 cents on a dollar”, but she imagines that it was so 20 years ago. So does that mean woman make more than men today. Probably. Hillary goes on to say that women hold the majority of low wage jobs. And 3/4 of all jobs relying on tips like waiters, Bartenders and hair stylists are held by women and they are paid less than average hourly work. (p563 Hard Choices)

So as of 2014, Hillary is saying woman are no longer making 72 cents on a dollar to men. Praise the lord. It was always a lie, but if one idiot says it, another repeats it. It appears that there are a lot more white men becoming waiters since they can’t get financial aid to go to college. But that aside, if women have the low wage jobs which may not be so, they probably lack the education to get a better paying job. So whose fault is that. If all the money didn’t go to the minority students, maybe some of these folks would be as the experts call it more mobile. So they could move on up.

Those tipsters in many cases make a good living. And a share of their proceeds are tax free. In most cases these jobs are part time and the average that taxes are being paid on is about $20,000. Now that is average. If you are good and smart, you can make a good living part time on the as Hillary calls it the lowly job of the tip collector.

Look Hillary if these folks were not making a living, they would go get a job at Wal-Mart or some other retail outfit. I will take a great tip job any day in a good business that has enough traffic flow to make it worth my time and effort.

So you get the idea, Ms. Arquette like Hillary has no clue what she is talking about. She has to be making about $500,000 to a million dollars an episode. She calls it luck. I think it is way too much. So stop watching her show.

Malcolm X and MLK took a while and got it. We should be fighting for equal opportunity for everyone, not just a select few. That doesn’t mean everyone can be president, but if you have the skills, why not have a shot at it. I am tired of women saying they don’t have a fair share. We all should have an equal opportunity at prosperity. So let’s teach Ms. Arquette that we don’t need another soap box for one class of people. We need an opportunity for all people that is fair and honest. Not one because Hillary or Ms. Arquette say so.

A problem I am seeing in liberal TV is the envelope or ceiling they want to break. I used to watch Mom and enjoyed the sitcom humor. Well the dirt bags went too far when they had Mom have a display of “ecstasy” while having a meeting. Don’t get me wrong, she did a great job, but she belonged in a porno flick not a family show. So I don’t watch the show any more. Hope you will follow. Of course the loons will show the reruns early afternoon so the children can see it as well. “Mommy, what was that guy doing under the desk?”

Basically if the sitcom is desired to be a turn on, then it is time to turn it off. 2 Broke Girls have gone too far and they are gone. 2 1/2 men almost broke the barrier when the guys stuck their heads under the covers. But at least they kept their mouths shut.

Last week Scandal which I had been watching. It made me laugh. I didn’t know if it reflected the Clinton administration or the Obamas. Since the writer is black, she decided to go with a bad white cop shooting an unarmed black kid and they planted a knife under the dead kid.

Of course this represents nothing that I have found ever took place in America. Olivia Pope deals with national scandals and all sorts of high level scandal. But to make up this sad story at a time when the liberal media, Obama and Holder would like to destroy the white male cops, it was tasteless. What happened to the love of the 911 first responders! I guess they were all black.

So it is time to stop watching shows like Scandal. You might say it is a scandal to watch shows like this. I guess you have to ask yourself one simple question after you watch these shows: Does it make you feel good. Did you have a great laugh. If not maybe it is time to stop watching useless shows. 

Some idiot must be a climatologist just made the claim that watching over 2 hours of TV a day will cause high blood pressure. Where do these people come from. Maybe he was referring to Obama’s SOTU or MSNBC.

The only way this nonsense will go away, is to stop watching it. Give me Bonanza, Gunsmoke or Ranger Walker any day. My blood pressure is just fine!

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