Women: What do they want Now! Or do they even Know!

Women: What do they want Now! Or do they even Know!


By Dr. Phil Taverna


So we had a million man march on Washington conducted by women. They couldn’t quite get a million. They want to claim half a million. And they couldn’t find another half a million in the states, so they included the world. I am sure the world is interested in the policies of the United States. Especially global warming where Americanos send billions of dollars to countries that are developing. Developing what: Terrorism?


I can’t seem to find an issue they were protesting about.


The real man march was the day before. There was a whopping 400 protestors during the President Trump’s inauguration. That is all they could pay to show up. And most of these appeared to be thugs and wanted to inflict damage on the police. But arrests were made and hopefully the thugs will do some time. Wonder if any of these were previously freed by Obama.


So the liberal media wants to start an argument on how many people were at the inauguration and at the PMS protest. Does it really matter. Or as Hillary would say: What difference does it make? Obama’s first ordeal brought out a lot of people. They wanted to see the man walk on water. By the second ordeal, the word was out, that Obama was a fraud and a loser. Not so many showed up.  Did Oprah show?


Don’t you think more would have showed up at President Trump’s celebration if there was not so much liberal press about the protestors. Liberal protestors are the worse. Why would you want to go to DC and face the loons called protestors. Again just like the election polls, only 400 showed up. So if they say 400, probably much less.


Once the protestors realized they were getting no where near the pomp and circumstances, why protest. So they didn’t.


I lived on Bolling Air Force Base for a year and Alexandria for a year. Never took the subway. Not sure that is a good measure of the number of people on the Mall. It would seem to me, once you get past the Lincoln Memorial and you can’t get any closer, why would you want to be there. Honestly why would you want to be there unless you were invited there for the Balls and Free Food.


But back to the PMS protest. There were some men there. Judging from the banners, they really weren’t protesting President Trump’s Speech. Can any real American be against his speech?


He said America first. Jobs come to America first. Kill ISIS. No more sending money to other countries. America first. Why would any American Citizens be against what President Trump said?


So this PMS group is not a spur of a moment group. They couldn’t demonstrate while there was a liberal in the Whitehouse. But now that is finally over and the feminists are free to dust off their signs and protest in the name of women’s rights.


That is confusing to me. Nobody has taken away their abortion rights. They just don’t want to pay for it. Same sex marriage is a go. I am sure divorce among same sex marriages is going through the roof.


Women have been getting all the jobs. Not many new full time jobs created by Obama. But when you go to the box stores, most of the employees are women. Check outs for grocery stores mostly women. Actually mostly white women. Most of the college acceptances and financial aid goes to women. I will admit, I have not seen a women bringing in the shopping carts. So the men may have a monopoly there. Not many doing cable service either.


If anyone should be marching it should be heterosexual white men (with parts).


In a future article I will try to list what all these groups want and you have to decide if you want to give it to them. Most people believe that once you give them what they want, they will go away. The Black cause will never go away! There is no end to the wanting/demanding and giving/taking!


Bill O’Reilly thinks that Soros is behind this Saturday fiasco. Something about $90 million dollars to many liberal groups. But the point being that this was not a spontaneous. gathering. This was a demand performance. One of the goofs, a boycotting Democrat congresswoman said she could not go to the inauguration, because she had to march in the PMS parade on Saturday. Do these clowns still get paid while boycotting?


So there are about 100 million potential women marchers in the country. About another 1.9 billion women of voting age in the world. And all they could come up with is 1 million. Maybe?


The scary part is that Soros’s reach is now global. So there are group’s created in other countries that can gather in protest in response to Soros’s beckon call. But do we really care.


Without the issues of abortion and same sex marriage the Democrats have been neutered. And they can only protest for more and better jobs for all. Well for that, I will burn my bra. So they are limited to name calling and crying like a baby… a foul mouthed baby. Remember the term Feminazi. Their way or the highway. You First!


The point is that the Americans may have elected the best president for that purpose. Instead of the liberals crying like a bunch of babies… Lets give President Trump a chance. Obama couldn’t deliver because he was only a community organizer. President Trump is an expert in making money and creating jobs. Instead of bitching sisters, maybe support and cheering is in order.


The reason Hillary lost was not because she was a women. She is just dopey. She lost to a nobody named Obama. Did you really think she could beat a champion like President Trump.


Only in the right sided cerebral dreams of liberals. Now it is time to paint the rest of the states Red…Latex or Oil Based?






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